"In this select circle, we find pleasure and charm in the illustrious company of our contemporaries and take the keenest delight in exalting our friendships."
- Emil Gumpert, Chancellor and Founder
Energized For The Future
Looking for 21st Century Trial Lawyers, Sharing Blessings of Success
Dear Fellow:

When you receive this message, it will be only two months after the Annual Meeting in Montréal, and I am learning just how fast the College year seems to pass. Since Montréal, I have attended seven events, joining our fine Fellows in Vermont, New Mexico, Nebraska, Indiana, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Arkansas. Perhaps the best part of this office is the opportunity to travel to such different places and enjoy the fellowship and warm welcome which the College provides, seeing friends and making many new ones.

In October, we completed two very successful Chairs’ Workshops, one on the West Coast and the second on the East Coast. Betty and I literally saw the sun set over the Pacific and the sun rise over the Atlantic within a period of two weeks. I am pleased to report the College leadership departed from those workshops informed, energized and motivated, which was the theme for each workshop. We devoted a large segment of our time to our efforts on identifying new candidates from all trial practice areas. We emphasized the importance of being ever vigilant for younger and more diverse candidates, and included at each workshop special presentations from our own Fellows about the importance of diversity and inclusion and some techniques which have proved successful to date.

As I prepared for the workshops and the portion related to the need to identify younger Fellows, I was reminded of, and reviewed, remarks that Past President Ozzie Ayscue (1998-1999 President) had delivered to the North Carolina Fellows at their state meeting earlier this year. No one values the history and traditions of the College more than Ozzie, but he certainly recognizes how the trial practice has changed. After he compared how the trial practice has indeed dramatically changed over the years, Ozzie challenged us to recognize that who is a trial lawyer has been redefined by the practice itself. 
To quote Ozzie, who is standing in the middle of the picture: “The College cannot maintain its legitimacy as the face of the modern trial bar if it does not seek out, identify and nominate the rising stars of each generation. . . Qualified candidates are not that difficult to find once our understanding of the criteria is adjusted to the College’s contemporary definition of what constitutes a trial lawyer. We cannot afford to remain stuck in a last-century notion of who the Twenty-First Century trial lawyers are.” Ozzie concluded by reminding all in attendance that along with each of our plaques comes the obligation to bring to your State or Province Committee’s attention those other lawyers it should be considering for membership. Indeed, most of us are Fellows because another Fellow took the time to follow up with action after noticing young talent. Thus, I ask each of you to make a special effort during this College year to see if you can identify and suggest a younger, outstanding trial lawyer who you believe will meet our standards. 

Let me also encourage the Fellows in each State or Province to consider some way in which you can foster local engagement by your Fellows. A number of exciting, innovative programs have been performed by others, and you can read in this issue about outstanding programs recently presented by Fellows in Colorado, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Texas and the Teaching of Trial and Appellate Advocacy Committee. If you are in need of a suggestion, then please contact Bob MacKenzie (Chair of the Outreach Committee, rpm@starneslaw.com) and either Bob or a member of the Outreach Committee can provide you with suggestions and resource materials which are readily available. 

Finally, as the end of this calendar year approaches and you perhaps consider worthy causes for donations, please think about our own Foundation. Prior to the two workshops, the members of the Executive Committee had all contributed to the Foundation such that we reached the 100% level, and we have asked each State and Province Committee to try and reach that level, with donations either to the U.S. or Canadian Foundations. I am reminded of the quote on success attributed to William Faulkner: “American culture is not just success, but generosity with success – a culture of successful generosity. We desire and work to be successful in order to be generous with the fruits of that success.” All Fellows in the College have been blessed with success, and the U.S. and Canadian Foundations are most worthy recipients of a donation in whatever amount may fit your circumstances. If you wish to learn more about our Foundation, this link will take you to our newly produced video highlighting the great work done by virtue of grants the Foundation has funded. 

