Winter Greetings!
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Oh dear! It is nearly the middle of the month; I realized in horror this morning that I failed to send our newsletter that I worked so hard on. The silver lining is that I had the opportunity to update and pass along new information. I apologize for the error and this month's  tardiness.  

I want to express my wonder and deepest gratitude; the turnout for Stone Soup this year absolutely floored me.  My cup was positively full that evening and still it remains; it was wonderful to see so many faces.  WOW!  Many thanks to those friends who brought a soup item to contribute, to folks who borrowed to us cook stoves, tanks and propane (Lynn Clark, Scott Story & Family, Alex Prime), to the amazing ladies who sliced, diced and planned the soups (Darci Hale, Angie Seeley, Chris McAllister, June Bagby, Alex Prime, Darshina Benally, Laurie Bockman), the friends who helped set up and transport (Todd & Thayer Plewe, Jonas & Shannon Gingerich, Erin Tanner & crew, Wendy & Alyssa Daniel, Brodie & Anya), the clean up crew (Weyand family, Erica Skelton, Susan Lucas, Angela Adams, & Brodie) and of course a special thank you to the Lower El. students and guides for your heartwarming performances!  To top it off, we were able to donate five boxes of food items to the Good Samaritan Center, thanks again to those who brought an item to donate.  I can hardly wait until next year's Stone Soup.  

In leui of our traditional winter gift exchange, staff have decided to continue lessons in giving during large group time throughout December.  We are asking families to honor the spirit of giving through out the year but in particular this holiday season.  As discussed in PTO, Children's House will be accepting food donations for the Good Samaritan Center as well as monetary donations for Pinon Project's Christmas for Kids.  Donations for the Pinon Project will supplement other donations to cover the costs of gifts for children and families who did not receive sponsorship this year.  If you would like more information about Pinon Project's Christmas for Kids program please visit Pinon Project's Facebook Page.   Thank you in advance for your generosity, please donate according to what most fits your familial situation.  

A special thanks to Erin Tanner, the genius behind Festival on the Plaza.  You are amazing Erin! For those of you who made it out last Saturday, it was a pleasure to see you.  If you didn't make it, we look forward to your presence next year.  

**Photos courtesy of Susan Lucas.  Note the beautiful hand sewn dove ornaments, made by Children's House students during the month of November .  


December Calendar


  • Dec. 15th, Tuesday-Winter Social, Elk's Lodge-Cortez 6pm.  Appetizer Potluck (bring one to share) followed by Elementary musical performance.  All families are welcome.
  • Dec. 15th, Tuesday-School Advisory Committee Meets 4:00pm, Beech Campus.
  • Dec. 16th, Wednesday-Enrollment Meeting for families entering the 16-17 Lottery.  If you have previously entered the lottery and confirmed placement, you DO NOT need to attend.  This meeting is only for new entries.  For more info. see Enrollment & Lottery below.
  • Dec. 18th-Jan. 4th-No School-Winter Break

Philosophy Corner:
"Works" Spotlight -Science & Biology
Each month we will highlight an area of the classroom to further parental understanding of Montessori Principles & Practices.  This month's area of the classroom is "Science"  Read More

Home Connection
Montessori at home connections.  This month's theme: Seasonal Lessons in Thankfulness and Generosity
R ead More

Montessori verbiage have you completely confounded?  Read these two great articles and start throwing around terms like, "three period lesson" before you know. 
BONUS!  Just in time for the Holidays:  Must Toys be Educational?
Charter Lottery & Enrollment for K-8th:   
Anyone who is not already a current or a confirmed future Charter student and is interested in Charter Enrollment (K-8) must do so via Lottery.  

Interested parties must attend a MANDATORY Enrollment Meeting as part of the application process; you need only attend one of these meetings.  More information including Lottery Application Deadlines & Timelines will be available at these enrollment meetings.  
  • December 16th, Wednesday at 4pm, Beech St. Campus
  • January 14, 2016, Wednesday at 7pm, Children's House Campus
Who should apply? 
  • If your child has not previously been offered placement for Children's Kiva Montessori School's Charter K-8;  the previous Lottery was held in February of 2015. 
  • If your child is on a "wait-list" for Charter placement for the 15-16 school year, you must reapply for placement in this next lottery.   
  • If your child will be Kindergarten age in the fall of 16-17 or 17-18, NOW is the time to enter the Lottery if you would like your child to attend Kindergarten at Children's House.  If your child has already been offered and confirmed for Charter placement, you do not need to reapply.


Please note that preschool enrollment or Charter waitlist placement for 15-16 does not guarantee Kindergarten Charter placement nor does sibling Charter placement; you must apply in this next Lottery cycle.  Conversely, if your child was awarded Charter Kindergarten placement for 16-17, preschool placement is not automatic, you must enroll your child for preschool.  If you are unsure please see Alexia in the office right away.

If your child has previously been awarded Charter placement, you will be receiving an intent to re-enroll form in January.  Enrollment for Children's House (preschool aged children only)-FALL (15-16) will open to in-house families in February. 


Healthy Tips from your PTO Health liaison

Tip #1) Everyone can take elderberry syrup (also called sambucol) to help prevent colds and flu!  It tastes good, does not react with any medications, and if taken at first sign of a cold or other respiratory illness, can help prevent one from getting the illness or at least have a lot milder symptoms.  There are many recipes online to make it at home, and just remember, if you are using honey to sweeten it, do not give it to children under 1 year of age.  There may be some recipes that use glycerin instead, and those can be given to children under one.  Most local health food stores, and even some of the local pharmacies carry this now.  
Tip #2) Oscillococcinum is a homeopathic remedy to help prevent or decrease symptoms of the flu, and is now available at many grocery stores and pharmacies.  It comes in little tubes full of sugar pills, but you don't have to use the whole container, you can just sprinkle a few little pills out into mouth for each dose.  The kids version is really no different than the adult version.  For prevention of flu, take a few pillules once a month, if you start to feel sick or have been around someone with the flu, then take some every few hours (as directed on the box).  This too, does not react with any medications.

Tip #3)  Remember during the holidays, sugar decreases the immune system's ability to fight off infections.  So if you or your kids have overindulged in the candies, cookies, cakes, pies or egg nog, consider taking some extra Vitamin C, drink plenty of water, and maybe even get some extra rest (or an extra nap for the kids), to help your immune system stay strong this holiday season.  

Hopefully, with using even just one of these tips, we can all stay a little healthier this winter!  Happy holidays to everyone!  - Kelly Busby DO

Equal Exchange orders should be in next Wednesday!  



As always, your questions, concerns and ideas are important me; please come see me.


Alexia Hudson-McGrath
Children's House