December 2015
Celebrating 2015!

How do you celebrate?  Wining and dining with friends, having a good time together?  Going to a show?  Maybe a more expensive gift or experience that you allow yourself?

Here we are in the traditional time of year for celebration with Christmas and New Year approaching fast.  For many people, there's a rushy element abroad as they feel the pressure to finalise things for the year, prepare to be jolly and generous at Christmas before New Year comes along, with its invitation to turn over a new leaf and make a fresh start.   What a huge amount of pressure can build up on people!

Is there an easier way?   Might a different understanding help?   I say a definite YES!   Consider these:
  • Remember you are closing a cycle as a year ends.   To close something well, make a list of the achievements of the year.  The highs are obvious AND navigating the lows is a different type of achievement.   List them all.   Savour them.  This list reflects your harvest for the year.   If possible, share this list with a friend.
  • What have you planted this year?   Make a list of the seeds you've planted - new insights you've gained, new relationships, new challenges undertaken, new skills you've started learning, new habits started etc.   Spend time with this list.   It's a pointer to where you're heading in your life.   Share this too.
  • Who do you want to thank this year?   Make a list of the people who have helped you during the year.   Colleagues, family, friends, unexpected strangers.   Bring them to mind and FEEL the gratitude in your heart for what they have given you.   If possible, let them know how grateful you are for the part they've played in your year.
Attending to these steps, you can FEEL the deep energy of celebration naturally arising.  It's the joy of Life on the move in your individual life.   I find when I follow these steps, my heart comes to rest because I've done what's most important about celebrating.  Then I'm ready to party and really enjoy myself!

Enjoy our Celebratory edition of Awakenings, with Rachael's blog on her recent experience and our Highlights of 2015 slide show.    From all of us at Riverdell, we wish you a wonderful celebratory season and look forward to being with you in 2016. 

Here's to the ease in Life,

Andrew Horwood

Love and blessings

Andrew Horwood |  Program Director

Riverdell Office Christmas Closure Dates
Riverdell office will be closed from  12 noon Friday 11 December 2015 and will reopen  9am Tuesday 5 January 2016

We look forward to reconnecting with you in 2016.

Programs 2016
Joyful January & Fabulous February 
As 2015 slips away it is a great time to take stock of the year that has been and to consider new possibilities for 2016. If you are seeking to discover more about yourself, to embrace a fresh beginning in life or to simply be more present in day to day living, we have some great events coming in 2016 to support you on this journey.
Sunday Mornings
Recommencing  10th January 2016 Chanting at 9:30am. Presentation & Morning tea 10am - 12 noon.
A time of inspiring presentations, performances, creative expression and group attunement, followed by a  refreshing  morning tea. All welcome. Find out more here

Stillpoint Meditation and Yin-sightful Yoga
Term 1- Alternate weeks of Meditation and Yoga
Starting Wednesday 3rd February at 9:30am. Fee $7/session 
Come along and try something new! Experience the benefits of alternate weeks of meditation and yin yoga. All welcome for any or all sessions.  Click   here for Yin Yoga details and  here for Stillpoint Meditation details.

Morning Tea
Recommencing  Wednesday 13th January 2016 11.00-11.30am  
Join us Wednesday to Friday  for an opportunity to relax and make connections. Kindly let us know you will be attending.  Details here

Experience the power of  Attunement, a non-touch energy support technique. 
Please ring the office for an appointment time.   Like to know more about Attunement?  Click here.

2015 Riverdell Highlights
At year's end, it's good to reflect upon all that's happened over a marvellous 12 months of creative work by the dedicated team at Riverdell Spiritual Centre.  THANKS to all who have contributed to making this a most memorable year.  Enjoy the review of our spiritual work this year.

By Rachael Anderson

School is a magical place for children this time of year. Energy and enthusiasm is up and expectations are down. To me, the children all seem a little bit taller and the teachers all seem a little bit greyer! There are games played, class parties planned and Christmas art work proudly brought home consisting of tissue paper, glitter and coloured pipe cleaners.  It really is a time to let go and celebrate.   Read more here

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