December 2016 - In This Issue:
For the past few months I have read several books, studied websites on social entrepreneurship, met with helpful people on the phone and in person, written and thought a lot about what is next in my life. I have taken myself through a process to design my encore.

When a musician takes an encore, she comes back on stage and performs another piece. Sometimes it is a work she's thought about ahead of time and sometimes it is inspired by a particular audience. In my case, I am making plans, and I am going to be open to spontaneity and inspiration where I find it. I am also considering performing on a larger stage than I have in recent years.

Beginning in 2017, I am offering "kicked-up" career/life planning workshops based partly on the recently published book, Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett & Dave Evans. They have taught for many years a popular class at Stanford University and now written about how they use principles from the design field to help people of all ages to live a thoughtful and full life.

Some of the questions we will reflect on in the workshop include:
  • What's next for me in my work/volunteer life?
  • What action might I take to kick my life up a notch?
  • How may I make a larger contribution in my community/state/the world?
  • How do I meet people who might be interested in my ideas or from whom I may learn?
  • What if I went back to that interest I had when I was a kid?
In small groups, we will explore these questions and a lot more. We will have fun. We will be inspired and challenged. We will be curious together. The experience just might change your life. Come join us!


Some of the resources from which I will pull ideas for the upcoming workshops:

Designing Your Life: How to Build A Well-Lived, Joyful Life
by Bill Burnett & Dave Evans

The Encore Career Handbook: How To Make A Living and A Difference In the Second Half of Life by Marci Alboher
- Second acts for the greater good
A workshop for adults 50+ who are ready to think about and design the next life chapter. Would you like to rethink your work? Perhaps you are retired or planning for retirement and wonder how you will make this time of your life meaningful. Have you considered volunteering or adding a new activity to your life but are not sure what or how? How would you like to live your encore?
This workshop is designed for those between 20 - 50 years old who want to explore the next chapter. Perhaps you are seeking your first position out of college or are ready to make a change in career but not sure what that might look like. Or, you might want to add some spice to your life.

In both workshops we will dive into fun and engaging thought exercises, discussion, and discovery to help you design and build your life.   

Six-week workshop series, 1.5 hours per session, $120 for series. Dates/times TBA to begin in 2017.

Please contact Sue to express interest. She will then put together small groups in Lafayette, LA based on preferred dates/times.

A webinar-based workshop is also available. Let Sue know if a webinar works best for you.

See below for contact information.  

Writing and Mindfulness Workshop

Saturday, January 21, 2017, 2 - 4pm, Lafayette, $20. Contact Sue to register.

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Perhaps you want to develop better communication strategies with your team or learn how to apply the ideas of  Conversational Intelligence in your work or organization?

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Both books are available for purchase from Amazon and Smashwords and other digital download sites.






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