December 2017
Merry Christmas from St. Paul Religious Education!

Dear Families ,

We are already into Advent and our preparations for the great Feast of Christmas! It is a time to acknowledge our many blessings. Please know that you and your children are a blessing to us. All of us are on the journey to become the people God made us to be - the best version of ourselves. This is our path to happiness. This is our path to holiness. This is our path to sainthood! It is our privilege to be on this journey with you. Know that we keep you in prayer and wish nothing but the very best for you and everyone you love at Christmas and always.

~The St. Paul Religious Education Staff

Advent Reflection
"What is more precious than to be in the hand of God?  God is Life and Light, and those who are in God's hands are life and light."  St. John of Damascus
The last classes for Religious Education before Christmas break will be  Monday, December 18th and Tuesday, December 19th.

Classes will resume Monday, January 8th and Tuesday, January 9th.

The Feast of the Immaculate Conception is coming up this Friday, December 8th and it is a Holy Day of Obligation.  We encourage all families to attend one of the masses held at St. Paul Church at 6:30 am, 8:15 am or 7:00 pm.

The Feast of St. Nicholas
Deacon Bill Jamieson  visited the first graders on December 4th/5th to share the story of St. Nicholas' life and generosity. They were filled with excitement and had great questions for "St. Nicholas."  Make sure you ask your first grader about this special visit!


Grades 3 - 8 will participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation during RE class time during Advent.

We encourage all parents and older siblings to go to Confession during Advent, as well.  Communal Penance Services with Individual Confession will be held as follows:

Monday, December 18th: 

1:00 pm, St. Germaine Campus of Our Lady of Hope
28301 Little Mack Ave
St. Clair Shores

7:00 pm, St. Joan of Arc
22412 Overlake St.
St. Clair Shores

Confessions are available here at St. Paul every Saturday before Christmas at 3:45 pm.

Eighth Grade Confirmation Candidates and their sponsors attended a preparatory workshop followed by the Mass of Enrollment this past weekend.  If your child was unable to attend, an information packet was mailed to your home.

Seventh and Eighth Grade Families
Click here for a list of December Service Opportunities.

Seventh and Eighth Grade Parents
We are beginning a new session of Chosen for Adults on Thursday mornings from 9:15 - 10:45 a.m. starting Thursday, January 11, 2018.
Call 313-885-7022 to sign up.  We would like every parent of a Confirmation candidate to experience this excellent formation.

Your Child's Catechist

Your child's Catechist may be a Mom or Dad like you, a single person, a grandparent, or even a religious Sister. From all walks of life they come to St. Paul on Mondays and Tuesdays as volunteers to teach and share their faith with your child. These catechists appreciate your support and encouragement. Please remember your child's catechist with a note or a card during the Christmas season!

Catholics Returning Home
This is the time of year when many who are away from the Church feel that "nudge" in their hearts to come back to mass, especially on Christmas. Chances are there is someone in your family or among your friends who has not been to church in awhile. Jesus expects each one of us to reach out to those folks. Be an encourager and an inviter. Besides Christmas mass, think of the many programs and activities going on at St. Paul and other churches around us. Is there something that might appeal to someone you know? As a parish, we are committed to helping anyone who is not practicing their faith to find a comfortable way to return. Different people have different needs. Members of our Pastoral Staff are prepared to answer questions, calm anxieties, and help individuals find their way back to Jesus and his Church. For more information, call 885-8855.

Lost and Found
If your child is missing an item of clothing or something else that they brought to Religious Ed, those articles
are kept in the classroom lockers. Check with your child's catechist.
Adult Programming for Winter 
Our winter offerings will begin in early January. There are many opportunities to choose from and we encourage every parent to try something and invite a friend.   
Upcoming School and Parish Activities -  


Religious Education Department (313) 885-7022
Judith Jones, Director of Religious Education:
Katie Cook, Section Head for Grades 1- 4:
Tricia Kesteloot, Section Head for Grades 5 - 8: