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PPAI was well represented at the Marine Corps Historic 1/2 Marathon in Washington.

What's REALLY Important?
In this video my good friend
Rod Brown shares what
his business success
has allowed him to do.
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Don't Be Afraid Ask Questions...
Don't be afraid to ask questions! In this issues resource article, we offer some information on how a timeless business strategy will still earn you the business.

Good business is about meeting the needs of our clients. We need to be positioned to effectively communicate how we are able to meet those needs. Check out  Do You Know What You are Missing?

Our new E-Newsletter template is now mobile optimized. FreePromoTips.com and our NEW video site, YourPromotionSolution.com is also mobile friendly. Mobile and Video is hot!

Addressing mobile and video, we came across a program that is quite interesting. It enables you to cost effectively use video AND also sell video to your clients for under $200.00 on an "A" margin. Learn more here. 
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Coupon Gatefold

ID Line
Window Badges

Southern Plus  Horizon Tote


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GP2 Silver 400
(With End-User Safe Video You Can Share) 

(With End-User Safe Video You Can Share) 

(With End-User Safe Video You Can Share)

(With End-User Safe Video You Can Share)

(With End-User Safe Video You Can Share)

Zen Line from SnugZ USA!
Soap, Essential Oils, Candles & Bath Salts
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Learn more in this wacky video!

The 5 Biggest Time Wasters
in Promotional Products Sales...
One of the biggest ways distributors waste time is performing tasks that shouldn't be done at all. In this post, David Blaise reveals 5 of the biggest time wasters.

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Distributors and Suppliers...
Do You Know What You are Missing?
Sometimes we just miss the obvious. We are SO busy doing what we are accustomed to doing we miss opportunities. Communication methods are changing SO fast we just can't keep up with them.

We don't have the time to learn anything new.
What we have been doing has worked pretty well for the past several years...so why do anything different?

Clck here for the rest of this riveting commentary!

FreePromoTips.com is a PPAI Award Winning communication program.
Through a comprehensive, independent analysis of industry influencers, FreePromoTips came up #13 out of close to 2500 who were evaluated. Information on the study and a listing of the Top 25 can be found here

Our multi-faceted, relationship focused communication style benefits distributors
and suppliers in the promotional marketing industry. You can see suppliers products in our GP2: Good Products section and end-user safe videos that can easily be shared on the YourPromotionSolution.com website.

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Jeff Solomon, MAS
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