District 4-C6 Lions
September 2012
Vol 1, Issue 1

Tope-Newsletter of Lions District 4-C6  

Governor and President
Prior to the start of the International Convention in Busan, Korea, I had an opportunity to exchange ideas with other Governor Elects from around the world as we learned more about our job responsibilities in leading a district to "new heights".  Since serving as Cabinet Secretary, 2nd and 1st VDG, I have participated in numerous training opportunities locally, MD4 level, California Leadership Forums, USA/Canada Forums and of course International Conventions.  Thus, I believe I am prepared to serve as District 4-C6 Governor during our 50th year.  I look forward to serving with you and working together for a common good.


The Lab Report - DG Bob Ferber

DG Bob Ferber

 One of the areas of emphasis for 2012-2013 learned at the convention was a program to eliminate illiteracy.  "The Reading Action Program" is outlined in the July-August Lions Magazine.  This is a program all clubs can adopt.  For example, reading to school children; recording books for those visually-impaired individuals wanting to hear a story, or donating books to libraries, pre-schools etc.  What a difference we can make in the lives of youth.


I believe our Lion's future is in our youth, so join with me to help establish a Leo Club in every Club in the District. Join with me to promote a District that is an innovator in the area of youth programs and service. Help build upon the concept that several clubs working together can produce better fundraisers and greater "SERVICE" that will strengthen our communities.


One of the ways to provide more service in the community is to increase our club membership.  LCI continues to remind all Lions about the importance of increasing Club membership. An increase provides additional hands to help those in need.  Contact PCST and GMT Chair, Jean Westcott or any member of the Membership Team for creative ideas for membership growth.  Let's begin the journey together fueled with the knowledge we can have fun while we "serve" the community!


Our District is revving their engines under the chief mechanic instructor, GLT Leader, PDG Steve Brown.  President Wayne Madden, from Indiana, can use our District as an example to illustrate the training opportunities available locally.  Make it a point to attend a session, and be part of the new opportunities to help your club fine-tune their engine!


Finally, just as the world is changing, so must Lions.  Every Lion can be a difference.  Contact me, 1st VDG Jim, or 2nd VDG Karen for assistance.  Let's keep those engines fine-tuned so we can make it to the next pit stop safely!  See you at the Annual Lions Leadership Forum being held in Milpitas on November 3, and of course at the November 10th Cabinet Meeting.  



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Message from 1st Vice District Governor Jim "Goody" Goodheart

2012-2013 is off to a busy start. I enjoyed the District Installation in Morgan Hill and was pleasantly surprised by the pancake breakfast at the 1st Cabinet Meeting. I have been travelling with the Governor as he makes his visitations. So far the reception has been very positive, thank you all for your hospitality. I am absolutely amazed by the number and spirit of our new young members in San Jose Host, San Martin, Cabrillo and Almaden Super. Keep up the good work. We need more hands to provide service to our communities.


I think one of our retention issues can be solved by urging our new Lions to participate in some of the Leadership training we have available.  


On November 3rd District C6 is hosting the Lions Leadership Forum  and it is so close and convenient in Milpitas. Scheduled to be presenters are some of the USA and Canada Leadership Forum veterans including Past International President Bill Biggs, Past International Director Dana Biggs, Past District Governor Carl Burson, PDG Clare Crawford, PID Bill and PDG Julie Crawford, our own PRC and Texas Lion Hugh Donagher, PDG Jeff Roundy, PID Dr Patti Hill from Edmonton - eh, PDG Ken Ibarra and Lion Amy Fink (if Lion Ken can tear himself away from Facebook long enough to attend), PID Steve Shearer, MD4's own ID Robert Smith, PID Dave Stoufer (all the way from Iowa), and PDG Rachel Nicola (also from Iowa). I saved my favorite for the last. PCC Polly Voon from MD19, British Columbia, and the General Chair of this year's USA Canada Leadership Forum in Tampa. She has been involved in teaching District Governors Elect as well as Lions generally for as long as I can remember. 


We are so lucky to have these facilitators and the years of experience they represent right here in our own back yard. You might ask, "What will it cost me to attend this Leadership Forum?" All of this nurturing experience is yours for $70 and about and eight hours of your time.


