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Let's face it, video is the center of the universe and people now have multiple ways of developing, watching and communicating with video content.  
Whether it's on line, social media or TV, people are using media on their terms.

At LOOK MEDIA, we are fortunate to have multiple platforms to reach people. With our TV channel alone, we reach in excess of 700,000 people, at any given time, any day of the week in four surrounding counties.

With everyone creating video and looking for outlets,  LOOK MEDIA is breaking new ground by changing the way LOOK TV, LOOKTVONLINE, LOOK SOCIAL is programmed to reach people. 

We are opening up blocks of time, in key viewing times, across all platforms for individuals, organizations and businesses developing original content.
It's a radical move with a look to  the future of video communication. 

Contact us with your concept and we will help you reach the people you want.
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Thanks and gratitude to all of you for letting Melanie and me share information on this new organization in an attempt to raise awareness and funds!
Pat Friesen
Whispering Angels 

'On behalf of the agency and those Veterans that we serve, I thank you for your generous support of  the Second Annual Veterans Ball at The Hall of Springs.
Your sponsorship helped make the Ball a huge success.  I realize there are so many great causes that request your support.  Thank you for choosing Veteran's & Community Housing Coalition.
Executive Director

LOOK Media's Coverage
December 2017

NET Neutrality
Equal Acess for Everyone

Michele Madigan, Commissioner of Finance, Saratoga Springs locks arms with state, county and local governments to speak out for NET Neutrality. The Open Internet Order of 2015 calls for equal and fair access to the internet for everyone, however the FCC proposes a change. It wants to allow internet providers to act as gatekeepers creating tiers for access, speed and price. Information via the internet drives innovation and impacts our decide.

Tourism in Warren County
Investment or Expense

Local business owners John Carr, The Adirondack Brewery and Eric Unkauf, The Shirt Factory want to improve the impact of tourism dollars in Warren County.  They propose creating a plan that assigns responsibility for promotion and accountability for  how money is spent.  Working with the County Board of Supervisors, they'd like to turn around lagging results by April 2018.  Let's decide to make a difference.

'Acres for Owls'
Purchse, Protection & Prevention

Laurie LaFond, Founder and Executive Director, Friends of the IBA creates 'Acres for Owls', a campaign to raise $60K in 60 days. The organization seeks to purchase an additional 64 acres to protect grassland birds.  The area is home to 7 of 11 most 'at risk species' including the short eared owl.  The birds  provide free ecological services - eating insects that damage crops, improving yield, reducing the need for pesticides and contributing to the overall health of the environment.  Your support is decide.
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