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December 2017 
We're Getting a New Name! 
At our Quarterly Dinner on Wednesday, our membership voted and approved peerscale as our new company name. How did we come to peerscale? The definition for peer is a person who is equal. The core of who we are is a peer-to-peer organization. Our community emphasises collective learning and our members educating each other through shared experiences.  They all are the industry experts and who better to learn from than each other!  Second, members scale in several different ways in our community: personal & professional development, business success, advancing and supporting one another together. Our members both challenge and learn from each other to be the best of the best.
We are very excited about this new chapter in our organization's history. Keep an eye out for our new brand launching in Q1 of 2018! 
In This Issue
How Great Sales Leaders Hire 
Friday, January 19th, 8:00am
Great sales leaders, like great hockey coaches, know that their success comes in large part from the talent on their team. That is why they are so much more thoughtful and analytical in how they attract and evaluate that talent. In this 90-minute presentation, Jamie Scarborough and Sonya Meloff will share proven tactics and strategies of North America's most accomplished sales leaders and employers.
Sonya Meloff and Jamie Scarborough are the co-founders of Sales Talent Agency, North America's largest sales recruitment company. Now in its 10th year, Sales Talent Agency has helped more than 900 companies hire talented business developers and strategic sales leaders.
Invitations for this Power Session will be sent out next week. 
Do you have executives in your organization, or peers in other tech companies, that would be excellent contributors to the AceTech Ontario community? You can help make our community even better! Please send referrals to Stacy at
In the Community:
The Women Who Sell Tech Apprenticeship 
This program designed to recruit talented female professionals who are interested in starting a career in technology sales and provide experiential training that helps them master the Art & Science of technology sales.  Starting January 15th, 2018 in downtown Toronto, the course is a 3 week co-op style format - 10 days in class and 5- 1 day on-site visits to various sponsor companies to see how it is done in the real world. The cost for those accepted to the program is $1,000.00 per student which includes all materials and lunches.
Click here for more information.
New Members
Michael Raw, VP Technology, Kira Systems