This Week at Fuel
This Sunday!
We are continuing our series Reality Show.  This will be our final week and I want to see you there! This past week Melissa challenged us to choose an attitude at the start of the day, have you been?  When walking into school, what attitude are you choosing?  When walking into your house, what attitude are you choosing?  When interacting with your family, what attitude are you choosing?  Can't wait to see you this week as we continue this series!


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Sports Schedule
Please if you have not send us your sports schedule.  We want to come to your games and cheer you on!  But we need to know when they are!  Send it to Melissa Adamson at  that would be great.

Remember we Moved Classrooms!
Last week was our first week in our new classroom and it was incredible!  An xbox one, ice cream, and do not forget about the extra room that we had!  This is going to be where we meet from now on!  I have still attached the map incase you forgot.  The red star is where we were, the black star is where moved too.  If you forget do not worry we have signs posted to remind you on Sunday morning.

09.07 .17
Current Series

Quick Dates

09.03 // Reality Show Week 3


Please send in your sports team schedules!