Did Cicada 3301 Find the True 
Spear of Destiny?
What's our interest these days? Lots of research going on lately, but not in the American geopolitical world where you usually find us at the American Intelligence Media

We have turned our attention to the  mysteries of the Spear of Antioch What we are finding goes beyond where this video (below) will take you...and it is becoming a fascinating story involving the Knights Templar, early Christianity, and the documented trail of the spear.

Long-time readers may recall that after writing the Gospel of Sophia series and publishing several web sites of spiritual content, Tyla and Douglas Gabriel saw an urgent need to expose the trail of corruption in key power centers - Washington - London - Vatican. Our research showed us that unless citizens around the world became educated about this corruption, we would not be able to dismantle a globalist agenda that would forever keep humanity from a world of peace and prosperity. 

We feel that we have done a great job exposing things that the main stream media will never show you - from the San Bernardino false flag operation, 911 treason, Senior Executive Service, SERCO, election rigging, theft of social media, suppression of free energy, corruption in the U.S. Patent Office, the significance of the Golden Share, the Queen's role in the overthrow of the U.S. government... and so much more. 

Our audience has grown significantly and our articles, videos, and research reach all "four corners" of the globe instantaneously where they scale and grow, helping to raise consciousness and offering real solutions for those of us called to lead humanity into the Satya Yuga.

The trail of corruption is taking us back in history which has become fascinating, and which leads us forward to our own writings of The Gospel of Sophia. Join us in this fascinating journey to discover the 'Spear of Destiny', and see where it is today.

To get started on this relic hunt, see how we started in April 2017 when we first learned of Cicada 3301 and watched this video entitled:
Has Cicada 3301 located the true Spear of Destiny?
Has Cicada 3301 located the true Spear of Destiny?
Has Cicada 3301 located the true Spear of Destiny?
From first the time we saw this video, we became interested in Cicada 3301. It was intriguing. What were these puzzles that lured the world's highly intelligent people into their "group of puzzlers"? 

At the time, we were working on creating our own online puzzle called the Glass Bead Game and thought we might learn something from the Cicada 3301 puzzle.

We saw their message and drew in to listen and learn. Little did we know how influential Cicada 3301 would be in creating a worldwide truth movement. 

We weren't online puzzlers so we didn't follow the puzzle called "Q" except for reading their posts on the various channels, finding them highly interesting and inline with what we were revealing on our AIM site

In late December 2017 we found out from the original Q members that their original postings were inspired by the information and headlines posted at the American Intelligence Media. If you are not aware, their very popular site was taken over by rogue actors in late October 2017 - an epic digital information battle raged as rogue Q actors came and went- an online drama which, at the time of this newsletter, still continues. 

We were just thrilled to see that such a creative group of people took our  AIM content and presented it in a way their audience could resonate with it. We suggest this technique all the time on our platform. Take our research and truth revelation and explain them in a way your audience can understand.

Little did we know that this would become such a huge movement - called Q, Qanon, the Great Awakening, etc. 

The original creators of the messages in the Q puzzle have moved on to another exciting project that will be announced soon. But in early 2018 the Gabriels met the real geniuses behind the Q puzzle which became the beginning of a journey of self-discovery for all involved as we researched one of the world's most famous Christian relics - the Spear of Destiny. 

Little did the originators of Cicada 3301 know just who they were calling into their game... and what we would discover beyond their own findings.

The Americans for Innovation research team couldn't wait to join us in the "research mines" once they saw the significance of the spear's provenance. 

What follows are notes and emails that describe what the research team found - historically, spiritually, and personally. We think you will have fun discovering truth the way we did - simply by being curious. 

Come, play the Glass Bead Game with us. 

.... a little plug for our books...then continue with the history of the spear just below.
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The Discovery of the Holy Lance

July 27, 2018
Email from Michael's team describing the early history of the Holy Lance. 

The Discovery of the Holy Lance

  1. The Gesta Version 
But one day as our leaders, sad and disconsolate, were standing back before the fortress, a certain priest came to them and said: "Seignors, if it please you, listen to a certain matter which I saw in a vision. When one night I was lying in the church St. Mary, Mother of God, our Lord Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world, appeared to me with His mother and St. Peter, prince of the apostles, and stood before me and said, 'Knowest thou me?"

I answered, 'No.' At these words, lo, a whole cross on His head.

"A second time, therefore, the Lord asked me 'Knowest thou, me?'

"To Him I replied: I do not know Thee except that I see cross on thy head like that of Our Saviour.'

