We are adding more new things as usual but we also noticed that so of the old standard equipment was still not be used to its full potential.   Many groups have stationary or static infrared camera systems but they are not used that often because they have problems getting the footage they have captured off of the DVR (digital video recorder)   Well that's where we  come in.   We use that same equipment and we can help you learn to use your video system as well as transfer the video clips to your computer or DVDs.    You can always get a hold of us at tech@theghosthunterstore.com or by calling 609-261-2361.     Did you know we have tech support answers to many common questions right on our website?  


In most cases all you need is a 2gb flash drive and a free video conversion software, which you can get here, and you are all set to get your video clips onto your computer.    There is still no better way to cover more locations with video than to use a DVR and multi-camera system.   We can even customize one at a discount for you!


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Custom Video Kits
This one has four Wide Spectrum Cameras but you can create any combination you want using our video kit quotation form.   We will even give you a discount on your customized kit!
Create Your Own Discount Custom Kit Here
Custom Equipment Kits
We have some pre-fab kits already on the website but you can build your own equipment set and we will give you a discounted price off the regular price of all the items you put in it.
We Have Layaway!
We know that some of this equipment is expensive and we do everything we can to reduce the prices as low as possible.   We also want to help you by offering a free layaway service so you can pay over time and in a variety of ways.  


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