Hero Birthday Special

Happy Birthday Month 
Clara Barton -- Born: December 25, 1821
Clarence Jones -- Born: December 15, 1900
Known during the Civil War as the "Angel of the Battlefield," remarkable Clara Barton risked everything to save countless lives on the frontlines of battle. Once a painfully timid child, Clara was as bold as a lion when it came to helping others, whether wayward schoolboys, natural-disaster victims, or dying soldiers.

She fought for U.S. approval of the Geneva treaty for the care of war wounded, organized the American Red Cross, and tirelessly dedicated her life to its service. Her courage and compassion impacted thousands of people around the globe. An incredible story of service and sacrifice (1821-1912).

Although born into a devout Christian family, Clarence Jones wasn't interested in religion. It was this Midwesterner's ear for music that led him to play trombone at Chicago's Moody Church, where he gave his life to Christ and volunteered for mission work.
Clarence's work began in Chicago, where he helped pioneer something unheard of-Christian radio broadcasts. Soon God called Clarence to "go south with radio." Led to Ecuador, Clarence worked unswervingly to cofound Radio HCJB and the World Radio Missionary Fellowship. His legacy of broadcasting the gospel to the ends of the earth soars on the airwaves today (1900-1986).


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