"the more I learn the more I learn I don't know. when I learn more it's like a flower blooming."
December Debriefing

December is a month to share. I will take the opportunity to brag about major milestones, wild successes, and big changes of the people who have worked, interned, and facilitated with Dedicated to Make a Change. Allison Melcher is finishing at EMU and she is the Events Coordinator in the LGBT Resource Center.  Carlos Carthage is finishing his first semester  at University of Toledo. Cleo Ku, is working at DTMAC  and attending Antioch College. Douglass Harvey is completing semester one, on the deans list, at Howard  University, where he is earning his MSW. Irina Chen is in year two at Wellesley College, Jordyn Gieger continues to bake. Occasionally he changes his bakers hat to a tutor beret. Max Bonilla is attending Detroit Institute of Music, D.I.M.E. focusing on song writing. Megan Duncan is attending the University of Illinois, in Champagne Urbana, where she is studying linguistics. Michael Carthage is attending classes and playing basketball at  Trinity Christian College. Nils Wilcoxen is attending EMU and plays bass for Max Pegasus. 

December 4. Friday 6:30 PM  at D.I.M.E.   Max Bonilla's band, Max Pegasus, is in round three of 89X, The New Rock Alternative's battle of the bands.
Come out to celebrate this milestone with us. 

Academic Alternative Spring Break to Washington DC~ April 2-9 2016

The goal of this trip is for youth to travel, to visit colleges, and to learn. If your daughter or son wants to attend and money is the only thing preventing her/him from joining us, PLEASE let us know. We firmly believe money should not prevent learning opportunities.  There are many opportunities for fundraising. 

We are driving to DC and staying at the Hostelling International- Washington, DC HI-Washington, DC

It takes a community of partners for a small business
We want to thank you for your broad support. Partners like you make this small business a success. A blossoming small business has the capability of inspiring teens to reach their full potential.

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