Working Together, We Make a Difference
The early founders of W/NP were right on track in seeking how to help others help themselves, it’s what we are still doing today. Thank you for your interest and support
1965 - 2015
Bill Thomas, 1965 on a Nicaragua Partners trip, “The people we met and talked to don’t want charity. But they do welcome the encouragement and support of those who will help them to  develop the future in which they look forward to so confidently.” 
50th Anniversary 
Over 250 people gathered to celebrate the milestone of 50 years, working together!

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What would you wish for?
This little boy was having a challenge learning to read. His teacher shared her concerns about his reading skills with school director Estella, who then met with his mother.  Estella talked with the boy about what to do. She proposed to him that if he worked hard and improved his reading skills, she would give him anything he wished for…(at this point, she confided she was a bit worried, what if he asked for something she could not afford or provide… ??)...what he wished for was a watermelon, a small watermelon, not a big one. So by year’s end, he met his goal and learned to read! At the graduation ceremony, not only did he get his report card and certificate, but was also granted his wish, a small watermelon!  Thank you Estella for caring about these children.

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