Let me close by wishing each of you, your family, friends and colleagues, a most Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year. 
Samuel H. Franklin
2018 Spring Meeting Heads To Arizona
The College’s 2018 Spring Meeting is now open for online registration . You will be asked to log in to the College site to begin the registration process. Fellows are encouraged to take advantage of this online opportunity to register and receive the hotel booking code immediately. The printed brochures should be received by the second week of December. Click here to download a copy of the brochure. President Franklin and the Board of Regents hope Fellows will make plans to attend the meeting at the beautiful Arizona Biltmore .

President-Elect Jeffrey S. Leon, LSM has planned an exciting program of speakers. The list of speakers includes: author Mark Bowden, best known for authoring Black Hawk Down.; Michelle Bratcher Goodwin, director of the Center for Biotechnology and Global Health Policy at the University of California, Irvine School of Law; the Honorable Diane J. Humetewa, U.S. District Court, District of Arizona; Fellow Michael Koskoff; the Honorable Barbara J. Pariente, Florida Supreme Court, recipient of the Sandra Day O'Connor Jurist Award; the Honourable Mr. Justice Malcolm Rowe, Supreme Court of Canada, who will be receiving Honorary Fellowship; Honorable Greg Stanton, mayor of the city of Phoenix; and Honorable Christopher Wray, director of the FBI. David C. Roberts, senior director of water resources at the Salt River Project and Thomas Buschatzke, director of the Arizona Department of Water Resources will discuss water storage and delivery in Arizona. We are pleased to have also confirmed, Jason Schechterle, who will share his incredible story of survival and transformation as he calls himself “the luckiest person alive.”

As part of the Spring Meeting, the College is pleased to offer 2 ethics credit hours of Continuing Legal Education on Thurs., Mar. 1, from 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm. This interesting and dynamic Professional Program will explore and expound on the ethical and legal issues of counsel’s use of social media to investigate jurors. 
The 2017 Annual Report is now available and details all the worthy causes that the Foundation has supported. This year the Foundation saw an increase in donations of 42%, thanks to the Power of an Hour campaign. Fellows answered the campaign's call to contribute the equivalent of one billable hour. Thanks to all who contributed.

As many Fellows are aware, the hurricanes in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico brought destruction and suffering. The College Foundation has reached out to Fellows in those areas to find out how the Foundation can offer help to the legal community and to individuals facing legal issues because of the storms. Access to justice is needed more than ever in these communities. Watch this short video   to learn how you can help us help others. Since the time this message was recorded, Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico. The reports received from Fellows in Puerto Rico indicate a humanitarian crisis to the extent not seen since Hurricane Katrina. We have communicated to our Fellows in Puerto Rico our thoughts and prayers, and asked how we might help. Your donation will assist Puerto Rico’s recovery efforts as well. 100% percent of the money donated for this cause will go directly to the organizations on the ground. Please visit actl.com/donate and select Hurricane Relief Fund to help us help others.
2018 Spring Polling Reminder
Attention all State and Province Committee Chairs who poll during the spring cycle: The deadline for candidate proposals is March 15, 2018. Please be aware that the following states and provinces are part of the 2018 spring poll: Arkansas, Atlantic Provinces, British Columbia, California (Northern), California (Southern), Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Ontario, Quebec, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.
Arizona Chapter Sponsors Annual Jenckes Closing Argument Competition
On Nov. 3, 2017, the Arizona Chapter held its annual Jenckes Closing Argument Competition at the Sandra Day O’Connor School of Law at Arizona State University. The team of Angelika Doebler and John Thorpe from Arizona State were declared the winners, ending the winning streak of the University of Arizona. The Jenckes Competition is a closing argument competition sponsored by the Arizona chapter. The competition is between law students at Arizona State University and the University of Arizona. It is held in honor of Joseph S. Jenckes, a prominent Phoenix attorney and Fellow of the College. Students are given two weeks to master the facts and present a closing argument after reviewing trial transcripts and exhibits from a case that was actually tried. Over 35 Fellows were in attendance and acted as jurors deciding which team presented the most compelling argument. The evening ended with a social hour attended by Fellows, their spouses and students from both universities.
Colorado Fellows Reach Out To Jurors
Colorado Fellows, along with the Colorado chapter of ABOTA, the International Academy of Trial Lawyers, the Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System, the Denver Bar Association Young Lawyers Division and the Civil Jury Project sponsored the first Denver Jury Improvement Lunch on Thursday, Nov. 2 at the Denver Ritz-Carlton. The purpose of the lunch was to honor jurors and to learn from them about what can be done to improve civil trials.
Latest Book from Complex Litigation Committee
The Complex Litigation Committee has published a new book, Demonstrative Aids At Trial . In this book, the Committee identifies and unravels the legal and practical issues presented by demonstrative aids and offers suggestions for their persuasive and proper use. Included within the book are more than seventy pages of full-color sample exhibits; a thorough discussion of related law and rules; the best practices of experienced lawyers, with general guidelines all lawyers should follow; insights into the views of highly experienced federal trial judges, along with the opinions of jury consultants; useful checklists for judges and lawyers. Former Complex Litigation Committee Chair Harry J. Roper and Complex Litigation Committee Member Douglas R. Dalgleish served as editors-in-chief of the publication. The book is available for purchase on the Bloomberg BNA website, https://www.bna.com/demonstrative-aids-trial-p57982087143/ . Fellows are eligible to receive a 25% discount by using the code ACTL17.
National Trial Competition Seeks Volunteers
The National Trial Competition , which is co-sponsored by the College, attracts teams from more than 150 law schools and involves more than 1,000 law students each year. Fellows from across the country are asked to serve as judges during the regional rounds. If you are interested in serving as a judge during the regional rounds, please email the contacts who are listed as ACTL Regional Liaison or Host School Contact below.
Region 1 - Suffolk University Law School
Dates: Feb. 8-10, 2018
ACTL Regional Liaison: Richard Zielinski, rzielinski@goulstonstorrs.com
Host School Contact: Professor Timothy Wilton, twilton@suffolk.edu

