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Conference call this Tues., 12 noon Nuclear, I mean Pacific Time, 3:00 Eastern on persistent smart meter/EMF issues within your state and what you can do about it and our Congressional campaign.  Please email me for call in # if you don't have it.

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Smart Violence Threats Now Come from BOTH Sides of the Issue
Smart Stupidity Abounds
"Brain Tumors of the Rich and Famous"
Brain Cancer Clusters for Children Multiply
It's Never Too Early To Start Getting Cancer!
Cell Towers Losing Power
WIFI Wickedness
Other EMF Issues
Nuclear Nightmares
Government Collusion with Corporate Corruption
Chemtrail Craziness
Toxic Legacy
Monsanto Must GO!
Asbestos Still Abounds
"A Few Good Men"
Eliminating Creatures of Land and Sea
Silliness Out of a Serious Situation


Smart Threats of Violence Now Come from BOTH Sides of the Issue

NVE Uses Armed Guards to Install Smart Meter On Opt Out Customer

Armed Guard Used to Install Smart Meter on Woodstock, NY Opt Out Customer

From Maryland Smart Meter Awareness:
"Our local utility fessed up to the Public Service Commission that about 175,000 customers so far have refused to respond to requests to replace their indoor meters.  That along with our 25,000 official opt outs puts the total near 200,000 or about 15% of the total  number of ratepayers in BGE's service area.  The revolution is spreading."
"So how did we get our utility to admit that there were 175,000 of its 1.3 million ratepayers that were refusing to let the utility into their  homes to change the meters?  These were homeowners where the meter was inside the home so that the utility needed them to let installers into the home to do the meter swap."

Monitor Placed Near Heart to Measures Emotions and Help Stop Emotional Eating...
Microsoft Develops Smart Bra

According to the filing, the SmartWig can help navigate roads and collect information such as blood pressure.
Sony Files Patent for Smart Wig

A fridge that texts pictures to show what is for dinner, a voice-controlled washing machine - appliances like these are being designed to talk to each other via the cloud to cut energy bills.
Japan Focuses on Smart Kitchen Appliances
ALEC Calls for Penalty for Homes with Clean Energy

This "Fully Trained and Licensed Electrician" Switches an RF TEP Meter BACK to Analog, But Not Without Showing Her Expertise

Transmission Lines Buried Beneath the Ocean Connect Counties for the Global Grid
The Global Grid

I learned a lot listening to this...
Dave Stetzer Reveals Dirty Electricity Problems With Smart Meters

"Brain Tumors of the Rich and Famous"

Reporter Julie Chang Has Brain Tumor

His Father, Vice President Joe Biden Also Had Brain Tumor
Vice President Joe Biden's Son Has "Mass Removed" from Side of Head.

Top Wireless Industry Executive Dies of Brain Tumor

As Government Officials Scour the Area for "What Could Possibly Have Caused this Cancer Cluster", They Purposely Ignore the Smoking Gun of Carcinogenic Radiation From Cell Towers...
Childhood Cancer Cluster in Ohio Town

List of FCC Registered Cell Towers in That Area of Ohio

Upcoming Expert Roundtable in San Francisco on Cell Phones and Health

This is sort of a big deal.  They did this a few months back but Dr. Joel Moskowitz just made me aware of it.  We had been trying to get this Washington, DC based group to get on board with our cell phone/brain cancer warning label bills for a very long time.  They refused, instead utilizing the FCC inadequate SAR guidelines as adequate notification to people on cell phones and safety.  They have now changed their stance on this issue.
EWG Suspends It's Advice On Lower Level SAR Phones Due to SAR Coming Under Scrutiny As Not Being Adequate for Protection

It's Never Too Early To Start Getting Cancer!

Monitor Your Baby's Health with Just a Sock!

China's - "Smart" Wearable Devices for Pregnant Women

Fisher Price Introduces Baby Seat with IPad

Controversy Over Child's Seat with IPad

Curtis Bennett on EMF,WIFI Smart Grid and Cell Towers

Dr. Talmor EMF Pollution Video

Curtis Bennett on EMF,WIFI Smart Grid and Cell Towers

RF Workers Asking for Protection

Magnetic and Electric Fields on Water

Microwave Mind Control

"...tens of thousands of retirees living off of pensions - many of whom will see an 
80% obliteration of the retirement funds they believed they'd receive until they died."
"(Retirees) feel like something that they've earned and were promised is being taken away from when they're not in a position in their lives to plan for it and fight back," Plecha said. "They're at a time in their lives when they're most vulnerable."
VAPORIZED, Detroit OBLITERATES Retirement Funds

Australia to Forcibly Vaccinate Via Intentional and Controlled Aerosolized GMO Vaccine

Amish Girl, Forced Into Experimental Chemo Therapy, Flees US with Parents for Natural Therapy, Now Said to be Cancer Free

NSA Consider Exposing Pornography Habits of Influential Extremists

This technology is now 10 years old...

US Should Try for a Better Relationship with Chinese Military or Enlist Help from Other Countries

Chemtrail Craziness

Excellent Chemtrail/Geoengineering vid

Geoengineering Fellowship Offered at Harvard

So great to know our tax dollars are being put to good use!  "The drops, including research, cost a total of $1.5 million, with funding coming from the Department of the Interior and the Department of Defense.  The total budget nationally for the project is $8 million."
280 Poisoned Mice Dropped by Parachute in Guam to Kill Snakes

General Mills Sued Over Contaminating Soil


"Police arrived at night, they beat us up with batons and dragged us away, "But when police learned journalists were also present, the arrests did not take place, and a government mediator asked only if protesters needed bread.
Romanian Villagers Brave Police and Cold in Fracking Fight To Block US Company Chevron

Fracking Causing Earthquakes In the US

Monsanto Must Go!
Agentinian Residents Stands Up to Monsanto, Military Troops Called In

"A Few Good Men"

This Incredible Recorded Speech by JFK On Global Secret Society That Runs the World is the Only Recording I know of, Where A President Goes On Record About
This Insidious, Enormous Problem...
The President Who Told The Truth

Matt Damon Reads Howard Zinn's Awesome Speech

(This COULD Be A Good Thing)
Hackers Develop Super Drone to Hack and Hijack Other Drones

Special Thanks to YOU for reading it all and PASSING IT ON and for Articles From:  Environmental Health News, The Microwave Factor, Rob States, Deborah Taveris, Amy O'Hair, Paul Doyon, George Parker, Iris Atzmon, Jonathan Libber, Robert Reidlinger, Susan Yurychuck, Marilynne Martin, Jeremy Johnson, Barb Payne, Laddie Lawdings,