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Fall, 2012
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The Client Testimonial of the Season 

"Overall, the pricing was slightly higher than other quotes we received for the work; however, we have learned the hard way from experience that the quality is more than worth it!!!! Painting in Partnership will be the company we call for any other painting need."

       - Norah Muenkel   

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HolidaysPainting BEFORE or AFTER the Holidays -
That is the Question!


Deciding on whether to redecorate before or after the Holidays is a very personal decision. Many clients want to have everything together and fresh looking before the Holidays. Some plan to have everything done before Thanksgiving, so they can put up their Christmas decorations right away. Others do not mind having us work until before Christmas or New Year's day. Yet, others cannot bear the thought of dealing with one more thing before the Holidays.  


I have good news for all of you! For those of you who want their painting done before the Holidays, there is still room on our schedule, but call us right away to lock in a good spot. If you prefer to wait until after the Holidays, book your project now and earn a 10% discount, as a thank you for helping us to plan our winter schedule. In either cases, simply call us or simply send us an email using this link: mario@paintpartner.com.   

TheNewsThe News

In September Mario was a presenter at the 2012 PDCA Craftsmanship Conference, held at the historic Glessner House in Chicago. On the 21st, Mario gave a talk on "The History of Paint in America". On the 22nd, he shared his secrets on how to put your best foot forward when submitting a project for a national award.  


Painting contractors come from all over North America to attend this conference. Some of them are multi-generation businesses. All of them share a common love of painting and have built businesses that uphold the highest craftsmanship standards.



The Coolest Projects

playhouse1A Custom-Painted Playhouse - All for a Good Cause


A custom-built playhouse, in an elegant Hinsdale backyard, complete with its own landscaping, surely deserves an exterior paint job that matches its bones and surroundings. The owner was the successful bidder of the playhouse at a recent fundraising event benefiting the Ronald McDonald House Charities for a whopping $14,000. Our painting and decorating company was invited to decorate this very special fantasy house for a lucky four-year old boy. For the rest of the story, click here.



anythinggoesPainting the Stage Sets for "Anything Goes"


In August, as volunteers, we had the pleasure and privilege of doing the painting and decorating for the sets of "Anything Goes", a community play performed by the Fremont Street Theater Company. The play premiered at Cutting Hall in Palatine on Friday August 10 and ran through August 19. For the rest of the story, click here.



QuestionsYour Questions Answered!


My House Looks Dirty. It Is Full of Small Black Spots. What is that?

When doing exterior painting, surfaces need to be cleaned and mildew spores have to be killed. In the Chicago area, professional house painting contractors know to clean and power wash surfaces before painting them. However, mildew can often be mistaken for dirt. Even though it looks like dirt, mildew has spores and is a living organism. When mildew is present, power washing alone will not get the job done. For the rest of the story, click here.

Please send me your question(s) via my e-mail at mario@paintpartner.com.     
  Dear Abby On Pet Safety 

DearAbbyTips to Keep your Pets Safe During Halloween.  


Dear Abby: The kids around my house go bananas with Halloween. What can you tell my owner about keeping me safe during this festive time?  

Cup Cake

Dear Cup Cake: Great question! First, the candy bowl is not for you or any other pets in the house; it should be kept out of your reach. Chocolate in all forms is very dangerous for dogs and cats. Some artificial sweeteners can also be hazardous. The kids also enjoy dressing you up, don't they? If you like to "dress up" have fun! If you do not enjoy it, PASS on it. Otherwise, it can be a big mess. If you do dress up, make sure the costume is not constricting or unsafe. Finally, when the big night arrives, find a quiet room away from the front door if you are staying home. It can get a little too scary when the action gets going!

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