December Newsletter
What's New at Patterson PT??
We have decided to start a monthly newsletter keeping our clients up to date on our success relative to PT clinics around the country, current success stories, staff features, healthy eating recipes, and tips on avoiding injuries. This issue features:

- How does Patterson PT Compare to the rest of the country??

- Erika Spilker and her path to lacrosse success at Penn State University

- Find out which Staff Member used to be a Pole Vaulter??

- Recipes that may help protect your ligaments??

- Tips on how to strengthen your athlete's body to avoid injury 

- Next Aqua Fit class will start Jan 10 (5 weeks, 10 sessions)

- Next Posture Clinic Thursday Jan 27, 2017 at 7 pm
- If you have not yet used your 2016 Medicare benefit you have one month left! The Yearly benefit will reset in 2017.

    Fun Fact!

- We see the average patient for 13.4 visits compared to the national average of 17.6, and 47% of our patients had all of their functional goals met compared to 43% nationally. How about that for efficiency?
Where are they now?? Featuring: Erika Spilker
 Q&A with the longtime Patterson PT client and Penn State lacrosse star Erika Spilker:

What first brought you to Patterson PT? 
I tore my ACL for the first time on Sept 23, 2010. I came to the Patterson's for rehab afterwards and it was such a great experience.

What are you up to now? 
I am in my 5th year at Penn State playing lacrosse (defender) and getting a double major in communications and labor and employments. (PS she is also a 3 year captain which is pretty cool!)

How did Patterson PT help get you to where you are now?
Ever since the beginning 6 years ago, they have been so great about the whole process and not only helped me get stronger physically but also helped build my confidence so I could come back mentally and physically stronger. Mike and everyone else there was so great about not letting me get frustrated if something was bothering me that day, they made sure I got better that day in some way.The fact that they spent their entire hour focusing on getting you back to stronger than you were before the injury is what separates them from any other rehab facility I have been to.

What is your favorite thing about coming to Patterson PT?
I loved being there because of the great people overall - other patients are fun to talk to and hear their stories. Especially the people who work there, everyone is willing to help and genuinely cares about what you are doing. 

Link to her Bio Here
Get to know PTA and Speed and Agility Instructor Randi Wiley
Click  HERE  to get to know Randi Wiley and her super secret high school fun facts!
Winter Speed and Agility Sessions Begin Dec 5!
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Did you know??
Here are some Quick Tips to help your athlete avoid ACL and other common injuries!

1. Strengthen glutes and hamstrings!
- Single leg bridge
- Hamstring curls 
- Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift's (RDL)
- Single leg hops IN THE MIRROR 

2. Core Core Core!
- Struggling bugs
- Planks - progress to picking up an arm or leg


Healthy Eating Recipes for the Holidays

Spinach, Feta, and Artichoke Breakfast Bake
Perfect to feed a crowd over the holidays and ready in under 30 min!

Black Bean Zucchini Burger
Beans are one source of copper, which according to Tracey Roizman (B.S. in nutritional biochemistry) may help protect ligaments.  Read the article here, or  View the Recipe Here
Quote of the Month:
"Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it." - Helen Keller
Single leg Bridges - squeeze glutes and core
Hamstring Curls on ball - core engaged too!

                    Single Leg RDL                                                                            Good!                  VALGUS  = BAD
Keep your low back on the floor - pull in your lower abdominals like you are putting on a tight pair of pants!
Keep your back flat on the plank - no sagging low backs or twisting to one side!