April 4, 2018
Distance Re-Certification Process for SwimAbilities ® Instructors
The Lifesaving Society has a distance re-certification process for SwimAbilities Instructors.
SwimAbilities Instructors must complete a distance re-certification process every two years (from the date of certification or last recertification). The distance re-certification process requires that you review and complete the Lifesaving Society Distance Recertification Process whereby you will provide your contact information, read, understand and agree to general conditions and Instructor re-certification conditions that apply to you as a SwimAbilities Instructor. The Instructor re-certification condition includes the completion of a self-assessment for the level of competency applicable to your Instructor certification(s) (SwimAbilities Instructor are Level 2) and creating or updating your development plan identifying goals for professional development. These forms do NOT get sent to the Society, they are for your reference and use only.
The Leadership Competency Assessment Forms and Leadership Development Plan can both be found on our website under Find A Form - Leadership.
Complete the online Distance Recertification Process including payment and once processed the Society will mail your certification to card to you.
If you have any questions please contact the Lifesaving Society at (780) 415-1755 or email experts@lifesaving.org

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