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December 2016
Announcing The AceTech Online Book Club  
AceTech is thrilled to announce the launch of our Online Book Club!  Here's how it will work: sessions are 45 days long and are each led by an AceTech Member or Sponsor.  Conversations about each book will happen continuously through those 45 days on our Slack channel.   It will be an e asy paced reading schedule of a very readable book and the leader will provide executive section summaries and weekly discussion topics for people to think about.  The peer led instruction will keep you on pace and encourage absorption and learning in a faster, more entertaining way than through individual reading.

Denise Roy, recent AceTech Leadership Initiative Award Winner, will be leading our first session!  The book is  Simply Brilliant , by William C. Taylor.  The book takes a look at how great organizations do ordinary things in extraordinary ways. Taylor goes inside fifteen unique organizations that are doing extraordinary things in some pretty ordinary fields. He demonstrates that these very different organizations share a set of principles that allow them to break new ground in traditional fields. 

This novel was selected as the perfect introduction to digital book discussions because it is a current, topical, trending new release, from a well established, and well known business author.  

This session will start on January 9th.  Click here to purchase your copy online today!  If you're not already in the AceTech Slack Channel, please contact Nomi at  to get set up!

We encourage all our members and sponsors to get involved, discuss, collaborate and have Conversations That Create Value.  We also hope some of you will consider leading the book club once in 2017.  Let Nomi know if you would like to volunteer!
In This Issue
AceTech Ontario's 2017 Leadership Initiative Award Winners  
Congratulations to our Leadership Initiative Award Winners!  We are thrilled to inform you that the selection committee has chosen the following Winners for 2017!  We really appreciate the time all the applicants took to apply and we are excited to present their workshops to our members in the coming year. Please watch for details of their sessions in the spring, and be sure to attend to support your fellow members and to benefit from the Peer to Peer learning that AceTech Ontario is all about.

Daneal Charney, MaRS, Venture Services, Mark Miller, Volaris Group,  "The CEO Should Really Be the "Chief HR Officer"
Denise Roy, IndustryBuilt, "Best Practices for Effectively Activating Your Human Resource Function"

The purpose of the AceTech Ontario Leadership Initiative is to tap into the vast knowledge and experience of the CEO and Executive members. This program recognizes the expertise and Thought Leadership of the members and provides a structure to allow more effective sharing of the knowledge already within the membership.  Congratulations again to our 2017 winners.
Capitalizing for Growth  with KPMG
We are excited to tell you about an upcoming Power Session on January 24th,  sponsored by KPMG. This event will include d iscussions and case studies exploring the options available to you and what you should consider when raising funds.   It will be a great opportunity for a rich conversation and a good chance to network with experts and CEOs that have a great deal of experience in this area.  

Join Sunill Mistry and Mihir Jobalia   as they interview highly successful CEOs and Growth Capital experts on: 
  • Debit & Equity Options
  • M&A
  • US/CDN IPO vs Debt vs Equity
Sunil and Mihir will be joined by:
And other Thought Leaders  - stay tuned!
Presentation Skills Workshop  with Melanie Novis
Do you need to communicate more effectively?  Overcome a fear of public speaking?  Bring in more business? Then this workshop is for you! Melanie Novis is President of Corporate Speech Consultants and lead coach in addition to being the author of Canadian Public Speaking.  Melanie's sophisticated teaching techniques have transformed podium-shy clients into motivated, confident and articulate speakers, who can advance not only their business goals but also master high-impact communications.

This workshop will take place on February 21st and due to the nature of this workshop, seating will be limited! Each participant will have the chance to present and  improve  a 3 minute presentation.  Keep an eye out in January for the invitation!
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