Region 2 - Yeshiva University - Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law
Dates: Feb. 9-11, 2018
ACTL Regional Liaison: Larry Krantz, lkrantz@krantzberman.com
Host School Contact: Nicole Blumberg, blumbergn@dany.nyc.gov

Region 3 - Temple University Beasley School of Law
Dates: Feb. 8-11, 2018
ACTL Regional Liaisons: Joe Crawford,
Host School Contacts: Mary Beth T. Wilson, mwilson6@temple.edu , Marissa Boyers Bluestine, mbluestine@temple.edu and Jules Epstein, jules.epstein@temple.edu
Region 4 - American University Washington College of Law
Dates: Feb. 9-11, 2018
ACTL Regional Liaison: Don Morin, 
Host School Contact: Elizabeth Lippy, elippy@wcl.american.edu
Region 5 - Campbell University Law School
Dates: Feb. 16-18, 2018
ACTL Regional Liaison: Scott Greene, scott.greene@bryancave.com
Host School Contact: Dan Tilly, tillyd@campbell.edu
Region 6 - University of Alabama
Dates: Feb. 2-4, 2018
ACTL Regional Liaisons: Gloria Bedwell,
Host School Contact: Steve Emens, semens@law.ua.edu
Region 7 - University of Akron
Dates: Jan. 26-28, 2018
ACTL Regional Liaisons: Rocky Pozza, cpozza@jamsadr.com and Jack Zouhary, jack_zouhary@ohnd.uscourts.gov
Host School Contact: Misty D. Franklin, misty@uakron.edu
Region 8 - Chicago-Kent College of Law
Dates: Feb. 8-10, 2018
ACTL Regional Liaisons: Tom Cunningham,
Host School Contacts: Ana Montelongo, amontelo@kentlaw.iit.edu and Judge Erickson, derickson@kentlaw.iit.edu
Region 9 - University of North Dakota
Dates: Feb. 9-11, 2018
ACTL Regional Liaisons: Sally Ferguson,
Host School Contacts: Denitsa Mavrova Heinrich, denitsa.mavrovaheinr@law.und.edu , Aubrey Zuger, AZuger@fredlaw.com and Lori Conroy, Lori.Conroy@co.clay.mn.us
Region 10 - LSU Paul M. Hebert Law Center
Dates: Feb. 1-3, 2018
ACTL Regional Liaisons: Bill Dawson,
Host School Contact: Professor Jeffrey C. Brooks, jeffbrooks@lsu.edu

