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Good afternoon,

What a gorgeous day out there today!  I spent the first half of the week in Hilton Head meeting with Stadia's US Planting Team.  I had hopes it would be warm and sunny there, but alas it was rainy and cold. Who   knew the near 80 degree weather I had been hoping for this week would find me in Pittsburgh!

What a fantastic message Matt gave to us last week as we kicked off our series Advance on the life of Joshua.  I have been enjoying all the posts on social media with the hashtag #FromWildernessToWonder   some good stuff.

You know, it is important to remember our past and dream about our future as Matt pointed out to us.  But sometimes, we get so wrapped up remembering the past and anticipating the future that we forget to enjoy,   celebrate and embrace the right now!  

The Israelites had that problem too. They got so caught up remembering their past and dreaming about what they would have in the future that they forgot   about what they   already had: God's presence and provision. God is the real Promise Land. He is what we have been searching for all along. Don't miss that.

This week Matt will continue to lead us through Joshua. And as he does, I want to encourage you to read along with us. This week we will be in Joshua 6. So maybe you can take some time later today to sit   outside in the sun and read through the beginning chapters of Joshua?  I think it will help put some things in your life in perspective. I know it has for me.

I'm looking forward to hearing what Matt has for us this week! See you all on Sunday!

Toney Salva
Founding Pastor

ADVANCE: A Study of Joshua
As kids we all dream of living lives of adventure and achieving greatness.   We see ourselves full of courage as we prepare to journey through the wilderness.   When we are young it's easy to envision ourselves slaying the dragon, discovering the treasure and winning the heart of the one we desire.   But then we get older.   We get an education, a job and a mortgage, and we think, "This is enough."   And we settle.   Just like that "The American Dream" has taken a Sharpie marker to the adventure God created us for.  

What if we blew off the dust covering our sense of adventure and took our first step into the wilderness ... a wilderness that leads to a land God has promised us?   He has immeasurably more for our lives and the life of Discovery if we will only ... ADVANCE. Join us as we dig into the book of Joshua.
Toney's Final Sunday
Sunday, April 29th
Our Founding Pastor, Toney Salva, will be speaking for the final time as Lead Pastor on Sunday, April 29th.   Please make sure you join us as we honor him and his family. We will also be planning a celebration later in May (TBA).   Watch the e-update and social media for information and dates.  While the Salvas aren't moving away, and Stacie will continue to be our Children's Minister, we want to let Toney know how much we appreciate him for 15 years of leadership.
A Night to Remember (Special Needs Prom)  
Sunday, May 6  -  5 PM

Every year Discovery hosts a formal evening of dinner and dancing for friends (ages 16 to 40) in the community who have developmental, physical or mental delays and we need your help.   This year our event will be held at The Doubletree Hotel in Cranberry.   On this amazing evening special needs guests will be salon pampered and driven via limousine from here at the RLA to the to the Doubletree where they will have a chance to walk the red carpet, get their picture taken by paparazzi, eat dinner and dance the night away.   Please be in prayer for the 325 guests and 350 volunteers as we approach the date and final preparations.
A Night to Remember Volunteer Training
Sunday, April 22  - 7 PM

If you are volunteering for A Night to Remember (as a buddy or event volunteer) you are required to attend this training event at the Doubletree Hotel in Cranberry.  For questions about being a buddy, contact Jennifer Howell . For questions about being a general event volunteer, contact Beth Huffman
Shields Baby Shower
Saturday, April 28  -  10:30 AM
At Discovery we throw showers for first-time moms.   If you know a mom who is expecting her first child, please let us know.   One such mom is, Candace Shields.   Please mark your 'flap' on Sunday if you can join us - we will be meeting at the home of Tanisha Faber.   Candace is having a girl and is registered at Target. Questions? Please contact Andrea Walker.  
Child Dedication 
Sunday, May 13 (Mother's Day)  *  Both Services
Child Dedication is an act that allows parents to say before a community of people, "I am committed to doing my part to help my child discover the love of God that is offered in Jesus Christ."  If you want to dedicate your young child, please mark your 'flap' on Sunday, indicating how many children you would like to dedicate and their ages.  Questions? Please contact the church office.
CIY Move Conference  (Graduating 8th -12th Grades) 
June 18 - 23
Registration this Tuesday, April 17
Students graduating from 8th-12th grades in 2018 will be headed to the Christ in Youth (CIY) Move Conference on Monday, June 18 through Saturday, June 23. The conference is held at Hope College in Holland, Michigan.  This is a high school only event!   Register by April 17th here.  Additional information is available here or for questions, contact Alex.
CIY Mix Conference (Graduating 5th -7th Grades) 
June 24 - 28
Registration this Tuesday, April 17
Students graduating from 5th-7th grades in 2018 will be headed to the Christ in Youth (CIY) Mix Conference on Sunday, June 24 through Thursday, June 28.  The conference is held at Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio. This is a junior high only event! Register here by April 17th.  Additional conference information is available at ciy.com/mix or for questions, contact Alex.
Serve This City  (Grades 6-12)  
Saturday, April 28  -  8:30 AM
We have a group of students that will be heading to World Vision to help serve this city by partnering with organizations right here that have a global impact.  We will prepare, sort, and pack donations. No special skills are required, just a heart to serve.  We will meet in Cranberry at 8:30 AM and return at 12:30 PM. To sign up to attend or for more information, please mark your 'flap"'on Sunday or contact Alex.  This event is limited to 15.
Discovery on Mission 
One of the main goals of Journey Groups is to serve together to connect more and more people with Jesus.   While all Journey Groups engage in serving, this group is highly committed to consistently helping others throughout our community.   Each visit we'll engage in different projects and objectives to serve others throughout the year in local missions.If you would like more information, or to be a part of this group mark your "flap" on Sunday or contact is Nick Ranjan.
Coping to Thriving (Special Needs Support Group) 
Monday, April 16 -  6:30 PM
Through events like A Night to Remember and A Day to Remember, we celebrate kids, men, and women in our community who are sometimes overlooked due to a variety of special needs.   We want to continue to serve that community on a regular basis by providing a space for parents of special needs children to encourage and learn from one another.   Many families are simply coping with their unique challenges, but we want to help them start to thrive.   If you'd like to learn more, contact Tracy Mahmoud.  
Discovery Unrestricted Group
Every 2nd & 4th Monday of the Month                   
We all have hurts, hang-ups, and habits that we wish we could shake. From battles with mental illness, addictions, difficult relationships, and other deep wounds, this is a group centered on authenticity, encouragement, and practical steps as we journey toward freedom, coping, and healing.   For every aching heart needing to know Gods love and grace: this is for you.   This group meets every 2 nd and 4 th Monday each month and is led by Tanisha Faber and Mike Fullerton.   To sign up, or for more information, please contact Tanisha Faber.
Prayer Requests             
If you have a prayer request that you would like the prayer team to pray for,  please mark the 'flap' on Sunday or email your request. Let us know if you would like your request to remain anonymous.  If you would like to be added to the list of people who receives and prays for requests each week, please email us and we will add you to the prayer updates.
April Calendar
15     Pre-Baptism Classes (Grades 3-5)
16     Coping to Thriving
18     Women's Bible Study
19     Men's Bible Study
21     Power Recovery Visit
22     Pre-Baptism Classes (Grades 3-5), A Night to Remember
23     Discovery Unrestricted
28     Serve This City (Grades 6-12), Shields Baby Shower
29     Toney's Final Sunday

May Calendar 
  6     A Night to Remember Special Needs Event 
13     Child Dedication (Mother's Day) 
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