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My goal is to share information about the use of our doTERRA essential oils and products for different health/wellness issues to help our dogs (and cats).   Again, I am not a veterinarian, and all suggestions/information I offer in my newsletters are made from either personal experience of using our doTERRA essential oils and other products for my pets, or from input from others that have done the same for their pets, along with research I have done on using essential oils for dogs (and cats) health and wellness needs.

For those interested in excellent information on canine nutrition and using nutrition to help support your dog when dealing with health issues, see the quick link to Dog Aware.  I am an advocate on educating oneself on canine (feline) nutrition as it is the foundation for health and without a truly healthful diet, you will be fighting an uphill battle overcoming health challenges and trying to keep your pets in the best health possible.

What is True for us Humans in building a healthy body, is also True for our Pets - Nutrition is the base upon which our health is built/recovered/maintained.  And our wonderful doTERRA essential oils and products help heal our bodies and maintain great health because our bodies know how to interpret and use them.

To Healthy and Happy Dogs (and cats),

Skye Patterson

Oils To Help Dogs That Have
Digestion Issues
(upset stomach, nausea, diarrhea, constipation,throwing up/bile, inappetence...) 

If you have had dogs in your life, you have had times when your dog(s) have had digestion challenges.  There are products you have probably used and, if you are like me, have gotten mixed results and sometimes the accompanying side effects that you can have with pharmaceuticals and OTC drugs/products.  I am so glad that I now have doTERRA's essential oils and other products to help my dogs - they work amazing well, fast and have no side effects.

  • Rub 1 drop neat between back toes, and 1 drop neat on
    stomach and swipe (neat) in mouth after each episode of upset stomach/nausea/motion sickness/diarrhea/constipation/vomiting/inappetence.   
  • Put in capsule - 2 drops for dogs under 25 lbs, 4 drops over - 1-2X/day until resolved.   
  • For small/toy breeds, you may need to dilute: use 3 drops with 1 TBS. FCO.   

My 12-15 lb. Italian Greyhounds have no problems being dosed with DigestZen undiluted, but if you have a smaller dog or a puppy (do not use under 3 months old), I would dilute.  


Is also effective (same protocol as DigestZen)  

PB Assist+:
Is a great product to use when your dog is dealing with diarrhea, especially if they have had to go on antibiotics for any reason, or have challenges with IBS/IBD, suffer from allergies (remember, your immune system starts in the gut), or other problems that are due to damaged/poorly functioning GI tract).  Dosage:  1 capsule/day for dogs up to 50 lbs,  2X/day for larger breeds until issues have been resolved.  Can stay on this product if situation warrants the assistance to assure healthy flora/fauna of gut.

If you are feeding your dogs a diet with corn/wheat/soy you are feeding them a diet they cannot properly digest/utilize.  If you choose to continue on this type of diet, I highly recommend giving your dog Terrazyme (same dosage as PB Assist+) and adding a very high quality canned food - USDA organic, no grains, to boost the meat protein % which is necessary for general health and will help avoid other diet related health issues.

My veterinarian approves the use of both these supplements for my dogs as needed.

I have been successfully using undiluted DigestZen swipes in mouth and drop on belly for 1-1/2 years on my small breeds  Has been very effective in dealing with these problems.

Good idea to give to dog before road trip if they have
issues...certainly bring the oil with you. Also use Serenity (or Lavender) to help with stress.  Put a drop or two on their bedding in their crates in the car or on your clothing to act as a diffuser.  Diffuse either Digest Zen or Peppermint oils combined with
Lavender - will have a calming effect (also can rub
Lavender behind ears) and deal with the nausea. 
If you are dealing with diarrhea or constipation (often diet related) - give your dog a tablespoon of plain canned (no spices) pumpkin 2X/day until resolved.  This is very effective.  In fact I freeze pumpkin in ice cube trays just so I have it on hand.

Reminder:  Grains (carbs) are a major cause of digestive issues in dogs.  Dogs do not produce enzymes to break them down and their shorter digestive tract (percentage wise) to ours (omnivore) is designed to digest meat/organs/bone/cartilage...i.e. they are a carnivore with very limited ability to digest/use grains/fruits/veggies.  Grains have become a major part of commercial pet food (replacing more expensive quality meat) and have resulted in many diseases and health issues...

Again - I highly recommend educating yourself on canine nutrition:  click on link to Dog (in link box above). 