Region 11 - University of Tennessee
Dates: Feb. 16-18, 2018
ACTL Regional Liaisons: Susan Phillips, sphillips@ppoalaw.com and Tim Gearin, tgearin@armstrongteasdale.com
Host School Contact: Carl Eshbaugh, ceshbaugh@esvw-law.com
Region 12 - University of New Mexico School of Law
Dates: Feb. 8-11, 2018
ACTL Regional Liaison: Karen Townsend, ktownsend@mt.gov
Host School Contacts: St eve Scholl, sscholl@dsblaw.com and Nancy Huffstutler, huffstutler@law.unm.edu
Region 13 - University of California-Davis and University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law
Dates: Feb. 8-10, 2018
ACTL Regional Liaisons: Contacts: John Drath, jdrath@adrservices.com , Jim Danielson, jimd@jdsalaw.com and Chris Kitchel, chris.kitchel@stoel.com
Host School Contacts: Dennis Cota, dcota@cotalawfirm.com and Jay Leach, jleach@pacific.edu
Region 14 - Pepperdine Law School and UCLA School of Law  
Dates: Feb. 8-11, 2018
ACTL Regional Liaisons: John Hueston,  jhueston@hueston.com and Eugenia Eyherabide, eugenia.eyherabide@sdcourt.ca.gov
Host School Contact: Professor Harry Caldwell, harrycaldwell@pepperdine.edu
Trial Institute Continues to Honor Nebraska Fellow
The memory and legacy of Daniel D. Jewell, a Nebraska Fellow who passed away in 2013, lives on through the Dan Jewell Trial Institute. Jewell was inducted to the College in 1972 and was a prominent trial lawyer for many years. When he passed away, Dan and his family established a fund with the Nebraska State Bar Foundation with the vision that the fund should support a program to teach younger lawyers to try lawsuits. Through a committee formed by the Foundation, they developed materials concerning a will contest for the institute. Younger, inexperienced lawyers applied to the institute which involved a day and a half program. Each student was required to select a jury from volunteer jurors, make opening statements, examine and cross-examine volunteer witnesses, offer evidence, including selected deposition testimony, submit requested instructions and complete an instruction conference with the judge. Thereafter, they made final arguments. The first Institute was held in 2016 at Creighton University School of Law. A U.S. District Court judge, an active State Court trial judge and a retired State Court trial judge presided in three courtrooms. Each student was assigned a mentor to critique each student’s performance and provide advice. The volunteer mentor lawyers were all Nebraska Fellows. The first Institute was a success, and a second Institute was held in 2017 at the University of Nebraska College of Law. Once again, volunteer mentors were all College Fellows. The presiding judges, two female and one male, included two current and one retired state trial court jurists. The third Institute is planned for the summer of 2018 at Creighton University Law School. All three Institutes have been organized and coordinated by Fellows. Plans are in the works to double the number of students participating in the 2018 Institute because of the demand. “The Nebraska Bar Foundation's goal was to create a program that Dan would be proud of. We think we have accomplished that goal, and we look forward to conducting the Institute in the future,” said Charles F. Gotch, former Nebraska State Committee Chair.
NC Fellows Present Trial Skills CLE For Legal Aid
On Friday, Nov. 3, 2017, North Carolina Fellows presented a trial skills CLE for Legal Aid of North Carolina at its Legal Services Task Force Trainings in Greensboro. The CLE was attended by legal aid attorneys from across the state. The following CLE sessions were presented by Fellows: “Using Expert Witnesses” - Tamura D. Coffey and Sara R. Lincoln; “Discovery Limits, Protective Orders and Motions in Limine” - Reid L. Phillips; “Defending Depositions” - Dan Johnson McLamb and C. Mark Holt; “Rule 41 Dismissals and Rule 56 Summary Judgments” J. Dennis Bailey. Holt, North Carolina State Committee Chair said that “providing this service to Legal Aid is consistent with the College’s mission to improve and elevate standards of trial practice, the administration of justice and the ethics of the profession.” Fellows utilized the ACTL Code of Pretrial and Trial Conduct in their presentations and provided copies of the Code to CLE participants. Celia Pistolis, Litigation Director of Legal Aid of North Carolina said “we are so pleased to partner with ACTL and its Fellows to provide high quality training to legal services attorneys across the state.” This is the second year in a row the North Carolina Fellows have provided training for Legal Aid. At last year’s CLE, one of the Fellows who spoke was Judge Doug Parsons of Clinton, North Carolina. Judge Parsons died unexpectedly on Sept. 24, 2017. In addition to providing the recent CLE training, the North Carolina Fellows also are making financial donations to Legal Aid of North Carolina in memory of Judge Parsons. Thus far, these donations from the North Carolina Fellows to Legal Aid total approximately $6,000. For more information, contact: Mark Holt, mark@holtsherlin.com or Celia Pistolis, celiap@legalaidnc.org.
Pennsylvania Fellows Launch Inaugural Trial Skills Program With Temple University
