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Before you know it, summer will be over. Do not wait the last minute to have your roof looked at. Prevent getting any roof leaks or any ice dams for the winter coming. CALL PBHI and we will come out to look at your roof for FREE!!

Ask us about our 50 year warranty Landmark Pro shingle roofing products. A good selection of colors to choose from.

Dog Days of Summer Poem

It's a hot and lazy time of year
With temperatures rising high
A body doesn't want to work
Doesn't even want to try
It's time to lie around and rest
Not exert much energy
It's too hot to work but rather
We want to take it pretty easy
And if you do have to work
Either do it early in the morn
Or after the sun goes down
Sometime before dawn
Oh how nice it feels
On these dog days of summer
When the sun drops down
The day has turned a bit cooler
So in the midst of winter time
When snow is on the hills
Dog days of summer sound
Kind of good amongst the chills!
~Marilyn Lott

Believe it or Not
Faded siding can be cause by many reasons, direct sunlight or nearby oceans. There is one thing Homeowners seem to miss that can also be a factor, BUG SPRAY. Yes, bug spray. The chemicals sit on the siding saturating it and will fade overtime. Most homeowners will spray around or behind their shutters and that is were most faded issues occur.

Top Performer   

Daniel Kane!
Master vinyl carpenter! Danny has been working for Phil Beaulieu and Son's Home Improvement, Inc. for 30years. Danny is a master at his trade. He has been instrumental in training and setting the bar for many of the younger employees. Danny has been married for 31 years, has three kids and is a grandfather of six grandchildren. Hats off to a huge part of our team. Thank you Danny for doing what you do!
Dog Days of Summer for Phil Beaulieu and Sons Home Improvement, Inc. PBHI find ways to cool off. Check us out at the Olympia Ice Center in West Springfield, Sunday night's league
Picture shows one of our hard workers Cam Frigon thinking about work the next day.
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