"He answered, 'I am He.'

'Immediately I fell at His feet, humbly beseeching that He help us in the oppression which was upon us. The Lord responded: I have helped you in goodly manner and I will now help you. I permitted you to have the city of Nicaea, and to win all battles and I conducted you hither to this point, and I have grieved at the misery which you have suffered in the siege of Antioch. Behold with timely aid I sent you safe and unharmed into the city, and lo! (you are) working much evil pleasure with Christian and depraved pagan women, whereof a stench beyond measure arises unto heaven.'

"Then the loving Virgin and the blessed Peter fell at His feet, praying and beseeching Him to aid His people in this tribulation, and the blessed I Peter said: 'Lord, for so long a time the pagan host has held my house, and in it they have committed many unspeakable wrongs. But now, since the enemy have been driven hence, Lord, the angels rejoice in heaven.'

"The Lord then said to me: 'Go and tell my people to return to Me, and I will I return to them, and within five days I will send them great help. Let them daily chant the response  Congregati sunt, all of it, including the verse.'

"Seignors, if You do not believe that this is true, let me climb up into this tower, and I will throw myself down, and if I am unharmed, believe that this is true. If, however, I shall have suffered any hurt, behead me, or cast me into the fire." Then the Bishop of Puy ordered that the Gospel and the Cross be brought, so that be might take oath that this was true.

All our leaders were counselled at that time to take oath that not one of them would flee, either for life or death, as long as they were alive. Bohemund is said to have been the first to take the oath, then the Count of St. Gilles, Robert of Normandy, Duke Godfrey, and the Count of Flanders. Tancred, indeed, swore and promised in this manner: that as long as he had forty knights with him he would not only not withdraw from that battle, but, likewise, not from the march to Jerusalem. Moreover, the Christian assemblage exulted greatly upon hearing this oath.

There was a certain pilgrim of our army, whose name was Peter, to whom before we entered the city St. Andrew, the apostle, appeared and said: "What art thou doing, good man?"

Peter answered, "Who art thou?"

The apostle said to him: "I am St. Andrew, the apostle. Know, my son, that when thou shalt enter the town, go to the church of St. Peter. There thou wilt find the Lance of our Saviour, Jesus Christ, with which He was wounded as He hung on the arm of the cross." Having said all this, the apostle straightway withdrew.

But Peter, afraid to reveal the advice of the apostle, was unwilling to make it known to the pilgrims. However, he thought that he had seen a vision, and said: "Lord, who would believe this?" But at that hour St. Andrew took him and carried him to the place where the Lance was hidden in the ground. When we were a second time situated in such (straits) as we have stated above, St. Andrew came again, saying to him: "Wherefore hast thou not yet taken the Lance from the earth as I commanded thee? Know verily, that whoever shall bear this lance in battle shall never 'be overcome by an enemy." Peter, indeed, straightway made known to our men the mystery of the apostle.

The people, however, did not believe (it), but refused, saying: "How can we believe this?" For they were utterly terrified and thought that they were to die forthwith. Thereupon, this man came forth and swore that it was all most true, since St. Andrew had twice appeared to him in a vision and had said to him: "Rise' go and tell the people of God not to fear, but to trust firmly with whole heart in the one true God and they will be everywhere victorious.

Within five days the Lord will send them such a token that they will remain happy and joyful, and if they wish to fight, let them go out immediately to battle, all together, and all their enemies will be conquered, and no one will stand against them." Thereupon, when they beard that their enemies were to be overcome by them, they began straightway to revive and to encourage one another, saying: "Bestir yourselves, and be everywhere brave and alert, since the Lord will come to our aid in the next battle and will be the greatest refuge to His people whom He beholds' lingering in sorrow."

Accordingly, upon hearing the statements of that man who reported to us the revelation of Christ through the words of the apostle, we went in haste immediately to the place in the church of St. Peter which he had pointed out. Thirteen men dug there from morning until vespers. And so that man found the Lance, just as he had indicated. They received it with great gladness and fear, and a joy beyond measure arose in the whole city.

August. C. Krey,  The First Crusade: The Accounts of Eyewitnesses and Participants, (Princeton: 1921), 174-76
[Although Adhemar was suspicious, as he had seen a  relic of the Holy Lance in Constantinople, [44] Raymond believed Peter. Raymond, Raymond of Aguilers,  William, Bishop of Orange, and others began to dig in the cathedral of Saint Peter on 15 June, [1098] and when they came up empty, Peter went into the pit, reached down, and produced a spear point. [44/


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