December / 5 / 2016
Dear Family and Friends of Forest Hills,

I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and that you were able to celebrate with family and friends. Of course, we have plenty more holidays coming up and lots of celebrating to do at Forest Hills!  

Our dining room hours in Assisted Living have been expanded to include more comprehensive service. Breakfast is now served from 8am-10am, with a continental breakfast served from 10am-12pm; lunch is served from 12pm-1:30pm, with a lite lunch served from 1:30pm-2:30pm; and dinner is available from 5pm-6:30pm. For a full listing of our exceptional dining services and a sample menu, click here.

As the holiday season begins, we have enjoyed seeing more visitors and guests around our community. Forest Hills is an open and welcoming environment, and every day there are friends, families and other visitors on our campus. In our continuing efforts to maintain a safe and secure community, new visitor procedures have been implemented and we now ask that all visitors, guests, vendors, etc. wear a badge while in our building. The initial paper/stick-on badge will be replaced with a plastic, clip on style form of identification at a later date. We are also working on improving management of the designated visitor/guest parking spaces located at our front entrance, to ensure that the assigned parking spaces are being utilized appropriately. Thank you for understanding this change in our policy, which will help us maintain our welcoming culture while also ensuring the safety of our community. We welcome any comments or feedback as we continue our efforts. 

Forest Hills of DC is excited to welcome some new team members, as well as recognize an employee of the year and a Ceca Award winner. Please read on in this newsletter to learn more about these star staff members.

Wishing you all a happy holiday season, 

Mary Savoy, RN, MS, LNHA
Executive Director 
Forest Hills of DC & Forest Side Memory Care  
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With the holiday season upon us, we are excited to celebrate with two special occasions. Be sure to check your inbox later this week for your official invitations!
Medicare Open Enrollment - Last Chance to Enroll

Medicare Open Enrollment for the coming year runs from October 15th to December 7th. During this period, you can switch from original Medicare to Medicare Advantage, or vice versa. You can also switch from one Medicare Advantage plan to another, or from one Medicare Part D (prescription drug) plan to another, or you can drop your Medicare Part D coverage altogether.

If you have experienced claim denials and/or would like to learn more about Medicare, please click here for a brief, user-friendly explanation.  

New Faces at Forest Hills
Meet Sharon Garland & Lindsey Adler

Our family is always growing and we are excited to introduce you to two new employees, both of whom will work with our Forest Hills and Forest Side residents.

First, we welcome Lindsey Adler as the new Flagship Rehab Director. Lindsey is a compassionate occupational therapist, dedicated to achieving superior patient outcomes. Since 2012 she has worked as a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant at Genesis Rehab Services and Accomplish Therapy, both in Florida. Forest Hills is excited to have Lindsey join the team!

Also joining the team is Sharon Garland, a new Dietician with Flik Lifestyles. Sharon has spent over a decade working in dietetic and nutrition services, including as a Nutrition Consultant in DC and Maryland, and as a Contract Dietician for Dieticians on Demand. She has worked with a variety of populations, including senior residents in skilled nursing homes. She is already an excellent addition to our staff!
Employee of the Year for Flagship
Christa Pantages, PT, DPT

Flagship Rehabilitation has proudly announced their Employee of the Year: Christa Pantages, PT, DPT. Christa is a dedicated employee, well-deserving of this honor. Christa graduated in 2015 from the University of Pittsburgh's Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. She relocated from Pittsburgh, PA to the Washington, DC area to pursue her career in providing care in the long term care setting. She is passionate about working with older adults and finds joy daily providing therapy to the residents at Forest Hills and Forest Side. Christa has taken on an additional role as Second-in-Command, assisting the Rehabilitation Director. Forest Hills is proud to work with the entire staff at Flagship, and is particularly pleased to work with such a talented, smart, energetic, and kind therapist as Christa.
Ceca Award Winner
Ngozi Mbaleme

Last month we celebrated the Ceca Award winner for October 2016: congratulations to Ngozi Mbaleme! People shared some stories and kind words about Ngozi:

Ngozi noticed that two of our residents had been pretty quiet after lunch. So, she took the time to find the printed words to popular songs from the 1950s, and pulled up the music on an iPhone. Although she was unfamiliar with the songs, Ngozi began singing them to the residents. They were captivated and delighted! They listened to her sing for about 10 minutes. Then, one of the residents joined the singing! The other resident, unable to speak, smiled and nodded "yes." Engaging our residents in one-on-one moments like this one makes us proud of her work. We are honored to have Ngozi on the team!

Click to learn more about Ceca Awards
December Activities
Highlights from the upcoming month

Tue., December 6th
10:15am - Musical Bingo with Jerry (Assembly Hall)
Fri., December 9th
10:30am - Holiday Arts & Crafts with Debbie (Library)
Sun., December 11th
1:30pm - Girl Scout Troop Visits (Dayrooms 1&2)
Mon., December 12th
10:30am - Current Events with Lenore (Library)
Thu., December 15th
10:30am - Classical Music with Pianist Steve Baddour (Lounge)
Fri., December 16th
3:30pm - Wilma Walcott 100th Birthday Celebration! (Lounge)
Mon., December 19th
10:30am - Art Lecture with Joey Manlapaz (Library)
Thu., December 22nd
10:30am - Robert Jenner Lecture: "The Origins of Christmas & Chanukah" (Library)
Sun., December 25th
10am - Holiday Movies (Dayrooms 1&2)
11:15am - Christmas Worship Service with Ceres (Dayroom 1)
12:30pm - Christmas Dinner in all Dining Rooms
Wed., December 28th
10:30am - Editorials & Discussion with Lenore (Lower Level)
Sat., December 31st
3:30pm - New Year's Eve Celebration with Pablo Productions (Lounge)

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