Clare de Bono  |  Rob & Paul Forkan  |  Destination |  Award
Amadeus UK & Ireland’s Director of Product & Innovation to speak
Clare de Bono joined Amadeus in June 2016, having previously worked at STA Travel Group. A leading innovator in IT solutions for the travel industry, Clare focuses on evolving opportunities in digital and mobile channels, payments and travel retailing. At the Convention she will be sharing her vision for the next generation of travel retail.
Overcoming Adversity

Rob and Paul Forkan, the founders of the Gandys casual footwear range, were orphaned but survived the Tsunami in Sri Lanka on Boxing Day in 2004, turning their personal tragedy into devoting their lives to helping underprivileged children. Entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and authors, their story is set to provide a compelling end to this year’s Convention.

Discover a Hidden Treasure

For the last 20 years, tourism has played an increasingly important part in the local economy of São Miguel, where a focus on protecting the environment has helped to ensure that the archipelago’s natural beauty remains firmly intact while offering truly unique experiences to visitors, topped by fantastic Portuguese hospitality. 

Association Conference Award 

ABTA’s Travel Convention has won a Bronze Award in the Best Association Conference category of the 2017 Conference Awards. The Award, for the 2016 Convention in Abu Dhabi, recognised excellence across every event discipline from business content and event organisation to venue, entertainment, catering, marketing communications and more. 

The 2016 Travel Convention provided a unique, contemporary conference experience that marked the 10th anniversary of a repositioning exercise begun in 2007.