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Whats up guys! 

SUMMER IS HERE!  Because of Fathers Day and me going to CIY MIX we will not be meeting until July 2nd.  However we will be doing events in-between now and then so you need to be keeping attention to these emails.  

Be following us on social media!  We now have an Instagram.  Be sure to be following us to get all the current info.  Don't worry we are #TeamFollowBack

Alex Scott

Beat the heat

I love 2 things, ice cream & more ice cream.  So next Thursday, the 22 at 2pm we will be going to the Dairy Queen ( 200 Adams Shoppes, Mars, PA 16046).  Come on out to hang and eat some ice cream.  Be sure to invite friends!!

Dates at a Glance    
06.22.17 - Dairy Queen Hangout
07.02.17- Regular Riot Resumes

06.15 .17