Dreamhealer Newsletter                                 January 16, 2017

I am excited to announce that I will be able to provide initial visits to oncology patients who are unable to physically travel to my clinical practice in Vancouver, BC. I regularly receive requests from people interested in integrative cancer care who are unable to make it to my clinic. I will now be able to provide care to these patients on a limited basis 
via phone, Skype or FaceTime only .

The distant initial visit (via phone, Skype or FaceTime) is the same as an in-person appointment, we will go through the entire case history and develop a detailed integrative oncology plan.  Energy healing is not included in the initial visit and not offered to all patients.  After taking a complete medical history and developing a Naturopathic protocol in the initial appointment, I will then decide with the patient if it is appropriate to include energy healing into the treatment plan. Naturopathic medicine is the primary focus of my practice, not energy medicine.

Due to overwhelming demand, any bookings for distant initial visits must be done by email. Click here for more information on how to book an appointment. 

Dr. Adam McLeod is Accepting New Patients!

Dr. Adam McLeod, Dreamhealer
Dr. Adam McLeod is accepting new patients at his Integrative oncology practice located at Yaletown Naturopathic Clinic in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 

Please note Dr. McLeod is only accepting cancer patientsIf you are interested in booking an appointment please send an email to:
info@yaletownnaturopathic.com or call 604-235-8068

You can find more information about the clinic and Dr. McLeod's practice at:
Presentation at Healing Touch Association of Canada 2017

Dr. Adam McLeod will be presenting at the Healing Touch Association of Canada (HTAC) General Conference on Saturday, April 29, 2017 in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

Here is a direct link to the event registration: Creating the Wave 2017

At this presentation he will breakdown the science of healing with intentions to make it easier to tap into this innate healing tool that we all possess. He will provide attendees with practical tools that can be used to enhance daily self-care and how you can incorporate your intuition into your healing practice. There is no group healing session at this lecture.

For more information on the event you can visit their website 

Please note this event is organized through the HTAC so please contact them directly if you have any questions, Dreamhealer is not responsible for registration or event information.

Stay tuned for future Dreamhealer workshop announcements!
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