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Featured events for the week of  
May 17, 2017:


Live at 5:30PST today!!

How to Heal & Awaken Through Writing

Do you take pride in consistently challenging yourself to  become more honest and self-aware?

Would you like to discover deeper truths  about who you are and what's possible for your life?

You may be surprised to hear that your personal writings can be a powerful spiritual practice that frees you from stuck energies, old ideas, and stagnant visions.

In fact, there's remarkable new science that shows that journaling, if done in the right way, can help us metabolize the past (or the present) in a way that opens us to more creativity, expanded possibilities and a whole new story for our life.
If you're ready to unearth your deepest truths and shed old stories to liberate your most authentic self, I have a very special invitation for you...

You can join  award-winning author Mark Matousek   for a free virtual event -  How to Heal & Awaken Through Writing: 9 Essential Steps to Wholeness & Freeing Your Authentic Self  taking place   Wednesday, May 17.
In this free virtual event, Mark - one of the world's most respected spiritual authors, journalists and memoir teachers - will share three decades' worth of insights about how to engage your writing (from memoir to private journals) as a potent DAILY spiritual practice.

Discover more and reserve your FREE access pass here:

During this virtual workshop with Mark, you'll discover:
  • The #1 secret to writing in a way that transforms you
  • Strategies for letting go of outdated stories and discovering your deeper truths
  • How to reinvent yourself and create a new future through your writing
Save your seat here to discover how to use writing to free yourself of old stories, clear negative emotions, and open you to your higher wisdom and most profound understanding: 



How to Connect Directly With the Divine

If you long for a deeper connection with the Divine, Andrew Harvey, one of today's most riveting and passionate spiritual teachers, will personally guide you into the mystical practices that can open your direct personal connection to divine love.

On Saturday, May 20, Andrew will present a free online workshop: How to Connect Directly With the Divine: Mystical Principles & Practices to Access the Love, Wisdom and Sacred Energies of the Universe.

Register now for free here:

Andrew is an electrifying teacher who intimately understands the process for entering into a mature, rigorous and exhilarating relationship with the Divine - and evolving into a higher state of divine humanity as a result.

During this compelling hour, Andrew will share with you:
  • What it takes to connect deeply with the Divine
  • How the process can release your authentic self into the world
  • How to have unconditional love permeate all of your relationships
  • Your ability to discover unimaginable bliss within your own heart
  • How to awaken all of your spiritual centers and unlock your deeper potentials

If you feel called to free yourself from self-limitations so you can open to the greater expression of your soul, you'll receive great value from this sacred hour with one of the wisest teachers of our day!



The 5 Qigong Steps for a Happy Heart  

If you've been seeking approaches to help you shift out of stress and overwhelm and into the joy that is your birthright, I'm excited to invite you to discover how from Qigong master, teacher and healer Mingtong Gu, during a free virtual event on Wednesday, May 24:

The 5 Qigong Steps for a Happy Heart: Simple Practices to Shift From Stress & Fear to Health & Joy.

You can reserve your complimentary space here:

Qigong is an ancient set of energy practices passed down by Chinese masters that can help you transform the stress that's undermining your equanimity into positive life force energy for improving your life and the lives of others.

Mingtong is considered one of the foremost teachers of Qigong in the West. His mission is to share foundational insights and practices that will help you charge up your heart energy so that you feel happier, healthier and more resilient in the face of challenges.
During this one-hour special event, you'll receive fascinating insights and Mingtong's simple 5-step approach for cultivating a happy heart, including:
  • A map that gives you five steps to reclaim joy as your emotional baseline
  • The Haola practice of acceptance that opens your heart
  • An understanding of how Qigong practices can help you become more aware of your physical body and heal your emotions
I invite you to join me and discover how to connect with the powerful energies that support a truly happy heart, with all the health and wellbeing benefits that go with it.

It's FREE to attend - simply register, here:


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