District 84’s
Epic Finish Membership Incentive
It’s the Final Leg of our District 84 Run For The Roses challenge. You, your clubs, and our entire district have been working hard to serve our fellow members in pursuit of the Winners’ Circle and we are poised to have a tremendous Toastmasters Year. The District 84 Epic Finish Membership Incentive will help us all achieve an EPIC FINISH for our clubs.

Phenomenal Prizes

How does winning a Free VIP Registration to the Fall Conference sound? How about also winning a free hotel stay for the conference? Our membership building challenge offers you the chance to win that prize.

Membership Recruitment

Help find new members for your club. Befriend a visitor, encouraging them to become a member. Help your club win the Run For The Roses club incentives. Win Great Prizes for yourself.

As you recruit members, track your recruitment activity in the Sponsor of New, Reinstated, or Dual Member section of the New Member application. Qualify by sponsoring four or more new members in the month of June. We all qualify with our District finishing Distinguished or higher.
WIN - Grand Prize

The qualifying member with the highest number of sponsored members (YOU, If you help your club by recruiting!) will win one VIP Registration for the upcoming District 84 Fall Conference which will include your Friday and Saturday night hotel room.

PLACE - Runners Up Prizes

The qualifying members with the second and third highest number of sponsored members will win one regular registration for the upcoming District 84 Fall Conference.

SHOW - Qualify to Win!

Any member who qualifies by sponsoring four or more new members in the month of June without winning the Grand Prize or Runner Up Prize will win a $10 Toastmasters International Gift Certificate.
It’s Time for an EPIC FINISH!
Help your clubs grow and achieve Distinguished Status. Excite your entire club with the energy of NEW MEMBERS! Help your non-Toastmasters friends become Toastmasters and learn and grow as you have. Win Great Prizes!
Toastmaster D84 Club Growth Director
Measurement, Requirement, and Timing
  • Measured by the Membership Building Program For Individuals on the Toastmasters International website and as the difference in Total Sponsored Members from the report ending May 31 and the report ending June 30.
  • Qualifying Requirements: An individual member must have sponsored 4 or more new members in the month of June. District 84 must end the year Distinguished for all incentive payments
  • Note; it is highly likely that the reports will be delayed and we will not know winners until August.
  • Ties broken by random draw