If you can't make the local forum, then from the 19th to the 21st of January you may attend the 3-day MD4 Leadership Institute at the Harris Ranch Conference Center.  Enjoy great training, good food and an unforgettable aroma only $250, including all training, lodging and meals.


In closing, I hope to see you at one of these training opportunities. Make time to attend and send your 1st Vice Presidents and Secretaries.


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Message from 2nd Vice District Governor Karen Fillmore
Karen Fillmore

Hello 4-C6 Lions, I must tell you it has been so fun being able to do Governor visitations with our Gov Bob and 1st VDG Goody to some of your clubs and hear about many interesting and rewarding community activities our clubs are doing. I hope many of you are able to do visitations to other clubs and learn from each other.  Don't forget to invite new potential members to some of our district clubs activities. 


We are starting our first ever College Campus Club at SJSU. How exciting for our District to be involved in building one of the first College Campus's in Northern Calif. Contact our Lion District Campus chair Jim Thrall if you know of any student attending SJSU who wants to be part of this new venture.


Recently I returned from a trip to New York and attended the US Tennis Open . The tennis players showed so much drive and determination to play their very best against many different obstacles; extreme heat, high humidity, winds, and some playing with injuries, plus rain that caused hours of delays.  It reminded me of how we as Lions are committed to serving and doing our very best to help others even when there are many obstacles to overcome.


I also had an opportunity to see the 9/11 Memorial site where so many people lost their lives and where many people all over the world had a hand in helping to rebuild this part of New York City to make sure those whose lives were lost (in not only the Twin Towers, but also the airline flights) would never be forgotten. The memorial area is beautiful and so touching to see and to remember all the innocent victims of this horrifying attack that affected millions. The memorial brings hope to all and honors the memories of those who were lost. There is a special tree that is on the memorial grounds that is referred to as the Survivor Tree as it was uprooted, but through lots of love and care, survives. It demonstrates survival and resilience and is another example of keeping Hope Alive. What a great idea that our immediate past International president Tam had to suggest the planting of trees for our environment.  Perhaps someone heard about his tree project and went all out to save this special tree.  Tam's idea to plant 1 million trees has now turned into over 15 million trees planted. We should all keep thinking of ways to Serve and build Hope to those less fortunate and never underestimate the power of one idea.


We are a strange lot to spend so many hours doing endless hours of volunteer work to help others, but the rewards are overwhelmingly satisfying and endless. We have many leaders in our district and many Lions developing into our potential leaders. Please encourage them to attend some of our leadership opportunities and don't forget to utilize the Lionsclubs.org website to gather lots of resource information as well as training.

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District 4-C6 Installation of Officers
"The Best is Yet to Come" in 2012-2013
Gov. Bob and First Lady Lois
Click image for slide show
Lions Clubs International News
Lion magazine
The entire LION Magazine is online, and the digital LION includes e-mail links, web links and links to advertisers. Click here to read the magazine in English, or read other online versions available in various languages. 
LION Magazine is dedicated to promoting the "We Serve" philosophy that Lions around the world demonstrate every day.

LCI Monthly Membership Netcasts

Beginning this fiscal year, the Extension and Membership Division will be conducting monthly Netcasts on important membership topics every fourth Wednesday of the month. Netcasts are Web-based forums designed to be interactive. Lions are able to ask questions of the panelists and share success stories of their own. The goal is to provide an opportunity for Lions to learn and motivate each other. We encourage you to pass along this information to your club members and promote their participation.

Netcasts will be recorded and posted on the LCI Web site. Below is the schedule of upcoming Netcasts. Space is limited so register today!


Sept 26, 2012
5pm- 6pm




  • Preparing for October Growth
  • Share your Lions story: "When did you join Lions and why are you still a member?"
  • PID Yamandu Acosta (US)
  • PID Terry Graham (Canada)
  • Lion Carol Alderson (Australia)

USA Canada Leadership Forum
Countdown to Tampa 2012
September 13-15

Whether you're looking for seminars, webinars or leadership styles, you're sure to find it at the 36th annual USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum. The seminars committee has put together over 75 seminars for you to take part in but the only way to take advantage will be for you to register for the forum in Tampa.
You will have opportunities to exchange ideas with Lions
throughout North America--ideas that can have an immediate impact on your club.