A trial skills CLE training program was presented at Temple University Beasley School of Law in Philadelphia on Nov. 4, 2017 under the joint sponsorship of the Pennsylvania State Committee and Temple’s Trial Advocacy Program. Nancy J. Gellman and Catherine M. Recker, respectively Chair and Vice Chair of the Pennsylvania State Committee, approached Temple to discuss how the College might be a resource to the law school as part of the Committee’s effort to increase outreach and opportunities for service to the legal community. Professor Jules Epstein, the Director of Advocacy Programs at Temple, suggested an annual trial skills program entitled “Masters of Litigation.” Fellow Joseph C. Crawford, Vice Chair of the College’s Teaching of Trial and Appellate Advocacy and the Outreach Liaison for the Pennsylvania State Committee, participated in planning and recruitment of Fellows to participate as speakers. The central concept is for the College and Temple to work together to present an annual trial skills program designed for practicing lawyers, participants in Temple’s trial advocacy LL.M program and law students. The Nov. 4 program was a sell-out, filling the lecture hall at Temple. The program began with an introduction by Regent Robert E. Welsh, Jr. about the College and the collaboration with Temple. College speakers included a federal prosecutor, a public defender, criminal defense lawyers and civil trial lawyers. Fellows Linda Dale Hoffa, Robert J. Livermore and John P. McShea III gave a presentation on opening statements during which they shared advice and suggestions on effective story telling in openings, establishing themes for direct, cross and closings, use of exhibits and other issues in openings. Fellows Patrick J. Egan, William J.Ricci and Leigh M. Skipper gave a presentation on telling a winning story through cross-examination of lay and expert witnesses. Temple Professor Barbara Ashcroft and jury consultant Melissa Gomez  discussed jury decision-making and current attitudes of jurors about alleged abuse of power. Professor Jules Epstein spoke about “Evidence Lessons Your Mother Never Taught You.” Written materials prepared by the presenters were also distributed. The audience included civil trial lawyers, criminal lawyers and law students. As part of the College’s outreach efforts, the Foundation provided scholarships to public service lawyers from the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, the city and federal Public Defender Offices, Community Legal Services and the Juvenile Law Center. 
Teaching of Trial & Appellate Advocacy Committee Hold Two November Programs
The Teaching of Trial and Appellate Advocacy Committee presented two programs in November. On Nov. 9, the program “Internet and Social Media Searches About Potential and Actual Jurors During Voir Dire and Trial” took place under the leadership of Committee Vice Chair Joseph C. Crawford.  On Nov. 17, the committee co-sponsored the One Day Boot Camp Trial Training Program with the ABA Litigation Section. The program was offered to legal services lawyers from northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., Maryland and Pennsylvania and was held in the ceremonial courtroom of the United States District Court for the District of Maryland. The following Fellows participated in the program: Harriet E. Cooperman, Esq., co-chair of the program; M. Natalie McSherry, Esq.; Andrew D. Levy, Esq.; William J. Murphy, Esq.; Maryland State Committee Vice Chair Richard C. Burch, Esq.; Barry Coburn, Esq.; James P. Ulwick, Esq.; Joshua R. Treem, Esq.; Former Regent Paul D. Bekman, Esq.; Maryland State Committee Chair Daniel R. Lanier, Esq.; and Teaching of Trial and Appellate Advocacy Committee Chair Paul Mark Sandler, Esq.
Texas Fellows' First Ethics CLE A Success
On Sept. 28, 2017 the Texas Fellows sponsored a one-day seminar − “Ethics and Litigation: A Radically Different Approach” – for Texas Fellows and lawyers in their firms. Approximately 100 lawyers attended including young lawyers, experienced lawyers and Fellows in the College. Attendees received up to six hours of CLE credit. The seminar involved a legal malpractice case with negligence and conflict of interest issues. The Honorable Lee H. Rosenthal of Houston, Chief United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas, presided over the trial which had opening statements, direct and cross examination of legal experts for the Plaintiffs and Defendant and closing arguments. A 12-person jury rendered a verdict and provided feedback on their decision. The seminar ended with a panel discussion led by Judge Rosenthal. The following Fellows participated in the seminar: Past President David J. Beck, Former Regent Wayne Fisher, Barry Barnett, Steve McConnico, Thomas H. Watkins, William D. Cobb, Jr., David Gerger, Russell Hardin, Jr., David N. Kitner, E. Leon Carter and Richard Warren Mithoff. The seminar was well received by all attendees. Comments included: “I got to see really great lawyers I would never have seen otherwise;” “best seminar ever;” and “first time I never left during a seminar to take a call or do other business.” Past President Beck organized the seminar and recruited the participants. Other states interested in doing a similar seminar should contact him for further information at dbeck@beckredden.com.
The College recognizes extraordinary individuals and their important contributions to the law through three awards described below. A nominator need only submit a letter of support, and the award committee will complete an investigation before deciding whether to recommend the person to the Board of Regents . Please consider nominating a worthy recipient. You may send your letter to nationaloffice@actl.com or directly to the committee chair indicated below
Griffin Bell Award for Courageous Advocacy

