December 2015
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MSWC Events

The Gender Monologues- Writing Workshop #1
WHEN: Tuesday, December 8 from 3-4pm
WHERE: 1020 Hixson-Lied
What: Join the Writing & Media Center and the Margaret Sloss Women's Center for a writing workshop to help prepare your submissions to The Gender Monologues! Learn more about The Gender Monologues here

Campus Events
When: Thursday, December 3rd from 5:00-6:30pm
Where: 0020 Hixson-Lied
What: This workshop will focus on time management and creating study plans for final exams. Registration to the workshop is now required with a maximum capacity of 60 students/workshop. Registration can be completed here

When: Wednesday, January 13th at 3:30 p.m
Where: Sun Room of the Memorial Union
What: The Women Impacting ISU calendar was started in 2007 with a mission to recognize and pay tribute to those who have distinguished themselves through their leadership and the positive differences they have made. The unveiling reception will honor all 12 women who were selected. The Margaret Sloss Women's Center is especially excited because our very own Assistant Director Som Mongtin is being recognized at the event and will be featured in the calendar. Come to the event to honor all 12 women and to show love to Som for all her great work at Iowa State University.

"The Status of WGS programs at Community Colleges"
When: Wednesday, January 20 from 12:10pm-1:00pm
Who: Alissa Stoehr, the Women's and Gender Studies Program and the School of Education
Where: 208 Carver Hall
What: This study analyzes data from eight community college faculty, all who identified as women, who were interviewed on why students enroll in women's and gender studies courses, issues of intersectionality and identity within women's and gender studies programs, and the importance of women's and gender studies programs at community colleges.

ISCORE Proposal Submission
When: Deadline extended to December 7
What: Submit your proposal for ISCORE 2016

NCORE/ISCORE Project Student Application
When: Applications are due January 18th, 2016
What: This year-long developmental course on race and ethnicity includes attendance and participation in NCORE- a national experience on building multicultural relations and applying new knowledge on the Iowa State University campus through interaction, workshops, and preparation for presentation at ISCORE. At the end of the program, students receive three credits that fulfill the university's diversity requirement. Find more information about eligibility criteria!

What's been happening?
The Vagina Monologues Auditions
The Vagina Monologues 2016 Auditions were held from November 11th - November 13th. Interested participants were able to read excerpts from the 2016 TVM Script in order to provide themselves and the directing team with a better understanding of their interest and place within the larger production. Keep a look out for updates on the production of The Vagina Monologues on our Facebook page and our website!
 Fall 2015 Volunteer Training
Required volunteer training for Margaret Sloss Women's Center volunteers took place on October 6th, October 8th and November 12th. The volunteer training sessions included a comprehensive description of all aspects of volunteering with the Margaret Sloss Women's Center so that our volunteers can be ready for volunteering for any event and/or program. Volunteers were taught about the Margaret Sloss Women's Center and our programs, and also about feminism, relationship violence, stalking and sexual assault. If you are interested in volunteering with us in the future, fill out our volunteer application!
Thank you to those who submitted ideas for the name of the MSWC Newsletter! We took some of those ideas and came up with the name Margaret's Mail! 
Student Workers Spotlight
The MSWC is excited to add 3 student workers to our staff this year. Our student workers work downstairs in the Sloss House and can help out with most anything people may need!
Alissa Giljohann
I really love working at the MSWC! The people I work with are amazing and the atmosphere in the Sloss House is always so warm and inviting! I didn't really know much about the MSWC or the position when I applied at the beginning of the semester; and I'm so grateful for the opportunity I was given.  Outside of the MSWC, so far my time here at ISU has been absolutely incredible! I've had the best roommates a person could ask for and I've made some really great friends in my engineering classes. So far my second year in Materials Engineering has proven to be exciting and challenging. Speaking of challenges, as a woman studying the field of engineering, I am constantly reminded of how society fails to recognize gender equality within the STEM fields and how feminism in these professions is nearly non-existent. Working at the MSWC has helped me to learn more about social justice and feminism; and how I can be an advocate for positive change each and everyday.
Anh Nguyen (She/Her/Hers)
Even though I have only worked at the MSWC for a short time, I love working here because of the people and the house itself! The staff members are very welcoming, the students that stop by are friendly, and the house is super cozy and peaceful. Because it is my senior year and I'm moving away next summer, I've been trying to spend as much time with friends and family and so I haven't been involved in much this year. However, in the past, I was greatly involved with APAAC (Asian Pacific American Awareness Coalition) as a member and treasurer for 2 years. Awesome club with an awesome purpose involving awesome people! Its where I made most of my friends I have today. I believe that everyone deserves equal rights and opportunities no matter the gender they identify with, no matter their race, religion, language, age, ANYTHING. I'm passionate about social justice because I was taught and deeply believe that all humans are free and equal in dignity and rights and I will not stand idly by while the amount of hate in others' hearts are telling them otherwise.
Shiara Crilly
My name is Shiara Crilly (she/her/hers) and I am a junior studying Journalism and Mass Communications and Women and Gender Studies here at Iowa State.  I was introduced to the MSWC through a presentation last year and loved everything that the presenters touched base on.  I then decided I wanted to get more involved, and started working at the front desk this fall. The main thing I love about working at the MSWC is the environment I get to sit in every day. It's very rewarding to be able to help out with projects that continue to open the dialogue of what feminism is on Iowa State's campus. To me, feminism is important so we can continue to inspire women and impact the world.
Women's Words Blog: 'Tis the Season...for Politics
As the political debates continue and the increase in ads and campaign fervor builds, you're probably thinking of shutting off your devices and hibernating. I certainly don't blame you; it's an onslaught of information that can actually make choosing a candidate a headache and make even the desire to vote diminish. However, we all know that if we're interested in issues and the future of our nation, voting is essential. So, how do we forge ahead?
Continue reading...
Who Needs Feminism
The Margaret Sloss Women's Center brought the "Who Needs Feminism?" campaign to Iowa State University because we want to debunk myths about feminism and decrease negative associations with the word. Our hope is that the campaign will inspire dialogue about feminism and its importance in our everyday lives and encourages students, faculty, and staff to stand up and speak out.

For more information about the national "Who Needs Feminism?" campaign, check out their tumblrwebsite, twitter, and   facebook.

For information on how you can participate, email Dominique Gant at or complete the form.
Important Notice- Roof Construction Project
Margaret Sloss Women's Center Roof Construction Project
During the months of November and December, the Sloss House will be getting some much needed TLC.  Our roof is being replaced!!!  The project began on Monday, November 2nd, and is still continuing today.  While the construction team will do their best to limit the noise and/or disruption throughout the project, we are asking for your patience.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact Lorraine Acker, Director, Margaret Sloss Women's Center at or call (515) 294-4154.
ACCESS in the Sloss House
Assault Care Center Extending Shelter and Support (ACCESS) advocates will be in the Sloss House on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9am-12pm through the end of the school year. The Sexual Abuse Program advocate will be at the Sloss House on Tuesdays and the Domestic Abuse Program advocate will be at the Sloss House on Thursdays.  Walk-ins are welcome, and there is no need for students to determine which program staff is best for their needs, as all of ACCESS advocates are cross trained.

The primary staff covering are Lori Allen ( and Anasia Sturdivant (
Feminist Quote and Current Event
"Transphobia is no longer acceptable in the name of feminism. " - Autumn Sandeen
Iowa State University
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