Pink Clouds                                                                                                    

                                                                                                        July 2, 2011  

Divine Messages                                                                                                


As we all continue to move through these challenging and transforming days I would like to share the messages I received this morning through the grace of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and Joan of Arc.


Wherever you are in this journey it is so lovely to know that we are being showered with love and sustenance from beautiful divine beings that love us beyond all measure.  Balance is returning in our lives and on the planet through the changes we are experiencing as individuals and as a collective.  The old continues to fall away even as we may struggle to let go.  As we continue to see these inevitable changes as struggles, the struggles of nations shall continue.  Each small step we take in letting go just a little bit more we are releasing the energy of freedom out into the world and beyond.  Know that every little thing you do has a profound effect upon all.


May we continue to support one another and our planet as we move through these times of such great change and transformation.


With Love,








Jesus and Mary Magdalene   


Jesus and Mary Magdalene 


The delicate and precious balance of love, of equality, of divine union is being restored upon the earth.  As the scales tip back and forth weighing all imbalances, upheavals are felt as we continue to move closer and closer into our true spiritual balance.


As you use the breath to create balance within, breathe through the heart into the heart of the earth.  Create within and without this spiritual balance of unity and love with the earth and her people.


Breathe for the plants, for the birds, for the trees, for every living being , every mountain and stream.  For with the breath most divine you carry the spark of divine light and transformation. 


All is felt.  All is noted.  All is one in this magnificent creation. 


We come hand in hand through the power of divine love. 

We breathe with you through the breath of the Holy Spirit. 

We speak to you through the power of love.

We dance with you in this delicate balance.


Breathe the breath of spiritual balance as hand in hand we bring forth a new creation.


Loving hearts emanating oneness   


Balancing within


Balancing without


Creation upon creation


Breath upon breath 


The breath of Heaven is upon you  




Joan of Arc Stained Glass


Joan of Arc 


The seeds of hope, light and transformation are within you.  As battles rage there is peace within.  As timelines merge and fall away a new time is created.  A new world is birthed. 


As one hopeful heart overcomes thousands upon thousands of bitter hearts, all is continuously transformed on levels unseen but felt in moments of reverence and quiet contemplation. 


Legions of angels and precious beings reign light upon you and offer a sustenance made of heaven's pure light.  This spiritual encouragement lightens your hearts, eases your burdens, and illuminates your spiritual strength and magnificence.  Pour open your heart.  Be not afraid, for the power within is as mighty as Heaven itself. 


Through these times of great transformation think of those who have gone before, for the power of one has created the miraculous.  And this is the power of which I now speak, your own true power, that which reigns within.  Manifest your power through a word or a touch, through a head devoutly bowed or a knee bent in reverence.  Manifest your power with a prayer softly uttered.  Manifest your power through a kindness given.  Manifest your power through a heart awakened.  Manifest your truth through the power of love. 


Be not afraid.  


Raise your banner of truth and march sweetly forward in strength.