Winter Swimming & Colds
Does swimming in winter make my child more susceptible to sickness?  

"To swim or not to swim?" That is the question lots of parents ask as the weather turns cool.  There is also no shortage of wives tales about winter exposure, like "Does wet hair in cold weather cause colds?" or "Can swimming, cold and wind cause ear infections?".  All this is enough to leave parents wondering what's fact and what's fiction!  We've found 2 great articles that address these topics and more.  Click the links to learn more.
Open Swim - FREE, our Treat!

It's not a trick! Open Swim is FREE this month!

Have fun at the Trunk or Treat (FREE!) then burn that sugar rush energy at Open Swim.

Sunday, Oct 23 3:00-5:00
What to do on Fall Break?
Jump in for some extra swim lessons!
Teacher Student Streamline Instructor Correction
Pop in for a Casual Class then sit back and relax for 30 minutes!

Casual lessons are available to currently enrolled students.

Per Class Rates:  $15 Group Level,  $20 Semi-Private Level

View class schedules & request online 24/7 or call 513.530.0123 and we'd be happy to assist you!
Monday Holiday Hours


Open Columbus Day
Monday, Oct 10th

Closed Halloween
Monday, Oct 31
(Oct Dues were prorated for this closure)
Skills Progress Reports
New Lane-of-the-Week Procedures!
Did you know we evaluate each swimmer?  Lane-of-the-Week is a system in which each swimmer gets assessed on a regular interval.  We've upped the number of lanes being evaluated each week so that we can look at each swimmer monthly!

Our goal is to email these progress reports to you so you can monitor your child's progress and celebrate their accomplishments!
Paige Ash
Cameron Manning

Creativity flows from this Texas native.  Meet Coach Paige   and find out what brought her to Ohio and what she's up to when she's not in the pool!
A natural athlete (she plays 4 sports!) Cameron few through the the Hubbard levels in 1 year - Meet Cameron and learn more about this extraordinary young lady .
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