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Wow. Just wow.

I knew that Discovery Christian Church was an amazing group of people, but until last Sunday I had no idea just how amazing. The entire day I felt God was opening my eyes to different snapshots of His Kingdom becoming a reality on earth through you. Many of you were the hands and feet of Jesus as you served long hours making sure that every guest at A Night to Remember had the time of their lives. The planning and preparation for the execution of the event was outstanding. Janie and I couldn't stop telling everyone we know about what you did in the name of Jesus! If you were not able to make it this year, make sure you to be a part of it next year. 

This morning my boys and I were studying about the parable of The Great Banquet in Luke 14. Basically, it's about the party in Heaven that God is throwing and He sends out His servants (US) with arm loads of invitations to pass out to everyone they know. Some make excuses and don't come to the party, but others accept with joy and enter the never-ending celebration. My sons and I talked about how God has brought many people into our lives through our work, classroom, baseball team, neighborhood, family, etc. and how we want to be servants of God who can't stop passing out invitations to the most epic party ever!

One easy way you can extend LOTS of invitations is by simply sharing Discovery's "At The Movies" video on your Facebook page and writing something like: "My church is starting a new series this Sunday and it's going to be awesome! I'll be at the 9:30/11:00 service and would love for you to sit with me. Message me if you'd like to come with me. We have great programs for kids of all ages too!" That's it! 

God has BIG things in store for Discovery and I can't wait to experience them together!

Yours & His,
Matt Mehaffey
At The Movies: Superheros
Beginning This Sunday, May 13 
Fifteen years ago, Discovery started in a Movie Theater, and years later we still can't shake our love for film. Every year, we pay homage to those early days by looking at some of the biggest or the best movies of the year, the stories they tell, and our stories alongside the story of God. This year we're focusing on the Superhero universes, finding important biblical truths in those epic conflicts and heroic characters.
Celebrating Toney 
Next Sunday, May 20  *  3 PM 
We will celebrate Toney's 15 years of leadership and legacy at Discovery on Sunday, May 20th from 3-6 PM.  We hope you can join us for light snacks, games, and opportunities to reflect on your favorite Discovery moments.  Watch your email and social media for additional information.  While the Salvas are not moving away, we want to let Toney know how much we appreciate him.  Mark your calendar and join us for this special moment in the life of our community.
Pizza with the Pastors
Sunday, May 27   *  12:15 PM   
If you are new to Discovery, we invite you to join the pastors and their families for pizza immediately following the second service right at the RLA. This is just an informal time to get to know the pastors of Discovery a little bit better and for them to get to know you! You can feel free to ask questions, or just enjoy lunch...together. We will have pizza, salad and drinks.  Please mark your 'flap' on Sunday and let us know if you would like to attend. Questions?  Please contact the church office.
Next Steps with Matt
Sunday, June 3  *  12:15 PM 
If you are interested in finding out more about being a follower of Jesus or about what membership at Discovery is all about, we invite you to attend this class.  We will meet in room 2219 after the second service and will provide a lunch of pizza, salad and drinks. Childcare will be provided.  To sign up, mark your "flap" on Sunday or for questions,  please contact the church office.
Move Up Sunday
Sunday, June 10

Graduation time is almost here!  Students entering grades KDG - 12 will move up to their next grade in their classes at Discovery too!  Students entering KDG will move into the K-2 class, students entering 3rd grade will move to Shift and, students entering 6th grade will move to Fuel which takes place during 2nd service. Elementary age students need to be checked in by an adult each week for their classes.  Questions? Please contact Stacie for grades K-2, Travis for grades 3-6 and Alex for grades 6+.
Ultimate Frisbee  
Mondays * 6:30 PM
We'll be playing pick-up, co-ed ultimate Frisbee at Cranberry Community Park (behind Fun Fore All off Rt. 19, follow the signs for the Dog Park) on Mondays from 6:30-8 PM.  It's fun, it's free, and anyone can play...and like all Discovery events, we encourage you to bring a friend!  Wear running attire, bring your own water and feel free to bring the kiddos to play on the playground too.  If you would like to be a part of this group mark your "flap" on Sunday or if you have questions, please contact Scott Faber.
Discovery Unrestricted Group
Monday, May 14 * 7 PM 
We all have hurts, hang-ups, and habits that we wish we could shake. From battles with mental illness, addictions, difficult relationships, and other deep wounds, this is a group centered on authenticity, encouragement, and practical steps as we journey toward freedom, coping, and healing.   For every aching heart needing to know Gods love and grace: this is for you.   This group meets every 2 nd and 4 th Monday each month and is led by Tanisha Faber and Mike Fullerton.   To sign up, or for more information, please contact Tanisha Faber.
Coping to Thriving (Special Needs Support Group) 
Monday, May 21 * 6:30 PM
Through events like A Night to Remember and A Day to Remember, we celebrate kids, men, and women in our community who are sometimes overlooked due to a variety of special needs.   We want to continue to serve that community on a regular basis by providing a space for parents of special needs children to encourage and learn from one another.   Many families are simply coping with their unique challenges, but we want to help them start to thrive.   If you'd like to learn more, contact Tracy Mahmoud.  
Summer Study for Women
Lessons in Gentleness  
Thursdays, Beginning on June 28  *  7PM 
Being gentle is not being weak.  It is intentional, it is holding your tongue sometimes, it is doing that good thing that you don't feel like doing.  It takes strength.  We all have a gentle streak in us, but it must be cultivated.  We will study stories of individuals who were gentle in un-gentle circumstances.  We will meet from 7-8:30 PM through August 16th at Venango Trails (near the RLA). Fun childcare will be provided.  Please mark your "flap" on Sunday if interested.  Questions?  Contact Debbie Harrington.  Bring a Bible and a friend.
May Calendar 
12     Discovery on Mission at His Place 
13     Child Dedication (Mother's Day)
14     Discovery Unrestricted, Ultimate Frisbee   
16     Women's Bible Study 
17     Men's Bible Study 
19     Power Recovery Visit 
20     Celebrating Toney Open House 
21     Coping to Thriving  
27     Pizza with the Pastors
June Calendar  
  3     Next Steps with Matt
28     Summer Study for Women Begins
18     CIY Move (Grades 9-12)
24     CIY Mix (Grades 6-8) 
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