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"One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast"
Robert A Heinlein

In the US, 100,000 schools serve meals to 30.5 million students each day.  Surprisingly, the federal government spends less on school meals per pupil than most people spend on coffee each day.  And  poor nutrition  is holding back educational outcomes.  Studies show that children who skip breakfast are less able to differentiate among visual images, make more mistakes, and  have slower memory recall .  Perhaps this will be addressed soon through  The Child Nutrition Act , which is up for re-authorization.  In the meantime, when greeting your child each morning think "nutrition" to better his or her educational success.  
Maxim believes the future of education will continue to be heavily influenced by the rise of technology and the use of the Internet.  Online and technologically enhanced instruction enable instantaneous communication, customizable content and scalable platforms.


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