January 2016

Life - The Best Reality Show of All

At the end of the day I really love climbing into bed, remote in hand and surfing the TV stations. I'm absolutely obsessed with the food network which is a bit of a running joke in my house as I really, really, hate to cook.
Now I know it may seem ridiculous to watch cooking shows. I watch them for how they make me feel. I really delight in watching passionate people create something new and I guess I just get swept up in their enthusiasm. These shows make me feel good and that's exactly how I want to feel before I shut my eyes at night. Good. After all isn't that why we say "Good night"?

I've also noticed that we seem to be bombarded with "reality shows" with, in your face contestants, who are ready and willing to take down their fellow competitors no matter the cost or consequence. The bickering, the back biting  the whole negative enchilada (that's food network talk folks) and all for the chance to win. It's a game of go hard or go home, and often they do, only to appear in yet another reality show dancing up a storm!

Now, I know not everyone loves a reality show, yet the truth is these shows tend to get the highest seasonal ratings. Yep, that's right, some people love them and tune in eagerly to watch them each week.
Why is that? Why is there such a desire in the populace to watch shows that make us feel .... not so good? Is it that we can safely, from our lounge room chairs, sit in judgment of these people thinking "I would never say, do, act that way? Is that it? Or do we secretly enjoy watching them squirm, cry, rant and sometimes fail? When did this become an accepted form of TV entertainment and what does 'my' viewing of it say about me as a spiritual being?

I'm not sure about you, but I know these shows just don't make me feel good inside. I've watched them in the past and somehow I can feel my energy changing. I become impatient and angry and worse, self-righteous. I forget that the people I'm watching are....actual people and not just network puppets sent to entertain me with their drama and misery. To me it's not just a reality show, it's a reality check! A nice little reminder that I am solely responsible for my spiritual journey and I can make it a good one or a bad one. It's my choice, just like what I watch, read or listen to is my choice. Sometimes the external really does influence the internal.

I realise now that my life 'is' a reality show and it's catalogued  with episodes of comedy, drama, happy and sad. I get to be the director, the star and write my own scripts every second of every day. I can cook up a storm (or burn it!) dance to my tune or give myself the last rose, it's really is all up to me.
So today I think I will sit back, relax and tune into an episode of my life where I make good choices that leave my spirit feeling.....good.

Rachael Anderson

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My Retreat at Riverdell 

I have recently enjoyed the pleasure of a six night stay at a self-contained cottage at Riverdell Spiritual Centre., Gawler.  This was the ideal setting was for my purpose of finding a haven of peace, quiet and tranquillity.
My purpose in coming to Riverdell was to discover why I was feeling grumpy, frustrated, angry, sad, heartsore and footsore and unloveable.  I was fortunate to be able to attend a one day event called "Empowering Yourself" that was running at the time.  I was one of 12 people who carried out a life journey reflection, which showed me the real truth about my life - that I've been growing spiritually as a result of the challenges I've faced along the way.
After being at Riverdell and taking this time out to do the work of examining my life so far in such a safe, supportive, loving and nurturing environment, I now leave with a renewed enthusiasm for Life.  I feel rejuvenated. I am open, peaceful, contented, grateful and humble to have left behind my old view of Life lived " looking through a glass darkly" and discovered newly my Life begins each day afresh, with Inspiration.
And the cottage accommodation was great!  It was 4 star and considering the low cost, this was incredible value.  The provisions included fresh milk, tea, coffee, fresh bread, fresh eggs from Riverdell hens, cereal and a selection of beans and jams.  The  kitchen/dining room was well equipped with all the necessary cooking utensils plus comfortable armchairs and several tables too. The bedroom had a lovely queen size bed, was very comfortable and the bathroom/shower/toilet was small and clean but well equipped.
As I run a retreat venue myself, I recognise high quality experiences easily.  This was one.   Thank you to all at Riverdell for making it this way.
James Swatman

  Astrology's Attraction For Me

I first became interested in astrology as a kid, when I would dip into my father's many books on the subject. He learned from his grandfather, a noted astrologer in his time, who was known as Agar Zariel, whose system of House Divisions is still used in some astrology circles - House systems being a way of dividing the 360 degrees of a circle into 12, usually starting with the horizon or rising sign. The family was so involved with astrology that my father was even named David HORACE COPE! One of my brothers also got Horace, but he's quietly let that fade away.
I had put that interest aside for many years until after I moved to Hillier Park from Melbourne in 1989. I enrolled in a 4-year course of study leading to sitting and passing exams set by the Federation of Australian Astrologers - even winning a medal for being first in one exam. I was "lucky" that two world class astrologers had set up in Adelaide and had just started a daytime class which suited me.  "Lucky" meaning that I was in the right place at the right time, and there was a significant planetary movement affecting my natal chart. Read more  here.
 Maggie Cope

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