To receive and investigate recommendations and information relative to outstanding courage demonstrated by trial lawyers in unpopular or difficult causes, and where appropriate to recommend an award. 
Pictured: 2017 recipient Fellow Judy Clarke
Chair: Jeffrey D. Morris, jmorris@berkowitzoliver.com

Samuel E. Gates Litigation Award

To honor a lawyer or judge, whether or not a Fellow of the College, who has made a significant, exceptional and lasting contribution to the improvement of the litigation process. 
Chair: Robert C. Riter, Jr., r.riter@riterlaw.com
Sandra Day O'Connor Jurist Award

The Award is to be given from time to time to a judge in the United States or Canada, whether or not a Fellow of the College, who has demonstrated exemplary judicial independence in the performance of his or her duties, sometimes in especially difficult or even dangerous circumstances. A nomination form can be downloaded here
Chair: Sally J. Ferguson, sjferguson@arthurchapman.com

2018 Spring Meeting
Phoenix, Arizona
March 1-4, 2018
2018 Annual Meeting
New Orleans, Louisiana
September 27-30, 2018


Tri-State Regional Meeting
Savannah, Georgia
January 25-28, 2018

Region 6 Regional Meeting
Oxford, Mississippi
April 20-22, 2018


Mississippi Fellows Dinner
Jackson, Mississippi
December 1, 2017

Louisiana Fellows Dinner
New Orleans, Louisiana
December 2, 2017

Oregon Fellows Dinner
Portland, Oregon
December 13, 2017

Washington Fellows Dinner
Seattle, Washington
December 14, 2017

Northern California Fellows Dinner
San Francisco, California
January 19, 2018

Northeast Fellows Black Tie Dinner
Boston, Massachusetts
January 26, 2018

South Carolina Fellows Retreat
Palmetto Bluff, South Carolina
February 1-4, 2018

New Jersey Fellows Dinner
February 3, 2018

Oklahoma Fellows Meeting
San Pancho, Mexico
February 8-11, 2017
Mark your calendar now to attend one of the College’s upcoming gatherings.

