This Week at Fuel
This Sunday!
Whats going on students!  Hope that you guys are doing great!  This Sunday we are kicking off a new series called "Stuck".  What is the stickiest thing you can think of?  Peanut Butter?  Syrup?  Molasses?  Imagine an entire pool full of it, there is no way you could move in a pool filled with Peanut Butter!  What about our lives, what part just feels stuck?  In this series, we'll discover that God's heart is for us to live free from the things that keep us stuck.  We'll see that God has the power to get us unstuck and move us forward in the story He's writing for our lives.  Its going to be a great week!  So we will see you this Sunday up in the FUEL classroom!


Coolspring Corn Maze!
STUDENTS!!! Grab your flannel, oversized sweater, and various pumpkin flavored things as we head up to Coolspring Corn Maze in Mercer to conquer PA's biggest corn maze!  Not only that, but they have additional activities we will do, such as a Mechanical Bull Riding, Pumpkin Blaster, and a Hay Ride!  You do not want to miss this event AND you do not want to come alone, bring a friend!

You must register at where you can get additional details or you can email Alex at

Remember we Moved Classrooms!
Last week was our first week in our new classroom and it was incredible!  An xbox one, ice cream, and do not forget about the extra room that we had!  This is going to be where we meet from now on!  I have still attached the map incase you forgot.  The red star is where we were, the black star is where moved too.  If you forget do not worry we have signs posted to remind you on Sunday morning.

10.05 .17

Quick Dates

10.08 // Stuck week 1

10.29 // Coolspring Corn Maze