February & March 2017
There Is More to Life  

"Lord, direct me to invite those people that you want to be there that particular evening." Such was the prayer of one of our members a few weeks ago.

As we have mentioned in the past, Croats are a very relational people. Being able to witness over a cup of coffee or lunch is much easier than getting someone to come to a seminar or church service. When the Luis Palau Association contacted our church about hosting a free dinner for families accompanied by the message of the Gospel it seemed like a wonderful fit for our culture. We found two other churches in the city that were interested in helping out with the organization of this event, and the results were above and beyond what we'd expected. Many of our people brought their unsaved friends along with extended family. One woman even brought her great-grandmother! One of our members prayed and fasted ahead of time for family members and friends to come (some who had consistently rejected any and all talk of God or the Bible). In the end they all attended the dinner and heard the Gospel message. We had over 100 people in attendance. Contact forms had been placed beside each plate and those who had prayed and given their heart to Christ were asked to draw a simple heart on their form so that we would know. Approximately 30 forms were turned in with hearts on them, and we are presently in the process of following up with those people. One of those women was even in our church this Sunday, which was so encouraging. The Croatian ground is so hard. Sometimes it can feel like we are trying to sow seed in a rock quarry. Times like these are a great reward for us!
Recording New Worship Songs 
Our worship band, BezKompromisa, is still in the studio. They are almost done recording two songs, and plan to record more as finances allow. The music they are recording is original praise and worship music, and they are recording each song in Croatian and English so that their music will be made available in the US as well as Croatia.  

Building Renovation  

We are in the process of finishing up some additional insulation on our building. We had some sound issues that needed to be taken care of before we could install carpet. We plan to install flooring soon, and are so grateful for the gifts that have come in to assist us in renovation. Your gifts have been a great blessing to us!
Update News 
Our family is doing well. We have been very busy with school and all of the children's activities, and are really looking forward to Spring Break coming up next month.  
In closing we'd like to make you aware of a small change coming up. In the future, we will be sending these updates every other month. In the off months we hope to be recording short 2-3 minute video updates that will be uploaded to YouTube and can be downloaded and shown to your church or shared on social media.
Again, thank you all for your prayers and support.
Mario and Bonnie
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