Decoding Chaos
YPL Libra/Equinox Posting

On this day of balance between light and darkness, I thought an apt discussion would be on the subject of chaos.
Chaos is considered to be the absence of order, but I would like to posit that chaos is the order of the universe and it may only seem disordered because we haven't deciphered the pattern or patterns within it.  
However, if we operate on the premise of "as above, so below," we might realize that the whole point of life is to find the pattern that makes sense out of the supposed disorder. 
Fractals, the never-ending, sometimes complex, looping patterns that exist in plants, seashells, trees and other parts of nature, are evidence of chaos seeking to be deciphered.    
Reversing the above-premise to "as below, so above," imagine that the position of the galaxies, stars and planets may not be random, but, actually, form a braille-like, discernable, even meaningful pattern, if one were able to see it or, at least, a portion of it if from the right vantage point.  Perhaps our telescopes and/or space vehicles will, someday, be able to provide such a vantage.  
Or, imagine that what we think of as oxygen within our atmosphere and dark energy within the rest of space might really be molecular vibrations of lesser density, making the entire universe one "solid," i.e. connected,  structure.  
What you don't have to imagine is the fact we and all else are, originally, derived from space dust means everything is connected,  at least historically, on a basic elemental level
In the course of our evolution, free will has become our primary tool for decoding chaos.  Its inherent objective is to help us search out a design for living that produces inner harmony.  Chaos, therefore, provides the opportunity for achieving personal order...a purposeful existence that is unique, yet, ideally, in tune with the rest of creation. 
A Celtic Shaman, recently, passed on to me a revelation given him that the best way to confront chaos is by dancing with long as you don't let chaos lead. 
I think this wise counsel is, also, expressed in the internationally practiced dance meditation known as 5Rhythms where the central rhythm is called  Chaos.  In it, the dancer resolves the seeming conflict of the feminine and masculine energies that make up the initial two rhythms and blends them in order to form his or her unique expression through the 4th or Lyric rhythm before achieving a peaceful bliss in the 5th rhythm of Stillness.  
Whether your days will proceed to get shorter or longer, I hope you will enjoy your dance or whatever vibrational movement you choose in the process of determining the purpose of your existence.  And, do so while relaxed in the knowledge your purpose surely does  exist.
If you have any doubts, I'm always here to help.
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