T able Top S’ mores 11
Make your own s’ mores at the comfort of your own table.
A variety of chocolates with marshmallows and graham crackers

Chocolate Lava Cake 8
Served with one scoop of vanilla ice cream and topped with whipped cream

Ice Cream 3
Vanilla or Chocolate
(Two scoops)

Vanilla Bean Cheesecake 8
Vanilla bean crème brulee custard with macerated Madagascar vanilla pods and folded into cheesecake batter, intensifying the vanilla flavor and giving it a silky, airy lightness.

Deep Fried Twinkies 8
Two deep fried Twinkies topped with a chocolate drizzle, powdered sugar and whipped cream

Tuxedo Bombe 8
Milk chocolate and white chocolate mousse covered in a chocolate ganache and topped with whipped cream