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December 2016
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Did you catch the news story recently about the 19-year-old girl in Virginia who lifted a truck off of her father, saving his life?   [ Story Link Here ] It's not the first time that an adrenaline rush created incredibe strength in an average person. 

Each month we try to provide you with examples of the amazing human body that you live in.  The more you learn, the more in awe you become of the billions of activities our bodies engage in, every second of every day.
So let's talk about muscle strength and why it would reach super-human levels in a stressful situation.

Our muscles are actually incredibly more powerful than they appear to be. Human strength is limited to protect our tendons and muscles from harming themselves. This limitation can be removed during an adrenaline rush, during which some people have lifted boulders or even cars off themselves.  The body experiences a sudden burst of energy from an increase in adrenaline, a hormone and neurotransmitter produced in the adrenal glands.  This burst, along with other hormones, increases heart rate and blood pressure, perspiration, blood sugar, and metabolism. 
But be aware that too much 'stress response' is NOT good for the body.  Over time, chronic elevated levels can lead to serious issues including a  suppressed immune system, increased blood pressure and sugar, decreased libido, as well as contributing to obesity and more.  
Stressed Out?

No wonder we say that even a relaxation massage is great for the health!  For those under stress, massage can help shift your body from stress response to relaxation - well worth the physical benefits you receive!

Read below about the exciting online auction that went live today, all to benefit the Manual Therapy Foundation (formerly 'Pay It Forward').  We are very grateful to all the wonderful businesses and individuals who donated items for this auction.  You'll also see information on this month's specials, a wide selection of gift certificate options, team updates, and great information on what serums do for your face/skin.
December Specials / Gift Ideas
Take time out from your busy holiday schedule for The Holiday Hiatus - and choose from either a 60 or 90 Minute Swedish Session.  This wonderful de-stressing massage includes a foot scrub for your tired feet or hot stones for your aching back.  With the 90 minute session, you receive both amenities!

60 Minutes  ♦  Just $56

90 Minutes  ♦  Just $86

This month many of us are celebrating holidays.  If you or loved ones are under stress, it's even more reason to give a massage gift certificate (or ask for one yourself)!  

You can always purchase online here but if you'd like to pick one up in person, you can speed up the purchase process by calling ahead and we'll have it ready for you.  Here are some suggestions:

Gift Cards in Any Amount - Good Towards The Service of Their Choice
Signature Facial:   60 Minutes of Care for Your Skin -  $75
Rejuvenation Massage:   90 Minutes includes 30 Minutes Massage and 60 Minutes Bellanina Facelift Massage -  $99
Three Pack of One Hour Swedish Massages  - $168
Three Pack of One Hour Deep Tissue Massage$198

NOTE:  If your gift recipient has never been to Massage Therapy Connections before, you can purchase a one hour Swedish Massage for only $50, or a one hour Deep Tissue / Focused Massage for only $60!
Pick Up Great Stocking Stuffers 
in our Lobby During Your Next Visit
  • OrganicZ Scrubs Laugh & Be Joyous
  • Smarti Pants Deodorant for the Super Smelly
  • Essential Oil Roll On for the super stressed
  • Skin Script Skin Care Products - large variety
  • Reflections Facial Oil
  • Sombra Pain Relieving Gel
  • BeautiControl Cosmetics - large variety
  • Young Living Essential Oils - large variety
Team Updates
Melissa Kelly_ LMT
Elephant Hug!
Melissa Returns from Thailand!

One of the aspects of massage therapy that keep us very engaged with our professional is the many educational opportunities available to us.  Melissa Kelly, LMT had one of those unique opportunities with a three week educational journey in Thailand.  Here is her report, in her own words:

"I am so glad to be back to MTC after spending close to three weeks in Chiang Mai, Thailand completing my Level I and Level II certifications in Thai Massage. I was fortunate enough to study under some of the country's greatest masters of this healing modality at the internationally accredited Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai. This school boasts its reputation by hosting students from all over the world in teaching all levels of Thai massage and Reflexology.  
Melissa with her class
Twenty-four students from the United States were invited to travel with renowned therapist, Margie Meshew, on this experience of a lifetime. 
Thai massage originated in Bangkok in the mid 1400's. It incorporates many stretching techniques and compression work along the Sen Sib (energy channels) in the body. Many variations have been proven to unblock stagnancies in the body that cure chronic pain, illness, and even disease. 
Melissa on a zip line!
In addition to my study, we took advantage of many different unique opportunities that Thailand has to offer. We explored the jungle on the back of an elephant, rode bamboo rafts down their beautiful, flowing rivers, took an ox cart ride through a hill tribe village, and zip-lined through the mountains atop coffee and tea plantations, just to name a few. The gorgeous, gold-laden Buddhist temples that we got to admire every day were some of my favorite photo opportunities.  
I am so grateful to have had this experience. I have definitely grown as a therapist through my heart and my soul over the past few weeks. I can't wait to share this wonderful style of massage with all of you!"