More events can be viewed on the College website.
Click here for the Events Calendar.
Charles L. Babcock
of Dallas, Texas, will be honored with the 2018 Karen H. Susman Jurisprudence Award. The Anti-Defamation League presents this award to a member of the legal community who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to equality, justice, fairness and community service.
Bartholomew J. Dalton
of Wilmington, Delaware and Immediate Past President received The Honorable Francis X. McClanahan ’27 Award by St. Joseph’s University Law Alumni.
Thomas M. Hayes, III
of Monroe, Louisiana was honored as a Distinguished Attorney by the Louisiana Bar Foundation .  The Foundation honored those in the legal community who have distinguished themselves and dedicated time or resources to service organizations throughout Louisiana to provide free civil legal representation to the indigent, law-related education to the public and administration of justice projects.
Albon O. Head, Jr.
of Fort Worth, Texas, was honored with the Southern Methodist University’s Distinguished Alumni Award in November 2017. This award is “the highest honor the University can bestow upon its graduates.”
David H. Marion
of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania received the James Wilson Award presented by the University of Pennsylvania Law School's Alumni Society Board of Managers. The Award is the highest honor which they bestow and is presented to a Penn Law alumnus in honor of a lifetime of service to the profession.
W. Mark Mowery
of Santa Fe, New Mexico and the current New Mexico State Committee Chair, was honored as the Outstanding Civil Defense Attorney by the New Mexico Defense Lawyers Association.
Robert A. Van Nest
of San Francisco, California was recognized by The Recorder with its Groundbreaker award for his trial win defending Arista Networks against Cisco copyright claims.
Vermont, September 20: The beautiful and historic Inn at Shelburne Farms provided the setting for the Vermont Fellows Meeting. Eighteen Fellows including Regent Ritchie Berger attended. The event started with a cocktail hour overlooking Lake Champlain, at the end of which Fellows were treated to a beautiful sunset in the Adirondack Mountains. The group then moved to a private dining room. President Sam Franklin gave brief remarks about the important issues recently addressed by the College, which was followed by lively discussion among the Fellows. A special invited guest, Judge Helen Toor, provided insights from the bench about what lawyers can do better. 
Nebraska, September 20: The Nebraska Fellows Dinner was held at the Happy Hollow Country Club in Omaha, with 25 Fellows and guests in attendance. Also attending were 4 special guest judges: Judge Laurie Smith Camp from the federal bench in Omaha, Chief Justice of the Nebraska Supreme Court, Mike Heavican, Justice Max Kelch, the latest appointment to the Nebraska Supreme Court and retired Nebraska Supreme Court Justice Nick Caporale. President Franklin discussed the important issues recently addressed by the College, as well as the encouraging results from the nominations approved at the recent Board Meeting in Montreal. He also urged participation in the Power of an Hour Campaign for the Foundation .
New Mexico, September 22-24: The Hotel Chaco in Albuquerque provided the site for the New Mexico Fellows Meeting. A total of 12 Fellows and their spouses enjoyed a tapas bar on Friday night followed by an excellent Flamenco performance. On Saturday morning, the Fellows had a productive business meeting followed by a two-hour CLE presentation. The Fellows were urged by President Franklin to search for younger and more diverse candidates and at least a half dozen potential candidates were identified, including a number of women. Professor Leo Romero of the University of New Mexico School of Law presented on the recent bail reform in New Mexico. Saturday evening the meeting concluded with a cocktail reception and buffet dinner. President Franklin is now prepared to represent any Fellow who has a run-in with the law while visiting New Mexico.
Indiana, October 20: The Indiana Fellows Dinner featured a cocktail hour and seated dinner at the Woodstock Club in Indianapolis. Approximately 30 Fellows and their guests attended, including State Committee Chair Scott Shockley and his wife Vicki. Also in attendance were an honorary guest, Chief Justice Loretta Rush of the Indiana Supreme Court, and Indiana State Committee Vice Chair Deb Miller. Shockley gave a brief report, and spoke about the need for diversity in the Indiana Chapter. President Franklin also emphasized the need for diverse and younger candidates, and urged support for the Foundation. Chief Justice Rush, who is very active in the Conference of Chief Justices, discussed her work as Co-Chair of a Task Force to address the opioid crisis and its impact on the court system and judicial resources. The Chief Justice also talked about the importance of mentoring and reaching out to help other lawyers and judges.

