Tips, hints, and information for owners of Nolting longarm quilting machines and Quiltmagine computer guided quilting system from Nolting.
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Guide to Quilting with Your Nolting
Comprehensive guide for Nolting owners filled with information, many tips, resources and photos, including photos of correct timing.  Large trouble shooting guide (chart form) to diagnose and solve issues.  Need help with pantos?  Guide includes section with complete instructions for setting up and quilting pantos with perfect results.  Over 100 pages.
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I know that most of you are busy with holiday preparations, decorating, sparkling_gold_tree.jpg baking, planning family gatherings, and finishing last minute gifts.  Our family decided to make things simpler this year.  We decided on a theme for gifts and drew names.  In fact we have two themes and are drawing two names each, so each person will open two gifts, each from a different person.  Our themes are hats and Christmas ornaments.  Most of us have too much stuff anyway, but we still wanted to keep a tradition of gifts.  We also thought that with a theme it would be not only fun, but a good experience for the younger family members, teens and younger, to shop and select the perfect gift.  

This month I decided to take time and answer a few of the questions you asked when I conducted a survey.  I am sure these three questions will be helpful to most of you.

If you have thought of upgrading to a larger machine, Nolting still has an influx of really nice used machines as some Nolting owners upgrade to the new NV.  You already have invested in your Nolting frame, so it would only be a trade up to a different machine.  Also, if you know of anyone considering a Nolting longarm purchase, please encourage them to contact me ( email or call 585-226-2577) before the end of the year as we expect a price increase from Nolting early next year. 

Ron and I want to wish each of you a joyous Christmas and holiday season.  Our hope for each of you is that you take time to enjoy the season, your family, and build traditions that will tie your family together, like the quilting ties together and beautifies a quilt.

Delightful Quilting!


Q. Some threads don't seem to like my machine and others always fine.  It would be nice to know ahead if my machine will like a thread.
towa bobbin gauge
Towa Bobbn Gauge
A. Bad news first.  There is no way to know for sure if your machine will "like" a thread until you give it a try.
    Now the good news.  Nearly every good quality thread, including metallic and monofilament will work in the Nolting.  Good quality thread has consistent thickness, is made of high quality materials, with cotton made of long or extra-long staple fibers, and is free of slubs.  Poor quality is inexpensive, varies in thickness, cotton is often quite linty, may have slubs or knots, and may be prone to breakage.
   There are several keys to working successfully with threads:   (more)

Q.  What are safe ways to mark quilt tops?
A.  After the time, effort and expense in making a quilt top, the last
applique quilt
Block background all crosshatching marked with chalk.
thing we would want to happen would be registration and design marks that could not be removed from the quilt.  

First, let me say that as a former chemistry teacher, all marking pens (blue spritz out, purple air fade, iron off, heat disappearing) contain chemicals that may or may not perform as expected.   (more) 

applique block
Chalk marked, ruler work crosshatching.

Q. With computer guided, how do I position the design so it sews out correctly? 
quiltmagine settings screen
Quiltmagine placement settings selection page.
A.  For those of you that do not have a computer guided system, let me give a brief aside on computer guided.  A number of years ago before I had a computer guided system I though how unfair to compare computer guided with hand guided, after all, the computer was doing "all" the work.  I now know that there is a lot of skill involved in using any computer guided system.  Yes, the machine will stitch out a very nice pattern or design, but the operator has to place or position the design correctly for the machine to do the rest.  There is a learning curve using this technology, but I have found it a lot of fun and I enjoy challenging myself to quilt beyond and out of the box.

Whether you are using Quiltmagine, IntelliQuilter, or some other computer guided system, (more) 
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