Here is a great success story:

Mark Nye's Success Story in Treating Severe Diarrhea in his Great Pyrenees, Parker: "After days of not being able to get severe diarrhea under control, on Sunday Evening I said I'm going to give him DigestZen. I put 4 drops in a pill and pushed it back in his throat. Well his first stool after only one treatment looked a lot better. So Monday morning we gave him another treatment and by early this morning (the next day) - solid poop!!  DigestZen - it's worked for me and my dog!! "

Lavender Oil
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Digestion Issues
Ear Infection/Ear Mites
Cat Box Corner - Upper Respiratory Infection
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Ear Infection/Candida Overgrowth and/or
Ear Mites  
Chronic ear infection or ear mites?

Ear mites look like dark brown or black coffee grinds with maybe some white eggs dotted mixed in (see photo below).  

Ear infection looks red and inflamed with gunk - usually smelly - candida/fungal overgrowth (see photo below).

Making inspection of and cleaning your dogs ears a weekly routine is important.  Severe infection can lead to serious inflammation and damage to the inner ear canal which can result in occlusion and deafness (see photo below).  All preventable!!

Please clean your dog ears every week with a cotton ball fo
r larger ears and carefully with a Q-tip (do not go beyond where you can see) with 1-2 drops (please squeeze out excess) of Geranium and then repeat with Lavender to soothe.

Ear Infection/Candida Overgrowth:

Geranium and Frankincense (Maleleuca for large breed dogs) 
For infection/candida overgrowth - Geranium and Frankincense, 1-2 drops applied around base - front and back of ear, and slightly dampen (squeeze out)cotton ball or Q-tip to wipe out inner ear flap - do not go down canal to area you cannot see. Do this 1-2X/day until infection is gone.

Note:  If you have a large breed dog (over 50 lbs) you can instead use Maleleuca diluted 2-3 drops in 1TBS Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO), applied as instructed for Geranium and Frankincense.

Ear Mites:

Mix equal amounts Lavender, Purify, Rosemary - moisten (squeeze out) cotton ball or Q-Tip) and clean out inner ear - careful not to go down canal where you cannot see. Do this daily until you no longer see ear mite detritus. Use Lavender as for infection to soothe inner ear. 

The Cat Box Corner

Upper Respiratory Infection

Runny eyes. Sneezing. Nasal discharge. Loss of appetite.  There are several possible causes from allergies to several different very contagious (to cats) viruses that can be very minor to life threatening.  I would highly recommend you take your cat to vet and get a diagnosis.


That said there are some effective doTERRA essential oils/protocol that really help with symptoms and will usually resolve the infection.


OnGuard, Lavender, Breathe:

Mix 1 TBS FCO, 1 drop OnGuard and 1 drop Lavender - put a drop on cat's paw for it to lick off - repeat 2-3/day.  


Diffuse Breathe at 1/3 human (i.e. - if you normally use 3-4 drops in water in diffuser - use only 1 drop) in room where cat frequents - but always leave exit point in case cat has had enough.


If you have used this protocol for 2 weeks with no real improvement - please take your cat to the vet as it could be suffering from one of the more serious viral infections.  Granted, the medicine box doesn't have any real tricks for virus infections, but the cat could use the additional support of medical help the vet can offer.   




I am not a veterinarian or medically trained.  The advice shared in this Newsletter is from my own or other pet owner's experiences with doTERRA Essential Oils and products and has not been evaluated by the FDA.  It is not intended to replace Veterinary Care, just give you powerful natural options or adjuncts to other medical modalities.  The products and methods recommended are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any illness or disease, nor are they intended to replace proper medical help, when warrented.

If you are interested in learning more about doTERRA and their products, please use the Quick Link to doTERRA.  If you are interested in purchasing some oils
for your dog, or you and your family, or enrolling with doTERRA, please contact me so I can make sure you get the best prices and/or enroll properly with doTERRA. 

For those interested, I have created a simple diffuser collar that I sell for $5.50 (includes shipping).  It includes a tiny sample bottle of Serenity with 10 drops - good for 5-10 applications - for you to try.   This collar is an effective tool to use for dogs that need help over several hours and you are unable to use a diffuser.  Great for dogs that suffer from separation anxiety and you aren't home to man the diffuser. 



K Skye Patterson 

The Dog Oiler