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Eugenics and Not So Ancient History

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Do It Yourself End of Life Plan

People like to feel they're in control of their lives. They decide who to marry, where to work and live, and how to enjoy their free time.

One thing that should not be under anyone's control, however, is how and when we die.


But now there's a growing misplaced and sinister attempt to convince people they can take their very lives into their own hands and make those very decisions.


"Such an idea is morally wrong and clearly unbiblical," Georgia Right To Life (GRTL) President Dan Becker said. "God alone determines when someone dies, as Psalm 31:15 says, 'My times are in your hand.'"


Noting the growing pressure to encourage older people to simply do their duty and get out of the way, Becker said encouraging assisted suicide-in any form-is the latest manifestation of the "culture of death" in this country.


"First, women were encouraged to kill their babies if carrying the child or giving birth presented challenges. Now the focus has expanded to saving society the time and expense of caring for the elderly and infirm," Becker said.


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Death With Dignity or Cruel and Unusual Punishment?

Over the past several weeks, many people have been discussing Brittany Maynard's plan to kill herself on November 1st using a drug she obtained through Oregon's so-called "Death with Dignity" Act. She was diagnosed at the beginning of this year with glioblastoma, the same malignant brain cancer which took the life of Sen. Ted Kennedy in 2012.


During the 2012 ballot initiative to legalize assisted suicide in Massachusetts, his widow publicly opposed it, writing: "We're better than that. We should expand palliative care, pain management, nursing care and hospice, not trade the dignity and life of a human being for the bottom line." 


She also explained that her husband was only given two to four months to live, but lived another 15 very productive months. "Because that first dire prediction of life expectancy was wrong, I have 15 months of cherished memories - memories of family dinners and songfests with our children and grandchildren; memories of laughter and, yes, tears; memories of life that neither I nor my husband would have traded for anything in the world."


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What Does 90% Mean To You?

What does 90% mean to you? For me, it's a stellar exam grade in graduate school. It's an overwhelming certainty that my wife and I found the house we wanted to buy. It's a huge success in endorsed candidate's election victories. Any way you cut it, 90% is a significantly big number that has far reaching implications for whatever it's attached to. You can't ignore 90%.


That's why whenever I'm doing Pillars of Personhood training seminars and I tell our audience that 90% of all children diagnosed with Down syndrome are murdered before they're born, the shocked faces and startled gasps throughout the room immediately ask me to repeat myself - because they're certain they didn't hear me correctly. But, they did - 90%.


The next two questions I get are "How?" and "Why?"


How? Simple: compromise and fear.


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Seeking the Illusionary "Jolly Green Giant"

People come up with all sorts of crazy ideas that may look good on paper, but never work out.


Some ideas are simply humorous failures. Others are potentially immoral and dangerous, such as those that attempt to alter God's perfect creation.


One such thought has been around for years-the idea that you can somehow combine plants and animals into a new creature.


For decades, vegetable producer Green Giant Company has used the Jolly Green Giant to promote its products. The large, green man gives the impression that he's part man, part plant.


More recently, one of the stars featured in the 2014 film "Guardians of the Galaxy" was "Groot," a tree with human-like characteristics. He walks, hears, feels and talks, although only saying "I am Groot."


Based on the longstanding comic book series by Marvel Comics, the creature can also: absorb wood for food, rebuild himself, control trees and has a genius-level intellect.


Is this just entertaining science fiction or is science moving toward human-plant hybrids?

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