DECEMBER 2017  |  Student eNewsletter
  1. Happy Holidays from NASW-PA!
  2. What is NASW-PA PACE?
  3. Kutztown Students Visit the Capitol
  4. Student Spotlight: Maddy Sowders
  5. Licensure Prep: Sample Questions from the Exam
  6. University of Pittsburgh Releases Preliminary Findings of Wage Study
  7. National Poetry Contest for Social Workers

Happy Holidays from NASW-PA

We would like to congratulate all our social work students on completing their Fall 2017 semester! We wish you a happy and restful Winter break.
What is NASW-PA PACE Committee?

The Political Action for Candidate Election (PACE) Committee is the political action arm of the National Association of Social Workers. As a political action committee, PACE endorses and financially contributes to candidates whose views align with NASW - specifically, the NASW Code of Ethics. NASW-PA PACE serves this function at the state level. As a graduate student on the committee, I have contributed my perspective to important political debates and statewide candidate endorsements. As someone who is extremely passionate about the intersection of policy and social work, PACE has afforded me the opportunity to learn about the political process and be directly involved in it. I encourage you to get in touch about potentially joining PACE if you are passionate about:
  • Working to endorse state candidates who support NASW-PA values; 
  • Supporting social workers running for office; 
  • Practicing electoral advocacy: mobilizing NASW-PA members to vote for funded and endorsed candidates; 
  • Promoting the adoption of public policy through political action that is in the interest of the social work profession and consumers of social work services; and
  • Making a difference in the world around you!
For more info, please contact me at
- Julie Platt, MSW Student, NASW-PA MSW Student Representative
Kutztown Students Visit the State Capitol

Tim Seip, a social work professor at Kutztown University, took five of his students to visit the capitol on November 30, 2017. The students were invited to speak with Jerry Livingston, the Minority Executive Director of the Protection & Professional Licensure Committee. Livingston offered insight about the legislative process.  Click here to read more.

Get in touch and let us know what YOUR school is doing in social work or a related field! We would love to know and help you spread the news!
Student Spotlight: Maddy Sowders

Maddy Sowders is a recent graduate from Lock Haven University's BSW program. As a student, Maddy worked at the NASW-PA Chapter office as a BSW Student Intern. During her time with NASW-PA, she exemplified self-motivation, creative problem solving and an obvious passion for the social work profession. Maddy presented a number of ideas to NASW-PA staff on how to improve the membership experience of our student members (in fact, Maddy is partially to thank for this Student Newsletter and our awesome new Facebook group!) Maddy also assisted in the planning and implementation of our 2017 Annual Conference, our 2018 Legislative Education and Advocacy Day, various communication efforts, and other projects throughout the semester, including a continuing education workshop, which she created and presented to professional social workers. We would like to thank Maddy for all of her hard work and dedication and wish her the best of luck as she transitions into her social work career!

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Licensure Prep: Sample Questions from the Exam

1. After he is severely reprimanded by his employer, a man goes home and is extremely nasty to his wife all evening. His behavior at home is an example of:
a) Sublimation
b) Dissociation
c) Displacement
d) Rationalization

2. Projective identification is a concept that describes the process of:  
a) Unconsciously perceiving others' behavior as a reflection of one's own identity 
b) Assuming an "as if" personality 
c) Showing another person how to develop a better self-image through role-modeling 
d) Modeling a behavior to help others learn and understand it  

* Scroll to the bottom of this email for the answers! For more info on the exam, visit us online and/or consider ordering a NASW-PA prep manual!
University of Pittsburgh Releases Preliminary Findings of Wage Study

University of Pittsburgh School of Social Work has released preliminary findings of the Pittsburgh Wage Study, in which they are attempting to understand the struggles of low-wage hospital workers and observe the impact of raising wages, in some cases to a minimum of $15/hr. Preliminary findings are available in the report found here.
National Poetry Contest for Social Workers

Are you a creative writer? The University of Iowa is holding a national poetry contest specifically for social workers! Any social work student, faculty member or alumnus from a social work program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education may participate. The deadline for submissions is January 1, 2018. Submitted poems should "speak to hopes, dreams, fears, and experiences related to social work." Click here to read more about the competition!
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* Licensure Exam Sample Questions Answer Key:
1. C
2. A

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