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February 3, 2017
A Message from Council Member
Pete Meitzner...
As we enter the second month of the year, I wanted to share some updates that I often get questioned about.   I want to remind you the East Kellogg activity is moving fast; re-routed traffic, temporary turn signals, left-turns temporarily prohibited.  Very soon, east bound traffic will be moved to the farthest north part of East Kellogg.  When this happens, the center area of Kellogg will be totally vacated, and the real work will begin.  You can always be updated at www.eastkelloggimprovements.com.

I also get questioned about neighborhood and arterial street maintenance.   The City Council voted to use $10 million from the sale of the Hyatt to dedicate to neighborhood streets over the next three years.   Click here to view the map that is available to show the impact, as we will end up repairing or replacing 41% of the neighborhood asphalt streets with this funding, which is in addition to the $8 million dedicated each year for repairs through the Outsourced Pavement Preservation Program (OP3). 
The City is also embarking on a Traffic Signalization Program to improve and better coordinate the traffic signals. This will help combat some congestion and improve commute times.  The informative press release, which helps explain the locations and time line in the coming months, can be found here.  

Finally, I want to give my personal thanks to a small group of District 2 citizens, Sam Lindeman, David Stark, and David Creveling. These gentlemen went on their own time to Topeka to provide testimony to a Senate committee regarding blight.   Although blight is not a large scale problem in District 2, when it does happen, the impact is very negative to the property owners adjacent to the blight. They have fought an abandoned and blighted house in their neighborhood for over 20 years.  Blight is a city-wide issue that many cities in our state, both large and small, fight for many years and we are hopeful that some reform will be passed during this legislative session. 

Have a great weekend!

Pete Meitzner
Wichita City Council
District II Council Member
Ph: 316.268.4331
East Kellogg Improvements Update
   The Kellogg & Webb Project is nearing the end of the second phase of construction as the east side of Webb Road and the south frontage road, east of Webb, are essentially complete.  The next major work will be the north frontage road and the west side of Webb.
The second East Kellogg improvement project, between Greenwich and K-96, began in September and is administered by the KTA. The first phase of the project, utility relocation, is nearing completion. Major work on Kellogg, between Zelta and K-96, will begin soon with the installation of two large drainage boxes and reconstruction of the eastbound bridge crossing the Turnpike.
Traffic impacts include:
  • No left turns allowed at Kellogg/US 54 and Webb Road for any direction.
  • Kellogg speed limit reduced to 40 mph between Cypress and 143rd Streets, and Webb Road speed limit reduced to 30 mph in the construction zone for the remainder of the project.
  • Individual lane closures along Greenwich north of Kellogg.
  • Temporary lane closures on eastbound and westbound Kellogg, east of Zelta. 
  • Lane changes at Webb and Corporate Hills, north of Kellogg, for intersection improvements; watch for tight right turn at Corporate Hills for southbound travelers on Webb.
  • Access to and from the Kansas Turnpike at the Kellogg toll plaza remains open, however is via eastbound Kellogg only. All left turns at Webb Road are prohibited, so drivers will need to use U-turn lanes 1/2 mile east of Webb on Kellogg and the U-turn lane at Rock Road. This is a result of the demolition of the KTA bridge over Kellogg near Webb Road.
Click here to stay up-to-date on East Kellogg construction or via Twitter at @E54ict.
Improved Traffic Signalization Program
During Mayor Longwell's weekly briefing on Thursday, Feb 2, Public Works & Utilities Director Alan King provided details of the Traffic Signal Optimization Project designed to combat congestion, support clean air and improve commute times. The project will include:
  • Evaluating arterial corridor signals on Central from Hillside to 127th Street; and Rock Road, from Lincoln to 37th Street; new timing plans for each of corridor will be implemented late spring or early summer, providing more efficient travel and less delay.
  • Evaluating signals in the Central Business District, which will include determining equipment needs for each intersection and developing a communications network based on traffic data; and approximately 100 replaced traffic signal controllers in the downtown area, with new timing and coordination plans implemented. Improvements will include pedestrian push buttons and vehicle detection equipment that provide more efficient travel and safer pedestrian interaction. Work should largely be completed by fall.
The City has added $500,000 to the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) budget to address better signalization. King said travel and traffic delay times across the city are some of the lowest in the country, with a trip across town averaging less than 20 minutes. Comparing traffic to similar-sized cities, Wichita ranks 29th out of 101 for lowest traffic delay.
"Still, we focus on reducing traffic delays, primarily through technology, regular maintenance and better reporting-response efforts," King said. "We're doing better but we want to improve."
Citizens can help by reporting problems with traffic signals through www.wichita.gov or the Wichita Report app. Dial 911 for traffic signal issues that could impact safety. Dial 942-4482 (WICHITA) to report traffic signal issues causing delays during normal business hours and call 268-4013 to report such issues after business hours.
"Maintenance is key to keeping the traffic signals operating properly," King said. "We have more than 500 signalized intersections across the City, and we rely on public input regarding problem areas."
Heart Healthy Diet Info
What is a Heart Healthy Diet?
The American Heart Association has long been known for its dietary recommendations for a healthy heart. In honor of American Heart Month, learn more about what it means to eat heart-healthy foods and how changing some habits at the grocery store can make a long-lasting impact on your overall health and well-being.  A nutrition specialist will share tips, strategies and recipes to put you on track for life.  Registration is required, beginning Jan. 26; call 688-9361 or register online.