Melissa's training and new certifications means there will be more Thai Massage sessions available to you!  An Intro to Thai Massage session is a great way to get started and experience the benefits of this type of manual therapy.  She will also have two and even three hour sessions added to the schedule very soon!  Don't hesitate to ask questions; as you might imagine, Melissa would be happy to talk with you about Thai Massage!

Protege Program
Lisa Weingart LMT

We are fortunate to have a great therapist in our Protege Program, but she won't be in it for much longer!  Here are some reviews that Lisa Weingart, LMT recently received:

"Lisa was extremely attentive to my needs and very knowledgeable. She even gave me a list of stretches to help with my sciatica. I've already scheduled my next appointment!"

"One of the best massages I have ever had."

"Probably the best massage I've ever had! I already recommended to 2 friends..."

If you're not familiar with the Protege Program, it is a mentorship program for recently-licensed, outstanding therapists.  Get a great massage from Lisa Weingart, LMT, an enthusiastic and caring therapist and help her gain valuable experience!   
Online Auction - Something for Everyone!
Manual Therapy Foundation
auctionIf you've never participated in an online auction, wait until you see how much fun it is!  This auction is 'live' until December 17th so you have plenty of time to look over what's available.  There are items worth anywhere from just a few dollars to just over $1,800!  The variety of items include restaurant gift certificates, art work, kitchen items, furniture, knick knacks, salon and spa gift certificates, pet items, hand made bowls, golf package for four, and so much more.  We bet you'll find some great gift items as well!

When you see something you like, there will be a starting bid amount listed.  You can start bidding with that amount or pick a higher amount by using the "proxy bid" option.  A proxy bid simply tells the auction the highest amount you're willing to pay for that item, and will automatically increase any competing bid by the increment amount posted, until you hit that ceiling.  You receive email notifications whenever anyone else bids higher on an item you've placed a bid for.

All proceeds benefit the Manual Therapy Foundation.  We've applied for non-profit status for this foundation and it's grown from the Pay It Forward program we started almost two years ago.
It's not too late to donate!  
If you or your business would like to participate, we can add new items to the auction at any time.  
Contact Melissa, Nancy or Shea @ 941-755-0406.  
Or email:   massageconnections@gmail.com
Thanks to Those Who Donated!
We are so thankful to all those who donated items and services to the online auction.  It's heartening to see the support we received, and  we'd like to recognize them so that you can support these local small businesses!

Dog & Co. Professional Dog Obedience
Tiffany Winegar

ABC's of Skincare - Why Serums?
Serums:  Gifts for Your Skin

The past few months we reviewed the ABC's of skincare: cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing.  These are all the steps needed, right?  Basically (and that is the operative word), yes.  But, just as we graduate from reading a primer to enjoying a novel, we need to build on our skincare basics to go from ABC to a more satisfying level.  This is done with serums.  Serums make good skin, great skin.

For those of you who are confused about what serums do or feel that they are an unnecessary addition, serums are about to become your new best friend.  Read more...
Try our serums this month and get 10% off. 
Receive a gift with the purchase of any Skin Script product  or gift certificate for a facial.
and get a 20% discount off any Skin Script product.
In Appreciation
Like many of you, we sometimes feel overwhelmed with countless things needing our attention.  The holidays can add even more stress to our lives .... if only there were six more hours in a day, then maybe we could get to everything!  But we are learning to stop and slow down more often, check in with our physical and mental health, and amazingly so, things still manage to get accomplished!

When we do take the time to catch our breaths, that's when it's easier to remember all the things we are grateful for.  With the upcoming holidays, we wish you the very best, thank you for your business and trust, and hope that you too can find the time to take a deep breath and check in with yourself.  

In appreciation, and wishing you good health,  Happy Holidays and a very Merry Christmas!

Shea and Nancy
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