Illinois, November 13: The Upstate Illinois Fellows Dinner was held at Mastro’s Steakhouse in Chicago, with close to 70 Fellows and guests in attendance including State Committee Chair Sean Berkowitz, Regent Daniel E. Reidy, Former Regent Patricia C, Bobb, Judicial Fellow Thomas R. Mulro, Jr.y and two nominees who were approved in at the Annual Meeting in Montreal. Before dinner, Berkowitz provided remarks on the activities of the State Committee and the importance of identifying younger and more diverse candidates. President Franklin followed up with more specifics on the changing demographics of the College and the process for addressing requests that the College make a public statement on an issue. President Franklin offered to take questions on any subject other than the Roy Moore campaign. A spirited yet collegial discussion also took place on qualification criteria to become a Fellow.
Pennsylvania, November 16: The Eastern Pennsylvania Fellows Dinner at Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse had an attendance of nearly 70, including 8 of the new Fellows inducted in Montreal and 8 nominees who were approved at the Annual Meeting in Montreal. Immediate Past President Bartholomew J. Dalton also made an appearance during cocktail hour prior to dinner. State Committee Chair Nancy J. Gellman offered welcoming remarks and read the names of 4 Fellows who had passed away during the prior year. Regent Robert E. Welsh, Jr. introduced the new inductees and noted that Pennsylvania had the largest number of Fellows in attendance at the Annual Meeting in Montreal. He also complimented Fellows on the two recent CLE programs which they had conducted. President Franklin acknowledged the group for all its works and offered to take questions on any subject, jokingly saying “other than Roy Moore.” President Franklin was presented a framed copy of the famous political cartoon, “Join or Die,” drawn by Benjamin Franklin by State Committee Vice Chair Catherine M. Recker - an appropriate gift given their shared names.
Timothy R. Engler of Lincoln, Nebraska was was installed as President of the Nebraska State Bar Association at its annual meeting in Oct. 2017.

Olivier F. Kott, Ad. E. , Elisabeth Pinard and Julie-Martine Loranger of Montréal, Québec were granted the title of Lawyer Emertius from the Barreau du Québec. The award is presented to members who gain distinction as a result of their outstanding professional career, outstanding contribution to the profession or outstanding social and community standing that has brought honor to the legal profession.

The following Fellows have been elevated to the bench in their respective jurisdictions.

E. David Crossin
Vancouver, British Columbia
Effective August 20, 2017
Supreme Court of British Columbia

Willie J. Epps, Jr.
Jefferson City, Missouri
Effective June 2017
U.S. Magistrate Judge
Western District of Missouri

The College extends congratulations to these Judicial Fellows. 
The College has been notified of the passing of the Fellows listed below. The date after each name notes the year of induction into the College, and the date following the state or province is the date of his or her passing. A tribute to each will appear in the In Memoriam section of a subsequent issue of the Journal.

Marcus Clay Alspaugh , ’94, 2017 Birmingham, Alabama. October 2017

Richard William Beckler , ’96, Washington, District of Columbia, September 25,2017
John Wishart Campbell , ’73, a Fellow Emeritus, Lumberton, North Carolina, October 27, 2017
William Thaddeus Coleman, Jr. ,’69, a Fellow Emeritus, Washington, District of Columbia, March 31, 2017
Gregory B. Conway , ’88, Green Bay, Wisconsin, September 15, 2017
William Andrew Copenhaver , ’05, Winston-Salem, North Carolina, October 12, 2017
Patrick M. Roby , 88, a Fellow Emeritus, Cedar Rapids, Iowa, September 27, 2017
Urban Leo Roth , ’89, a Fellow Emeritus, Polson, Montana, January 9, 2016
Richard Joseph Thornton , ’73, a Fellow Emeritus, Miami, Florida, January 21, 2015
Raymond Moran Tierney, Jr. , ’79, a Fellow Emeritus, Little Silver, New Jersey, September 19, 2017
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