Thursday, Feb. 9
Rockwell Branch Library
5939 E. 9th St.
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Keeper of the Plains 
Upgrades Complete
Upgrades at the Keeper of the Plains are now complete. Upgrades and repairs began in October 2016 and required that certain areas be cordoned off. The barricades have now been removed and the area is entirely open to the public. Upgrades and repairs include:
  • Construction of a barrier along ADA accessible pathways to prevent wheelchairs and other assistive mobile units from sliding off the path.
  • Upgrading of the fire pot sensors for enhanced safety and efficiency
  • Replacement of chain barrier with decorative fence to prevent visitors from approaching the fire pots and also from entering the fountain
  • Enhanced signage for better visitor flow
  • Replacement of mulch at the lower viewing plaza with the addition of decomposed granite to reduce maintenance and to have a more usable (mud free) space for visitors.
  • Repair of broken stone pavers throughout the premises
Drought Status

We are in Drought Stage 0.  Water supply status is Above Normal. 
Cheney Lake changed from the conservation pool to the flood pool on April 28, 2016.  Our dam operators have been on call since April 2016, and throughout 2016, there have been numerous releases directed by the Corps of Engineers.  At the direction of the Army Corps. of Engineers, water was released from January 17th through January 27th.  At the end of the latest release, the Corps. of Engineers allowed 4% of the flood pool to remain filled, and we are pulling 75% of our raw water from Cheney.    
The Equus Beds Aquifer is 98% full (January 2016), which in practical terms is full.   At Cheney, the conservation pool is 102.4% full.  Our Drought Trigger stands at 100.0%, an increase of 0.0 % from last month. 
On February 1st the 1990-2013 average lake level has been 96.0%
On March 1st the 1990-2013 average lake level has been 98.8%
On February 1st, 102.4% of the conservation pool at Cheney is filled, an increase of 0.1% from last month.  
The graph below shows the lake level (% of Conservation Pool full) since 2011 (dashed).  It also shows the 12-Month Average versus the drought triggers (dark blue).  The thin purple line is the average lake level on the first of the month from 1990 through 2013.  

Wichita Eagle Customer Service
Get Rid of Unwanted 
Newspaper Delivery
The City of Wichita has recently received a large number of complaints regarding the free Wichita Eagle publications that are distributed to households that do not subscribe to the newspaper.  Residents who do not want the publications, or who want to report vacant properties where the flyers are piling up should contact the Wichita Eagle by calling 268-6209  or by e-mailing csrequest@wichitaeagle.com  

If there are areas where old publications have become a littering issue and need to be picked up, please contact Distribution Services Manager Keith Hansen at khansen@wichitaeagle.com or 268-6558.
Excellence in Public Service nominations
Recognizing Excellent 
Public Service Employees
Beginning February 1, residents are encouraged to nominate public service employees for the annual Excellence in Public Service Award. The award, in its 29th year, recognizes City of Wichita, Sedgwick County and Wichita Public Schools employees who exhibit the highest standard of service.

The nomination process continues through 5 p.m., Feb. 24. Nomination forms are available in the City Manager's Office, the County Communications Office and Wichita Public Schools Marketing & Communications Office.   Nomination forms can be printed from this link and turned in at the City Manager's Office - City Hall 13th Floor, 455 N. Main, Wichita, KS 67202. Nominations will also be accepted online from the following link:

The Excellence in Public Service Award honors public employees who go beyond the call of duty and demonstrate the following:
  • Exemplary performance that has contributed to the public interest; 
  • Innovative problem-solving skills that have improved service delivery; 
  • Adherence to high ethical standards in carrying out job responsibilities; and
  • A record of community involvement through participation in civic organizations.
Honorees will be selected by a committee comprised of nine public and private sector representatives. Honorees will be surprised at work by their supervisors, colleagues, selection committee members and media. The winners will receive $2,500 and will be honored at a reception attended by family, friends, co-workers, previous honorees, the selection committee and members of the DeVore Foundation. The Excellence in Public Service Award is sponsored by the DeVore Foundation and KSN.
Eisenhower Air
Spring is in the Air
It's hard to believe it's February and spring is right around the corner. In this issue you will find some fun ideas for Valentine's Day, spring break, and tips for summer vacation.  There is also have an interesting article about one of Wichita's own, Karyn Page, who talks about her international travels. And you'll read about the phenomenal year Eisenhower National Airport had in 2016. Sit back with a cup of coffee and enjoy reading this issue of Eisenhower Air,  and if you would share this with a friend, we'd be grateful.

