Volume1 | August 17, 2017
What were those codes again?
If there is a "1" in the eligibility column, code the student as "SNAP" in your POS system. If the eligibility column is blank or there is a "0," code them as "TANF." 

Updates in the regulations require that the actual program is coded in the POS system -- not just coded as "DC."
Direct Certification System Status
Our developers are in the final stretches of creating the fabulous new DCDV system. Until then, please continue to use the current (old) system monthly just as before. New matches and unmatched data are posted on the 5th of the month (or the first working day after that).

Until the new system is operational, we cannot used Medicaid participation to determine eligibility for free or reduced-price meals. Please encourage anyone who participates in a Medicaid program to submit an application. They may qualify under income guidelines for free or reduced-price meals.
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Do you have more than 1 authorized user for DC?
It's very frustrating when you can't get into the DC system because you changed your password. It's even more frustrating when you are the only authorized user, and you have a deadline looming. Only the SNP CE Admin user group are the authorized users for your contracting entity (CE) and can access the DC system. Remember, neither the ESC or TDA can get the match lists for you.

This is a good time to do a check to see who has access to DC. Are there others that you thought was active, but their TX-UNPS account has been inactivated since they don't use it? Does their FND-101 (Certificate of Authority) need to be updated?

Don't get caught in a bind. Plan for that back-up user before you need it!
     What is ELM CREEK?

Elm Creek is a mnemonic for the steps for direct certification for all categorical programs -.
  • Eligibility - student or household participation in a qualifying program
  • List - the certifying agency provides a list of current participants
  • Match - the information on the program participant matches the information on the student
  • Certify - the CE certifies that the program participant in the POS system
  • Report - the CE reports the number of directly certified students to the state agency 
The New DCDV "Dance"
When the new system premiers, you will no longer need to do the "two-step" (download state matches and CE-level matches). We will have a one-step process and all matches will come back on one-list.

Here are the new DCDV "dance" steps:

Up - Down - In - Out

  • UPload current enrollment
  • DOWNload matches
  • Code the matches IN the POS system
  • Send OUT notices
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