Washington, DC USA | March 4-14, 2018

Deliver Higher Levels of Service on your Road Network
This Executive Seminar includes a program of presentations and discussions about performance-based contracts and how they can help road agencies meet their desired outcomes. Participants will engage in working groups with experts who are actively involved in maintenance contracting and asset management to discuss the application of best practices under different country conditions.

Course Outcomes
  • Understand PBCs and their role in maintaining road infrastructure services
  • Develop a Business Case for PBCs
  • Understand the role of service levels and the associated data requirements
  • Defining and Measure Risk under Performance-Based Road Contracts
  • Successfully manage the Client-contractor Relationship
  • Get exposed to global and regional PBC best practices
  • Discover solutions to road delivery and maintenance problems faced in your country
  • Receive IRF Certification
In their Words
Extending the Functional Life of Road Assets with PBCs
In most developing and merging market economies, roads require rehabilitation, or even reconstruction, many years prior to the expected date. EBRD recently published a paper providing a condensed yet substantive overview of the key international lessons learned in the area of PBCs. Read More
Critical Success Factors for Performance-Based Contracts
The critical success factors for performance-based contracts (PBC) are common to many other contract methods. The presence of knowledgeable staff and the willingness of upper management to succeed, accompanied by frequent and positive interactions to facilitate the development of trust among the members of the project, are primary factors in the success of the project. Read More
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