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Toni's Ride 2016

The team at ExecSuite sends our hugest Congratulations to the Toni-Kohn Woodward Foundation for another successful event. Toni's Ride 2016, Spin to End Homelessness for Young Women at Risk raised a hefty amount of donations, allowing the foundation to gift the Boys & Girls Clubs of Calgary Script Outreach Program $20,000 towards the fight against youth homelessness.  Read More about Toni's Ride.  

About TKW Foundation:

The Toni Kohn-Woodward Foundation  was set up in loving memory by the Kohn Family, and Toni's husband Stephen, to honour her passion of bringing beauty, love and light to everyone and everything she touched. Empowering young women to live their best life was a cause close to Toni's heart, and one we are deeply committed to carry on, to keep her legacy alive.

The next TKW Foundation event is set for September 15 2016. For more information on the Charity Golf Tournament in Canmore, please click here.

ExecSuite Meets GSP

Some lucky ExecSuite employees had the pleasure of meeting Georges St-Pierre at a Charity Gala for Parkinsons at the JCC.

After several photo ops and a fabulous dinner, GSP spoke to the crowd about his perseverance and what it takes to be a champion. 

The charity raised a huge amount for Parkinson's research. For more information on this charity event, please click here.
Draw Prize Winner!

ExecSuite is excited to be giving away ANOTHER $100 gift certificate to an ExecSuite guest.

As a little "Thank-you!" for sharing their experience and for helping ExecSuite to ensure we provide the best experience possible, we enter the names of each participant in a monthly draw. 
Congratulations to this month's winner: 

Andrew O.!
We are so grateful that you choose ExecSuite!  
July Office Hours

Friday, July 1 st : CLOSED

Friday, July 8th: OPEN from 7am to 12 Noon, CLOSED at noon.

Hours resume Monday, July 11 at 7am.

For Emergencies, 
call 403-294-5800
In This Month's Edition:
  • Disaster Recovery - Suites in a Pinch
  • Toni's Ride Donates $20,000
  • Fatherly Advice
  • ExecSuite Wins Renovation Award
  • ExecSuite Meets GSP
  • Winner of $100 Gift Card
  • July Office Hours
Disaster Recovery - Suites in a Pinch

The recent wildfire crisis and forced evacuation from Fort McMurray is a great example of how disaster can strike with little to no warning. These residents barely had time to pack clothes (some not at all), let alone make arrangements for where they will go, once out of the danger zone.

As re-entry into the city of Fort McMurray has begun, we can start to reflect on what we did to help, and what we could have done better. 

Corporate Housing plays a unique role in disaster recovery, a role in which, many likely don't consider.

Providing immediate accommodations with enough space for families, couples and individuals to live away from their home as comfortably as possible is a perfect example of how corporate housing plays a role during an evacuation, and even during re-entry processes. Rather than check into a hotel, evacuees were able to unpack, have a separate bedroom, and fill their kitchen with groceries.

Stress Relief ~ Displacement from one's home, let alone community, is one of the most stressful events a person or family can go through. When placed in a corporate housing suite, such as at ExecSuite, we take the pressure off by looking after the small details, so displaced guests can have more time to deal with the fallout of the evacuation. 
  • ExecSuite provides weekly housekeeping. No need to worry about cleaning supplies and keeping up with the cleaning... ExecSuite does that for you.
  • We have in-suite laundry and complimentary laundry facilities on our property. Unlike most hotels, guests launder their clothes at no additional charge.
  • Our arrival and departure rules are flexible in cases of emergencies and disasters. 
  • ExecSuite works directly with insurance companies and can bill them directly, reducing the evacuees' needs to worry about payment.
  • We have pet friendly suites, so the whole family can come along in times of emergency.

If you are ever in search of accommodations for an emergency situation, you can count on ExecSuite to provide efficient, friendly and compassionate service. Contact Us

Fatherly Adviceshereen

ExecSuite is excited to announce that our winner of the Father's Day Contest for the AeroBurner Driver and ExecSuite Titleist Golf Balls was Cara Woo! 

Cara shared some great advice from her father, and even put a spin on it with a fun poem!

"Make sure you study, 
or your chores I will double.
Be home by midnight 
and stay out of trouble!
My Dad has always given 
wise words and advice,
raising me to be respectful and nice.
On Father's Day, 
there's nothing he would love more,
than a great day of golf, 
with me yelling 'Fore!'"
We received so much great Fatherly advice that we decided to share some of them with you:
  1. "Easy as pie."
  2. "A man's measure is not by his words, but by his deeds."
  3. "Measure twice & cut once."
  4. "Education can be bought, but experience is priceless."
  5. "My dad has always helped me stop worrying by telling me, 'Don't worry about a prolem until there actually is a problem!'."
  6. "My dad always says in tough situations, 'how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.'."
  7. "Follow your heart, but take your brain with you."
  8.  "Some day.... You're gonna WISH you were bored!"


ExecSuite Wins Renovation Award

ExecSuite was honoured at the Calgary Residential Rental Association Awards Gala. 
We received the "Renovation Award 2016" for our incredible improvements at our Forest Hills property.
Special Thanks goes out to Leanne Jenkins of McDowell & Associates for her modern, forward-thinking designs. 

We also wish to thank Rob Porter of Renoback & Calgary Prestige Homes for his high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.