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Docs & Dialogue - Halloween Edition

Save the Date-Saturday, October 30th.
Docs & Dialogue - Halloween Edition!
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Greetings All:

I would like to thank you all for attending Docs & Dialogue last Saturday or any other previous sessions. Your ideas and dialogue shared is what truly makes Docs & Dialogue unique! The Docs & Dialogue forum serves as a powerful tool for entertainment, education and networking to identify ways we can work togther as a community!

With all the generations represented at these forums, we are able to learn, laugh and listen to the voices of our youth & elders while examining cultural/social issues! To keep this momentum going, we will continue to view documentaries that reveal the truth, explore history, and/or speak about the social issues that plague our communities! Scroll below for some of the solutions captured at our last session!!

I hope you enjoyed the Doc & Dialogue, and again thank you so much for being a part of this experience!

Asiaha (Ay-sha) Butler

Undefined Movement
Saturday, October 9th
Docs & Dialogue at West Englewood Library
In partnership with the Chicago Public Library, So Fresh Saturdays brings Docs & Dialogue to West Englewood Library - 1745 West 63rd, Saturday, Oct. 9th schedule from 2pm-4pm. This is a YOUTH ONLY EVENT, due to limited space at the library. Youth ages 10-19 are strongly encouraged to attend!
The featured documentarty will be "A War For Your Soul", a powerful "must see" film for today's youth!
Drop off your children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, etc., Snacks and beverages will be served...Again this is a youth only event due to the limited space. Any questions feel free to contact Asiaha (Ay-Sha) Butler at

Docs & Dialogue -Oct. 2nd
Breakout Solutions

Last week we broke out in smaller sessions to discuss the "identity parasites" mentioned in the film. Each group provided 1-3 solutions concrete and tangible solution to the parasites. Here is a list of the parasite and the solutions captured:

Identity Parasites in the film Assassination of a Black Woman

No knowledge of self

o Develop a rites of passage program

o Encourage images and dialogue around family structures

o Male mentors and more interaction with role models (Teachers, Dads, Coaches, etc.)

o Commitment as a community to serve and give back.

o Bring your children to civic events, volunteer assignments, keep them with involved


o Boycott shows that showcase degrading ads about Black women

o Develop youth led media that promotes the positive images or our young black women

o Organize to control the inappropriate billboards in our community.


o Provide open forums to educate our young ladies about sex and promiscuity

o Be an example for our next generation

Role Models

o Be an example role model at home, community, etc.

o Build a personal community/association/committees etc


o Listen to our elders

o Function as village/ecosystem

Many of the solutions above apply to the "Drugs & Alcohol" and the "Lack of Support" , which were other parasites mentioned in the film.

There were just a few of the collective responses generated. As you know we just can't stop there, we have to find a way to implement these solutions. If you will be interested in taking this a step farther with other individuals, please respond by emailing me directly at

Thank you all for your contributions!!

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