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Informing the community about the risks of "smart" meters 

Naperville residents are denied
Below are examples from around the country (including BC) of residents who have been given various choices about smart meters.  To date - Naperville residents have been given no choice to keep thier analog meter and no choice to protect against privacy or radio frequency radiation.

Today @ 2pm a hearing will be held to determine if the referendum question, allowing residents to vote on this project, will be allowd on the ballot.

Will Naperville residents be denied?
Come to the hearing and find out.

Jan 3, Tuesday, 2 pm
Council Chambers, 400 S Eagle St


After years of insisting that PG&E customers would receive smart meters, like it or not, the California utility, in response to increase public backlash, has now offered its customers the option to keep their analog meter.  Naperville residents have been denied.

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Connecticut Light & Power Co.'s plan to replace existing electric meters with advanced technology would be very expensive and would not save enough electricity for its 1.2 million customers to justify the expense, Attorney General George Jepsen said.

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People can opt out of the program by keeping their existing, analog meters, or having a modified smart meter installed with its wireless transmitter turned off, the PUC decided. Customers also have the option of moving a wireless smart meter to another location on their property.

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The state Public Utilities Commission directed NV Energy to look at allowing customers to opt out of its controversial smart meter program.

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Washington DC

"In every respect, we are responding to consumers who have, since the start of our smart meter education, consistently asked whether they had a right to refuse the new technology and keep their current electric meter..."

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"...the opt-opt provision will offer GMP's customers flexibility in their relationship with the Company allowing them to elect, for whatever reason, to not have a smart meter installed."

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British Columbia

A complaint has been filed under Section 47 of the Utilities Commission Act requesting an injunctive freeze on the wireless component of the Smart Meter Program without delay.

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Naperville Smart Meter Awareness is a self funded 501c6, funded by board members and community members who believe in our cause.

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We are solely interested in advocating for a fiscally responsible and safe utility solution in Naperville and the rights of the voters to be heard on this issue.

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NSMA has submitted 4,199 signatures requesting an advisory referendum to allow citizens to vote in March on the smart meter installation.

If you have already made up your mind and don't want them in our community then sign the Cease and Desist petition.
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Naperville Smart Meter Awareness is a group of concerned citizens educating the public about the risks of wireless smart meters. We are comprised of lawyers, technology professionals, health advocates, accountants, business owners and parents in our community.
Smart meters are to be installed in Naperville starting this summer and pose risks in the areas of privacy, costs, security, and health. Our mission is to educate the residents of Naperville by bringing all pertinent information to the public and in doing so, advocate for a smarter solution in Naperville.