New Life Christian School 
Jesse Cleenewerck
He is an amazing student, kind to everyone, helpful in the classroom and a good friend.

Jordan Moody   

     He is always courteous and considerate of others. He has cleaned up and reorganized Mr. Bice's room after a project without being asked! It was very much appreciated. Jordan also had sang bravely on worship team for the first time.

December 1---Girls' Basketball Game                           JV @ 4:00 @                                             Ferndale 
December 2---Chapel
                           NLCS Spelling Bee
December 2 & 3---5th/6th Grade                                    Girl's Basketball                                        Tournament @ Bear                                River Rec. in Loleta 
December 5---Girls' Basketball Game
                           V Only @ 4:15 @                                      Home (Skating Rink)                              Playing Scotia
 December 6---Girls' Basketball                                      Game  V Only @ 4:00                              @ Home (Skating                                    Rink) Playing                                            Hydesville
 December 9---Chapel
                           Mid-term reports
 December 13-- NLCS Christmas
                            Program @ 7PM
                           Field Trip to                                              Redwood Christian                                  School Christmas                                      Play            
December 16 --Chapel
December 17--High School Ugly                                     Christmas Sweater                                   Party @ 7PM @ The                                 Johnson's House 
December 23-All Together Chapel
                          Ugly Sweater Day
                          12:00 Dismissal
December 26 - Jan. 6--- Christmas                                Vacation

Click here to download or print the updated Preschool December Calendar. 
Click here to download or print the updated NLCS December Calendar. 
2016 Christmas Program
Our Christmas program is quickly approaching! The performance will be on Tuesday, Dec. 13th, at 7 P.M. at our school in the sanctuary. (Please note the date change!) Your child should be at the school by 6:30 P.M. that night. Please mark your calendars and make every effort to have your student there as we need everyone's voice for a full choir. We will be singing 4 songs from the Christmas album. The setting will be in a town square and the choir will be carolers. Students will need to dress nicely and within the dress code. If your child has a hat, scarf, and/or mittens to use in the production, please have them wear them. We will have a few extra to pass out for those who don't need them.

Everyone has been working diligently on their roles and songs! We are very excited about this year's production! There will be refreshments in the church fellowship hall after the production. Donations for the refreshments will go to our 8th grade class towards their trip.
The CD made the paper too!  Click here to read what the Times Standard says about our Worship Team. 

    No School :  December 26th - January 6th
                         Have a Merry Christmas!
Christmas is getting close! Be sure to check out our updated Scrip Order Form for available cards!!! These are great to use or give as presents!!
New to the List : 
Petco, Old Navy, Home Depot, and GapKids.
You can always fill out the order form and include a check and then mail in or drop it off in the office. Do you have family members who would like to buy scrip? Send them an email or share this post!!! Be sure that they include on the form your family name so it can be posted to your account.  Click here for the scrip order forms.

The NLCS Christmas CD signing party was a blast! There was an amazing show of support from parents, students, and members of our community! The kids signed lots and lots of CDs! We are so proud of them and all their hard wo rk!
                                  "Ready to sign CD's"
The Worship Team
The worship team was blessed to be invited to minister at the Presbyterian Church of the Redeemer in Fortuna. A few days later, the pastor, Lance Anderson, contacted us offering their drum set to the worship team, which we were happy to take. We feel so blessed!

A Servant's Heart Award
Arlene Mock has been a volunteer with Great Beginnings Preschool for two years. Arlene works with Mrs. Edgmon and her three year-old class. She loves doing art projects, reading, and just cuddling with the children. She has three children, seven grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren. She is incredibly loving and is loved by all who know her. We are all so very thankful to have such a dedicated grandma to help us.

Girls' Basketball
Girls' basketball is coming to a close soon! We have been so blessed by Jen Campbell, who coached the varsity team, and Brandee Thompson and Tanna  Aguilar, who coached the JV team. Thank You!!!
Our Ice Skating Field Trip
Our school went ice skating and had a blast!! Skating on ice is an experience we'll never forget!  

Great Beginnings Preschool
            The girls dancing during "Rhythm and Dance Time."
The boys painting the fence with water.

Damian riding a tricycle at recess time.

Chaya exercising her fine motor skills with tongs and colored balls.

First and Second Grade
We had a great time making dirt cake. The students used candy pumpkins and gummy worms to create their own "mini" pumpkin patch.

After our amazing field trip to Patrick's Point, we spent several days constructing Native American houses similar to the ones the Coastal Tribes lived in.

The second graders are learning about measurement in centimeters, inches, feet, and yards.

Tyren, Alexia, and Jacey wrote and performed a skit about the life of a young pilgrim boy and girl. Later in the play, Bryton and Trenton joined the play as a very strict, no nonsense teacher and a Native American who taught them how to plant corn and other vegetables.

Third and Fourth Grade
The third and fourth grade class made stuffed turkeys to dress up the tables for our Thanksgiving feast. We have also been busy studying math facts and have been learning about the 206 bones of the human body.
Fifth and Sixth Grade
Newly elected 5 - 6 grade class officers: Caleb Seitz, vice president; Issac Keller, treasurer; Kadence Foord, president; Taylor Brooks, chaplain; Ryder Leaton, secretary; and Jaxon Beam, peace officer.

The 5th grade math class has enjoyed playing the Allowance Game. This game is kind of like Monopoly, but teaches valuable skills about decimal points while still having fun playing a game! The first student who earns $20 wins!!

Seventh and Eighth Grade
The 7th grade class are taking advantage of their study hall class with Mr. Jones. He graciously agreed to teach guitar to the class.
The 8th grade students are running a Snack Shack to raise funds for their trip in the summer. Students take turns at selling and the profits will be divided accordingly. Salespersons pictured here are Haley and Blayne. Sales of candy, chips, and snacking nuts have been steady. Parents may like to know that the Snack Shack is not open until the rest of the school has finished lunch! Reimbursable contributions of snacks are welcome.