Family Fun Fair
Family Fun Fair at Botanica
It's time for Family Fun Fair! Get back in the gardens with Botanica's winter party and enjoy crafts and activities suitable for all ages. Best of all, it's free! 

From 10:00am to 1:00pm, Saturday, February 4th the gardens will be open to everyone at no charge. 

That's right it's free and sure to cure your cabin fever! Enter the gardens and enjoy free hot chocolate, popcorn, even take part in an exciting scavenger hunt through the gardens. This is a great and fun opportunity to learn more about the gardens, nature and wildlife with some exciting hands-on activities. Kids will make homemade tops, castanets, whirligigs and more. What makes it even more fun...there is something for everyone in the family. It's a great way to explore the gardens out-of-season!

Academy Award Shorts
2017 marks the 31st year the Wichita Public Library will screen Academy Award-nominated short films, free and open to the public. Wichita is one of the first cities in the nation to provide a way for its community to see these films nominated in the animation, live action and documentary categories.

Senior Wednesdays info

Senior Wednesdays are always fun and there is something different to do; someone new to meet. There are also many senior activity centers in Wichita and the surrounding areas, so be informed. Be entertained.  Be active.
To see the upcoming events for January through March,  read more here...
Downtown Event Calendar
Life Happens Here!

From year-round to seasonal events, Downtown 
is the preferred location for Wichita to celebrate throughout the year. A variety of events cater to the diverse interests of Wichita residents and many visitors from Kansas and throughout the regional area.

H2O Care Fund
The City of Wichita recognizes that there are many residents who are struggling during these difficult economic times, especially during the holidays.  

This voluntary program provides a simple way to directly help others. Even small donations can add up and provide a way for people to maintain their water service.  There are three ways to help, and you can find out how by filling out the City of Wichita H2O Care Fund Program Donation Form here. 

KANSEL Construction 
Training Program
KANSEL has a great training opportunity for men and women interested in a career in construction.  This 
FREE program prepares students for entry level construction work.  They are trained in power & hand tools, construction math, blueprint reading, and receive OSHA, physical fitness, and life management skills instruction. 
Students who complete the course have an opportunity to interview with local construction companies.  Applicants must be 18 or older, have a high school diploma or GED, be legally employable in the U.S. and attend all session of the 7 week course.

Interested students should plan to attend one of the above information sessions to apply for the program. 

Call 263-9620 for more information.  
JOBS are here in Wichita!
The Wichita Metro Chamber of Commerce is proud to offer a job board with local, Wichita area, jobs only! A free service for job seekers, it will save you the time of searching through dozens of jobs outside of the area. Create a free account here and you will be automatically signed up for all Wichita area updates and can customize the search further if you wish.
 Check out the latest job fairs and 
training courses.  Click here.
Helpful Information
How to report...

Don't be left in the  dark
If you notice streetlight outages within your neighborhood, fill out this simple form on Westar Energy's website.


Track the Snowplows

Are you ready for winter weather? The City of Wichita is! Crews have been preparing snow plows and training new drivers ahead of the storm. 

You can see where the City of Wichita snowplow/treatment trucks are on a Google map. The map can be zoomed and panned as usual to see what ever area you desire

Check out what's happening at the Library by clicking here!
  WInter 2017 Activities Guide
Winter 2017
Park & Recreation Activities Guide is now available!

Get registered for classes  by
  Sign up now for classes at CityArts by clicking here!
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District II Activities
Comotara Branch Library
Inside Dillons Market, 2244 N. Rock

Rockwell Branch Library

5939 E. 9th

Eastview Park

Just South of Coleman Middle School

Boston Park

6655 E. Zimmerly St.

Cottonwood Park

Located just East of Boston Park

W.B. Harrison Park

Located East of S. Webb, just South of E. Bayley St.

District II Advisory Board and Neighborhood Associations
The District II Advisory Board meets the second Monday of the month at Fire Station #20 at 2255 S. Greenwich Rd. Wichita, KS 67207. Meetings begin at 6:30 p.m. For the 2017 meeting schedule,  click here. 

The District II Breakfast  occurs quarterly. The next breakfast is scheduled for February 4, 2017   at 8:30 a.m. at The Regent Senior Living Residence at 2050 N. Webb Rd. (In the  theater on the second floor).  
To find DAB II agendas and minutes click here. 
To see a listing of the meeting schedule for District II's neighborhood associations, click here
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Have questions or concerns? E-mail pmeitzner@wichita.gov or call 316-268-4331