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Third Annual Lions Leadership Forum
Lions Leadership Forum Logo

If you are unable to attend the Lions USA Canada Forum in Tampa Bay, Fl, please plan on attending the Third Annual Lions Leadership Forum.  Open to all Lions and friends who want to learn about leadership and service in our community.


Saturday 3 November 2012

8:00am to 5:00pm

Milpitas Community Center and Milpitas City Hall

457 East Calaveras Boulevard, Milpitas, CA


Cost is $70.00 (Early bird registration until 10/15/12)

Includes breakfast, snacks, and lunch 


The Best Speakers to 

Inspire, Educate, and Entertain You !

Click here to view past Forum Proceedings


Questions ? Go to lionsleadershipforum.org

Gary C Wong
Lions Leadership Forum Chair

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LEO logo The LEOs of District 4-C6 decided that last year's event was a great success and have agreed to plan another for October 27th at James Lick High School in San Jose. The format will be similar to last year's and the LEOs will be meeting on September 26th at Cupertino High School to finalize the sessions and trainers.


This year's Academy will include lunch for the participants as well as a session following lunch to either plan a project or perform one! Registration will open at 8:30 am, "Welcome" at 9 am and the first sessions will start promptly at 9:30 am. Current plan is for the day to end by 4 pm. More to follow after September 26th.


If your LEOs Club Officers would like to be part of the planning session on September 26th, please let them know to be at the high school by 6:15 for a planning session to happen from 6:30-8:30 pm.  We will have a session for all Lions interested in starting a LEOs Club during lunch.  All LEOs and LIONS planning to attend MUST RSVP to LEO Chairs Bob & Val Long no later than Monday October 22nd.


HUGE thank-you to the Carmel Host Lions Club for their very generous donation to the District which will allow this Academy to be even better than last year!

Contact IPDG Liz Crooke for more information.


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Lions for Hope
Lions for Hope

The 6th annual Walk for Hope was held on August 26 in downtown San Jose.  It was the first ever "virtual" walk, meaning team captain Linda Pugliese chose the date and location.  The Lions for Hope team has raised over $50,000 over the previous five years of raising money for research and treatment programs for Women's Cancers at City of Hope.  

Raffle tickets will be sold until the drawing in October to help us reach our goal of $5,000 this year.  Raffle prizes include two orchestra seat tickets to the Lion King at the Orpheum in San Francisco.  Other prizes are:
  • $100 gift certificate to Nordstroms
  • $100 gift certificate to The Grill
  • Two $25 gift certificates to Maggiano's
  • Tickets to SF Zoo and SF Aquarium
  • Two tickets to Oakland A's 2013
  • Bratz and Moxie Girls Hope "Bald" Dolls
Contact team members for tickets.  There is still time to donate to your favorite team member.  Clubs - register as a team member and donate under your name.  Clubs participating are:  Almaden Super, Freedom, Milpitas Executive, Mission Trail, SJ East Valley, SJ North Valley Scales of Justice, Sunnyvale Host, SJ Japantown.  There should be 100% participation in support of City of Hope, a District Lions sanctioned project. 
Fundraising is ongoing until November 4th.  Every year Lions for Hope has come in second behind Gallo - this is the year to be No. 1 and Beat Gallo!  
WE'RE ALL IN.  Are You?
Lions for Hope 2012
Lions for Hope 2012
Club News
Corn Feed

Gilroy Corn Feed

And the winner is . . . Mission Trail of Carmel! It was a close contest but they won the trophy this year.  


Back Packs for Kids
Back Packs for Kids

Lions Clubs from all over the district participated in Back Packs for Kids.

Sunnyvale Host Anniversary

Sunnyvale Host Lions Club celebrated its 80th anniversary at their Annual Family BBQ.  Congratulations!

Upcoming Events
For club events, post and view on the District website, www.lions4c6.org.
September 13-15, 2012
October 4, 2012
  • Membership Orientation Seminar for Regions 1, 2 and 3
October 5, 2012 
October 6-7, 2012
  • White Cane Days
October 27, 2012
November 3, 2012  
November 10, 2012
  • Cabinet Meeting, Prunedale Grange Hall
  • District Peace Poster Contest, Prunedale Grange
February 8, 2013  
July 5, 2013 


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